Albanian Terrorists Announce Greece is Next

 Greater Albania Project Moves On


* Masked and armed Albanian terrorists threaten Greek region of Epirus, announcing the formation of a “Liberation Army of Chamuria.” Judging by the flags on the table, they are clearly aware who their allies are. 

* Comment from Jihad Watch Germany: The American flag on the table is probably a sign of gratitude to the warcriminals Clinton and Albright. 

According to an announcement on the Albanian-language website, a paramilitary formation named the Liberation Army of Chamuria (LAC) had appeared in the north Greek region of Epirus, along the border with Albania.

Using the same recipe for hijacking the land employed in Serbian Kosovo-Metohija province, beginning with the albanization of the name of the region, Albanians refer to the Greek Epirus as the Chamuria or Tchamuria. Along the information that the Albanian terrorist unit covering this region has been formed, the web site also offers two videos previously shown on the Albanian television News 24.

Before the video footage was shown, president of the Albanian municipality Himara in the Valona region of Albania, stated that Epirus in Greece, populated by the majority of ethnic Albanians, should be given autonomy.

Video recordings from the Dervina web site show eight masked and armed men, with UCC (Ushtria Clirimtare e Camerise in Albanian, or Liberation Army of Chamuria) acronym on their uniforms. One of them reads the statement about the formation of the UCC/LAC sitting at the table decorated with the USA and EU flags. On the walls behind, an Albanian flag and map of “Tchamuria” are hanged. (Video 1, Video 2)

According to the Serbian news agency Tanjug, media in Athens has called on the Greek government to sharply condemn the threats issued by Albanian terrorists and to request the information from Yahoo which hosts the web site about the location of the site’s web master.

Link from Byzantine Sacred Art Blog 

59 thoughts on “Albanian Terrorists Announce Greece is Next”

  1. People worried about a greater Serbia. Looks like a greater Albania is in the cards. And THAT would be something worth worrying over.

  2. Not long now before the UK is also a part of Greater Albania, or maybe it will become West Pakistan.

  3. The president of the Albanian municipality Himara in the Valona region of Albania, states that Epirus in Greece populated by the majority of ethnic Albanians should be given autonomy. That is where the crux of the matter lie. The Muslims will populate the area which ever country they move to and then lay claim to it on the grounds of they are being prosecuted and discriminated against and either want to brake away from that country or want autonomy. It is not going to be long before this happens in parts of Europe , UK, Canada, USA , Australia , as the Muslim population is increasing faster than indigenous population. They are breeding like rats. So be warned, and wake up and do some thing before it is too late. That’s what happened to India, Kashmir, Cyprus, Indonasia, Malaysia. USSR(Russia) Log on

  4. These days I see Albanians, Kosovans and Somalis more then any other Muslim. They seem to be everywhere, whether in Europe or North America.

    I sometimes wonder of there any Albanians, Kosovans or Somalis left in Albania, Kosovo or Somalia.

  5. Well there are a lot of albanian illegal immigrants in Greece. They’ ve started entering the country at the early 90’s and they even “took over” whole villages where the Greek natives have abandoned due to urbanization. There are some villages with a dozen of old Greeks and a hundred albanian illegal immigrants. That’s how the muslim disease spreads…

  6. Geo, ti kannete, maybe you ought to blame your own govt for allowing illegals to come in and squat wherever they like.

    In fact, most major Western govts have been deliberately encouraging the spread of Islam and assaults by Muslims against the legal systems in various countries, such as UK, Sweden, etc. It looks like you better worry about your own govts. Don’t forget that it was Western govts that encouraged the Bosnian Muslims and later the Kossovo Muslims to revolt and split up Yugoslavia.

  7. Can anyone help me please?
    I am an Australian from a secured location so that muslimes dont get me and the family…i want help to create a blog similar but not the same as Sheikies, to expose the true nature of Islam. Can anyone show me or explain to me or help me to make one which is easy to read and follow so that people can learn what the satanic verses aka koranicrap actually teach?
    I am not very tenically talented, am a mum and houswife and so dammit I am angry my country of australia is going under to the mussies
    For the sake of hmanity and all that is sacred to us oplease help me to expose islam and create a blog
    Gods Own Right Wing Divas1 Arch Angel Gabrielle- ISLAM is MY ENEMY DOCTRINE OF EVIL

  8. Dear Arch Angel Gabrielle
    I have an idea that could give you an oulet for your talents. Why don’t you make it your mission to follow what certain politicians say about Islam and send them corrections, with quotes from the Koran, politely phrased and meant only for their educational benefit, of course? You are not, as far as I know, replicating the efforts of another blog but are providing pertinent information to people with some sway. You would not have to reach many to make a difference.

