Alternative Reality

* But hey, who are we to judge? Jihad is our religion, and shooting hundred rockets a day into Israel is just like fireworks, let the kidz have some fun!

What’s wrong with that?

PM Haniyeh’s advisor tells Israeli TV: “projectiles are like fireworks”


Dr. Ahmad Yousef (MaanImages)

Hamas doesn’t seem to understand Israeli airstrikes as a response to the recent wave of Qassams. After all, the Qassams are harmless. This from Maan News:

Bethlehem – Ma’an – Israeli TV Channel Two broadcast an interview on Thursday with the Palestinian Prime Minister’s advisor, Dr Ahmad Yousef, in which Yousef described the homemade projectiles launched from the Gaza Strip at Israel as “fireworks”.
The advisor said that these projectiles are not causing any damage or harm to Israel. Only one Israeli has been killed, he said, while 63 Palestinians were killed in the last week alone.

Yousef added that “Israel is using these projectiles in order to kill Palestinians. “Can the stick be compared with the sword?” he asked. “These projectiles are almost like fireworks; they are not killing. Only one Israeli woman has been killed, but the Israeli military machine killed 63 [Palestinians] last week.” He added, “The president described them as useless.”

One killed recently, yes. Thousands of Sderot citizens have been evacuated and millions of dollars in damage has been incurred. To Hamas, however, it’s just another day.


A British ‘Revert’ to Islam, gives us an example of this alternative reality:

Abu Abdullah

(At present doing prison da’awa, he is in jail for inciting hatred against infidels and Jews)

4 thoughts on “Alternative Reality”

  1. Islam-religion of rockets. Normal people are content with firecrackers but not the palestinians. They must think rockets are basically toys-if that’s the case then they are even more stupid than I ever imagined.

  2. Bloody hell, I am so sick of this. How can the leaders in the west still think these creatures are worth listening to, for even one second longer.
    I personally think it’s glass carpark time, as basically that’s all the middle east is worth being. A few people less in the world should please the environmentalists anyway.

  3. Did ya hear the crap coming form his mouth! What does Abu Abdullah have to say for himself when Muslims kill Muslims in mass numbers every day? Did ya hear the clueless lefty reporter when he said Abdullah try’s to use the Koran