  9. Most Albanians are not religious freaks. These are another band of maniacs fuelled by more Saudi petrodollars than they would ever otherwise earn in a lifetime, so they are freaking with a false sense of power.

    Cue, Greek intelligence breaking heads.


  10. Selam alekym all
    anyway i just wwanna say thet no one really^knows about Albanians(SHQIPETAReT) becouse we only fear of Allah from noone else so please the next War Station its epiri (west-Greece) meen time or dont puch to hard greece cos wallah in the name of ALLAH you will be ppunishhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh eselam alekym my ALbanian brothers

  11. albanian langed was given to foreign nation by the greater powers of europe in 1912 and now the albanians are fighting to get their indipendence so yea this is good news for albanians and the rest of europe coz we are a peacefull people and war is our last resort

    albanians have the oldest language in the world and one of the oldest civilizations in the world
    and most albanians are muslims coz of the ottoman empire wich was defeted by albanians in 1912

    we are only trying to reunite our people and culture wich has been stolen by serbs, macedonians and greeks

  12. Everyone including the stupid EU stops progress on the Balkans by encouraging warring elements.
    the EU deliberately wants the Balkan in the dark so they can dump the scum from their shores.

  13. selamu alejkum ich woltte nur was zu sagenn kann ja jeder zu wissen das es eines tagge muss ja seinn grosse albania wi wa fruer grieschland der halbe/macedonia eine stuck won serbien und kosovo auch mus ja sein alle zusam mein heren?ich bitte gott das es dass wi muklich zu fruh kann ja kommen?alejkum selam>>>>>

  14. Albanians are strong white identity, they do not care about religion, they just use arabs,turks and bosnian muslims for their one cuse.

  15. Religion in Kosovo
    International Crisis Group

    Kosovo Albanians do not define their national identity through religion, but through language and have a relatively relaxed approach towards the observance of the forms of the Islamic religion. Neither Islamic leaders nor Islamic theology played a significant role in either the eight-year campaign of non-violent resistance to the Serb occupation regime or the armed resistance of 1998-99. Islamic political and social fundamentalism, as that term is understood with respect to the Middle East, has very little resonance in Kosovo.

    It seems Albanians afterall are europeans dispite their faith.

  16. this whole article is a lie those idiots with socks in their head are paid by greece to go on tv and make a fool of themselves.and u are wrong the mayor if himare didnt ask for autonomy of cameria but he asked for autonomy of southers albania where an estimated 30 000 greeks live and the rest 370 000 are get your shit straight sheikh dickhead and dont mix albania with the middle east or iran thats where the greeks are from.

  17. hey all of you who dosent know anythin about albania

    one thing i dont understand is “why were the albanian people, albania always attacked by it’s neighbors, and other countrys…not just in the past century, but even back to the illyrians, they were attacked by it’s neighbors,….
    i dont understand that, it was always us that had to be attacked.
    …are they afraid that we might take over the balkans one day…?
    i cant think of any other reason…

    The Albanians are generally recognized as the most ancient race in Europe, descendants of the Illyrians, who were the core
    pre-Hellenic population that extended as far as Thrace and Italy.
    Greek mythology was borrowed, in its
    entirety, from the Illyrians. Zeus survives as Zot in the Albanian
    language of today and the invocation of his name is the common form
    of oath among modern Albanians, as well as the word for God.

    we are not terrorist we respect all minoritys and all religions

    (The Albanians are
    proud to announce that Albania was the only country overrun by the
    Nazis where there were more Jews at the end of the war than at the
    beginning. Not one Jew was killed, and many refugees were taken in
    from bordering states.)
    As a result, every Jew in Albania was saved.
    The attitude of the Albanians derives from a philosophy called Besa. “It is a virtue that has characterized the Albanian people for centuries. It means faith and trust,”
    Albanians saw Jews as fellow human beings who needed shelter. Jews did not live in ghettoes in Albania, but were integrated into the population.

    so fuck all of who think we muslim terrorist

  18. Being of someone who has Albanian ancestery I am willing to tell all how Albanians are really are. Albanians are terrorists they go into other countries and all they do is steal, rape men and women, torture, intimidate, kill, destroy property and land, prostitute out their women, and lie! They are actually all GYPSIES!! They are not the oldest race in Europe because, Greeks and Italians have been there longer Albanians are from India and Sri Lanka originally!! Albania is actully best known for being the SHIT HOLE OF EUROPE!! They are one of the worst races in Europe along with the Romanians, Turks, Bulgarians, Serbs, Croatians, Macedonians, Montenegrens, Slovenians, and Poles!!! Albanians have this great pride from where they are but yet every single Albanian is taking in pride from a country that has done nothing in this world! Today we all live like the Romans and we think and theorize like the Greeks! I have never met a Greek nor Italian boast about themselves they are truly the smartest, strongest, and most beautiful people on earth! By the way Greece, Italy, Germany, and the US are the only countries that have ever given money to Albania to help them out and this is the way the re pay these countries is with threats, acts of terrorism, despair, and ignorance they dont go to other countries to embrace them but to exploit them clear and simple. It makes me ashamed of being Albanian because, rather than being respectful and thanking countries that care for us we act in un civilized manner and in inhumane acts and ways. I just hope that someday we would all become people that are respectful, caring, loving, and not being jealous of other nations. I also wish that we would be the orignal religion in what we were before and that is being Roman Catholic because, our hero Scanderbeg fought agaisnt the Islamic faith and realized it was all bullshit and one of our most famous people Mother Teresa and she too was Roman Catholic. I really hope that all Albanians would read this and stop intimidating others and start loving them for all that they have done for you from the past to present and to the future!!

  19. Islam is all BULLSHIT and it promotes nothing but destruction, death, murder, rape, and the devil!! Europe, North America, Soth America, and Australia are Christian continents and they should not be contaminated with this virus, this disease, this cancer that we call Islam!! Its time to be conservative because, its all of these hippie loving, liberal cunts that have allowed for this disease, this virus to speard like a wildfire in a forest!! Europe should be in control and ruled by the Russians, the Germans, the Italians, the Greeks, the Irish, the English, and the French if you dont like this then you can go and fuck yourself real hard or you can go and commit suicide so it will save us the trouble from doing so!!

  20. please u dont know any think about albanians so dont say anything. for thousds of year sebres and greks tUck there land and tryed to kill the people. there are 7milian albanians in ballkan and only 3 milian are in the albanian terretory the rest is in greece and serbia masedonia so they will take it backe one day. and albanins are not only muslims they are catholic all so there nationa hero is catholic and i fought muslim and mather teresa she is albanian and she was catholic so f all u who talke some think u dont know and the only reason some albanias are muslims is because they are the only one that fought hard agenst the turks and they punshe them by makinng them change there religon and hight taxs and other thing that they didnt do to serbes and greeks and because of albania alot of europe is not muslim that why they are helping them right know with americans cause they know they not stopi like before thet have the TECH TO FIND THE TRUTH THEY DONT HAVE TO LISTE TO THE GERRCE LIES THEY WROT DOWM AS LONG AS U.S IS STRON ALBANIA IS GOING TO GET WHAT THEY WAT OR THAT BELONGS TO THEM THE SERBSE NEED TO GO TO RUSSA WHERE THEY CAME FORM AND TAKE THE ALBANIAN (IYILLRANS) LANDS

  21. Well actually if it werent for Italy, Austria, Germany, and Hungary is why most of Europe is not muslim. They are the ones that stopped them especially the Italians because, the turks and muslims wanted the most influencial, powerful, and the most beautiful capitol of the world in which we call ROME!! Its because, of Italy why we live the way we do in Europe and in the Americas not the Albanians because, if you remember correctly they were conquered not Italy!! Albania didnt get their land stolen it was lost and they sold it because, of they high amount of debt that country is in with every single country around the world! The KLA are a terrorist organization that killed many innocent Serbs. Kosovo is in Serbia and it belongs to that country only! Yeah 10% of the population in Albania are Roman Catholic the rest is Muslim and now you dont pay taxes to the Ottoman Empire for your religious beliefs anymore. Yet the majority still chooe to suck Allah’s and Mohammed’s dick! The Illyrian Empire was destroyed and toppled after 1 battle with the mighty God-Like Roman Empire!! All you Albanians and Muslims do is bitch, complain, whine, suck cock especially the albanian whores in Greece and Serbia, steal, lie, and have a toilet full of shit in your mouths!! FUCK ISLAM, FUCK ALLAH, FUCK MOHAMMED, FUCK ALBANIA, FUCK TURKEY, FUCK BOSNIA, AND ALL OF THESE FUCKING PIECE OF SHIT MUSLIM NATIONS AREOUND THE GLOBE! To the person above me why dont you go learn english and actually understand the son of a whore that you really are!! FUCK YOU!!! QIU!!!!

  22. I dont know why anyone bothers about this Disneyland Albanian group. Albania will never be allowed to expand and Kosovo is a unique one off. Greece is a EU member and that means that the rest of the EU have to defend it . If these idiots try to claim parts of Greece they will be quickly wiped out by special forces and the border will be sealed by the biggest military presence anyone has seen in the Balkans for decades. Greece is alot more powerful and stronger than all of them put together. Most of the world can see this for the joke that it is.

    Everyone should see the Albanians for the gypsies that they are. Kosovo is becoming independant today but only under EU security and also the EU can over ride any decision made by the Kosovo government !!! Not really the independance the Albanians all hoped for !!!

  23. I dont speake english but i can sei in albanian language.
    Jam shum i krenuar qe tash kosova esht shtet i pavarur si dhe shpresoj se nje dit do te vij dita kur do ta kemi shqiperin e madhe me emerin Dardania.
    Shqiptar jan ata te cilen kan hekur ma se shumti ne ket bot, por si dhe te drejtat tona duhet te deshmohen para botes dhe ne e dim se bota e din shum mir se shqiptaret jan nder te paret qe preken ballkanin ne kohen ILIRE si dhe shqiptarve duhet tju kthehen tokat dhe tju ipet e drejta te cilet ne sot kerkojm.
    Bota smund te na shoh neve si terorist sepse ne nuk sulmojm miqet tan, por ne jem ata te cilet me tradita vetem sulmojm kundershtaret te cilet nuk do te na lejojn te jemi te lir ne tokat tona.
    Rrofshin miqet tan, rrofshin djemet dhe vajzat qe luftojn per tokat dhe me gjak shkrujn ne faqet e historis se dyt e cila nuk do te harrohet..
    Faleminderit ZOTIT i cili na ka ndimuar per gjdo ndim dhe ZOTI esht nje dhe NUK KA MË TJETER.

  24. hello people ,the albanians plan the great albania and they try by the help of usa and western europe to steal the lands of greece serbia and fyrom .They want a part of northwestern greece thresprotia they called it chameria and they claim that greeks kill thousands of them years ago but the truth is greeks we kill many of them because they cooperated with nazi forces and italians 14 parts of alpinists were albanian chams who raped a lot of greek women killed children and killed the prefector of igumenitsa basilakos and 49 local lords at paramithia albanians are a scum nation no ethic issues and values only they do crimes in the places of the world that they go like immigrants.albanians destroyed one of the most christianic place of europe the serbian shire of kosovo they destroyed a lot of churches and monasters and they torture the serbian people who live still there like heroes also albanians albanise by violence greek epirots of south them by killing them and closing their schools and churches this kosovo is a crime this is will be protektorat of usa at balcans i hope god help us with these scums of balcans the albanians
    god bless greece serbia russia bulgaria romania and all orthodox countries

  25. First your blog sucks, i am muslim albanian, interesting that you complain of islam as though rape, murder, and whatever didnt exist before Islam ?! This is more than enough to debunk your bullsh*t of islamoparanoya. 2. What is your ideology: white extremists (stupid ideology defeated in ww2, antijewish anit arab antiblack antibrown people junk), secularists (who trash every religion) or christians-i dont get it because every argument from anybody doesnt count much
    3.Christianity formally doesnt exist, the word christianity was not uttered by jesus or god, the same goes for judaism
    4.Youre talking against islam is bad and evil, and you are good and angels that argument doesnt go very well my friend
    5.You complain about shariah and muslims ruling themselves, did you vote for security councel in the UN, did you fight in ww2 to have a say in world affairs? Well if you patriots did I didnt …
    6.Christianity bowed before secularism and darwinism so you expect the same thing to happen to islam

  26. Americans helping war on terror…seems like their feeding the cancer to grow throughout Europe. KOSOVO IS SERBIAN AND IT WILL ALWAYS BE SERBIAN.

    OH and Eri Illryans due to recent history have no connections with modern day albanians. And SERBIA DIDNT ORIGINATE FROM RUSSIA YOU DUMB FUCK.

  27. it is not greater albania it is ethnic albania!
    i m gonna support the albanians because the r the most suffered ppl in the balkans and because they r seeking fair nd truth!
    now that kosova is free the nexts step is western macedonia and greece will hv 2 wait a lil!
    congrats 2 all albanians from edgar, virginia US

  28. Edgar i completely agree with you, it seams all of these idiots are ignoran more than ever and getting more and more ignorant, i cant believe the ignorance , its beyond belief , moder day albanians are the direct discendants of the illyrians ,the first peoples of the ballkans that inhabited the are 1000 B.C , while you get the slavic migration in the ballkan peninsula only in the 6th centry A.D and they claim kosova (dardania) an illyrian tribe as the hertland of serbia , absolutely sickening , you slavs base your claims on your own propaganda , learn ,get some education on the ballkan peninsula , like who were the fist peoples of the ballkans before the salvs migrated from, and then you will clearly see that the sllavs are the invading barbarians that assimilated the illyrian tribes except all that left today the Albanians , by the way albania comes from the illryian tribe Albanoi, thats right an ILLYRIAN TRIBE

  29. this is for mega man
    u r the biggest cunt i have ever known who the fuck r u to talk about albanians like that u mother fucker. im albanian and im fucking proud for wot i am and if u r ashamed of being albanian than go from where u come from (your mothers pussy) WE R NOT TERRORIST AND WE HATE TERRORISTS AND PEOPLE LIKE YOU WHO R ALBANIANS BUT DONT LOVE THEIR COUNTRY.

  30. you fucking greece, serbs, you take our land years ago, you come here from asia and from north, and you find us there, albania people are the most peacfull, vitality, and oldest people in balkans. You are just some fuckest radikal that don’t deserve to live in this world, and god created you to remember to us what shit have this world. Take a read to the history you fucking serb-greece you fucking ignorant people, and look at your origins when you came from, and now this is a fact albania and cosovo after 1000 years of countinously war are free and united again so go fuck yourself withyour bollshit, and after this came and suck our dicks.
    best regards
    albanian people

  31. This is for ED…. first off I was born in Macedonia and then moved to Greece after I was 7 we decided to move to Kosovo after we did war broke out and my Dad didnt want to fight the Serbs because, they helped us out in finding work, they were very kind, pleasant, and a place to stay. When my father refused to fight the Serbs the fucking KLA and Albanian extremists killed my father, my 2 uncles, my grandfather, and a cousin of mine. What is there to be proud of?! They killed my family my own kind my own people killed them and the Albanian people around me and my family did nothing to help us out. My mom and sister is all that I have left so how dare you use that kind of language and tone with me. I wish your family was slaughtered so then you would understand in what shoes I have been walking around in. I literally despise this generation of Albanians because, all they wanted was war and what my family and I was hope, life, and happiness something the Albanian people have denied me. How gives a shit or two if Kosovo is part of Serbia because, my family’s deaths wasnt a good price to pay. To me Albanians are terrorists. Islamic extremists ones to be exact. Oh ya and ED I did come out of my mother’s womb but I CUM all the time in your mothers loose and rough cunt every night because, your father cant satisfy her needs bitch!! She is really good in bed you should give her a try!! KURVA, KURVA TE QIFSHA NONNEN!!!!! QIU!!

  32. Dear Third world nations of retard slavic muslim communists and humanoid species

    you dont need enemies,

    Mother nature will take care of your extinction

    Geil ,

  33. “…albanians have the oldest language in the world…”

    You think so? Seriously? And I thought with all that ‘special relationship with China’ stuff, that Albanians knew something about China. I guess I was wrong.

    I’ve known a lot of people from a lot of countries (too many to count). If I’ve learned one thing it is this:
    Many people mistakenly believe their country is the “oldest civilization in the world” with the “oldest language” and that they “invented [x]”.

    Usually, such assertions just illustrate how little someone knows about their own country.

    Whatever the country, the least educated of its citizenry makes the wildest assertions. Take Blahblahblahistan, for instance:
    “We Blahblahblahians invented water! We invented Television back in 748 B.C.! It is the only place where one can find *red* colored clay/dirt! We’re the oldest nation in the world! We’re the oldest people in the world! Our language is the oldest one in use!”

    One thing seems implied by all this: Albanian schools need better history teachers.

    BTW: I don’t know why, but that “red clay / red dirt” claim seems to be a worldwide phenomenon of local yokel culture.

  34. on my village we solved the problem with `great albanians` , we beat the shit out of couple of them and the rest were gone in a month….they are really primitive , the used to steal things from old peoples houses…..barbarians

  35. Well, it seems like either Serbian or Greek propaganda is rolling their money in hatred…. This makes nothing but as always makes all Balkan people look the same, awkward to the west. When I traveled in balkans, I really couldn’t see any difference between them at all except the fact the more south you go, people become shorter and with more dark complexes, especially in greece where the ‘white’ definition becomes very shaky . Croatians, Serbians, Albanians kept saying the worst thing about each-other and they fuel the discussion up with religion…dont know any ethnicity who hasn’t burnt a church or a mosque yet. Well IMHO Albanians did not cause or made srbenica, vukovar etc….. actually were our serbs christians against their own brothers or neighbors.

    According to Albanians, I would like to add an expression I heard somewhere ” between sex & religion, Albanians would go for an orgy”

    Shall peace shine in balkan people and let europe in China’s and India chanllenges.

  36. “””greek warrior Says:

    April 16th, 2008 at 5:08 pm
    on my village we solved the problem with `great albanians` , we beat the shit out of couple of them and the rest were gone in a month….they are really primitive , the used to steal things from old peoples houses…..barbarians”””

    What makes you more “advanced” then the ones you’re talking about?

  37. “…albanians have the oldest language in the world…”

    Correct: Albanian is one of the oldest Indo-European languages!!

  38. Being Albanian myself we Albanians did not invent, fire, water, the wheel, oxygen, the earth, the universe, the sun, the moon, dirt, top soil, salt, sugar, and blah blah blah! Albanians always think that they invented everything in which they did not!! We didnt invent anything infact if you know your history correctly. We do have an old language though but its got influences from Latin, Italian, Greek, Turkish, Celtic, Germanic, and Slavic languages. Our language is a very, very primitive one to be infact. Our grammar is off and our spelling and alphabet in a way dont even make any sense for someone who isnt albanian and trying to learn the language. The most grammatical correct language in the world is Italian I wish I could speak it because, I wish this was the lone language to be spoken in the world. Its so beautiful and romantic it sounds like italians are singing when they are talking and even when they are angry and yelling that beautiful singing tune raises up to a very sexy one! By the way Muslims, Jews, Arabs, Persians, Turks, Asians, and Africans you all SUCK!!! YOU are all a DISEASE a CANCER with a side of AIDS/HIV and Hepatitis and Crabs is waht you all are and your all full of SHIT!! FUCK YOU ALL AND I HOPE YOU DIE AND ROT IN HELL YOU SONS OF WHORES AND GYPSIES!!!

  39. MegaMan2000 what the fuck are your comments about ???? shut the fuck up you bitch, you don’t know anything…
    Greek is next ?? I hope you succeed because 1997 in albania was all caused by greeks so keep on… i’m not albanian but i know very very well some facts
    nice comment Steve
    Schnizzmahnizz what the fuck do you want ?? are you stupid or what ??
    alles in Ordnung have you ever been to albania ?? it’s not a third world nation… it’s better than a lot of other countries.

  40. HAHA greater albania is no problem because there are a lot of albanians but they cant do shit by the sef they are like rats and we will kill them all!!!! they never did something by the self they need usa and nato and shit so when they are gone albanians are no problem and Kosovo i Methohija wiil be ours again history repeats…..

  41. Albanian belong in those regions, but the chams have to do it begin with. open the discussion. if there is a war. i will go here from netherlands. to region of south albania, epirus , and fight for my country, We have been fucked over to long. its time to pay back. wFUCK islam. long live amerika. and fuck al those bastards here whoe think they know something about chameria. stupid fucks.our language is the oldest in europ. our language older then greek,reed wikipedia, reed articles, about lord byron. reed greek anceclopedia.

  42. First of all fuck everybody that think that Albanians are bad, we do not have problems with religion, you motha fuckaz do. And yes I’m proud to say we are the oldest people in Europe.
    I hate serbia, greece, and all y’all motha fuckaz that hate us. Do not tempt Albanians, because you won’t know what hit ya.



  44. How dare you mother fuckers talk all this nonsense about Albanians.
    I bet non of you fags have even encounter an Albanian befor cause if you did you would have your tongue cut out for being the bitches that you are

    One more thing, there is another race that resemblance greeks and serbs , and that is NIGGERS , Yea you mother fuckers are just like

  45. We albanians have the right to have our lands back. I don’t completely agree with you ALB2007FL, niggers or african people are much better than greeks and serbians. I have something to say to you megabitch2000: it would be good for you to forget those albanian words, becouse I will put my dick in your mouth and don’t say anymore that you are albanian becouse I will will turn you to a piece of bacon for my dog.

  46. If you others wont to know the truth about greeks, they are as dump as they don’t know hoe to build a wall. Yes you fucking greeks, I’m talking about the acropoli’s wall, which is build by albanians. If you wont something more, I’m telling you that you greeks weren’t capable to build the infrastructure for your olympic games, and you hired albanian workers. So don’t fuck with us and wash your fucking mouth when you talk about ALBANIA.

  47. This is the biggest bunch of bullsh*t Blog I’ve ever read!

    Clearly most of you fools are highschoolers passing down hearsay from what granddad may have told you.

    Dont be offended when your own people (who with personal experience) are able to validly criticise you. Eg Megaman2000

    Perhaps use it to become better or atleast offer some insight of your own to balance or complement it.

    As far as historical continuity goes Illyrians were a huge, large, loose group of many independant tribes it is without doubt impossible to asribe this name wholelly to current day Albania and its people.

    As with most ethnic populations, mixed heriatge can be proven, especially so with modern day Albanians which is one reason why they are quite harsly, spoken of as gypsies.

    If you dont like this stereotype then bloody-well do what friends of mine do and be the best fkn Albanian you can be, living abroad. Without fear or strife break the stereotype and tell people where your from, then attitudes will change!!

    Because at the moment the consensus in Europe is that Albanians are opportunistic theives. Whenever small communities gather, people try to pretect themselves against ‘Albanian theives’ who are really just trying to survive.

    This dosn’t make it ok.

    Ask God for forgiveness & Change your ways.

  48. greece and albania have always had problems, mostly over the territory.
    but that has always been the case with albania a week and poor country, and the big fish will always take a bite of the small one.

    Albanian are a well educated people, with strong family values and super social skills.

    One has to remember that albanians wer isolated for more than 45 years. they did not have much contact with the outside world, so it will take them a wile to get use to this.

    But to say that albanians are thieves is crazy. we are a nation raised on the idea that lies and stealing are wrong and taboo for an albanian.
    Albanians are a nation of pride, truth and HONOR, we kill if dishonored . And there is no honor in a thief, so how pathetic are u for making suc a claim, u must be an uneducated idiot.

  49. Yeah,Yeah,Andi as all the muslims your honor is between the 2 legs of your women. Beautiful place for your honor….(sarc off)

  50. Which do you think there are least of ………..thieves in albania or homosexuals in iran ?
    According to some people , there are none of these groups in these two countries !

  51. uck is an army which has been organized bu the usa and germany. these countries have equiped them for years. but you know, greek army, is not unexperienced or unequiped too. and Epirus is not kosovo. thats for sure.


    More poisonous fruit from the US invasion against the Christians in the Balkans. We have paved the way for an Islamic state in the heart of Europe, one already conducting Islamic imperialistic war moves in Macedonia.

    This would-be jihad terrorist is a “non-Muslimy kind of Muslim” from Albania.

    Brooklyn Man Accused of Seeking to Join Terror Group New York Times September 9

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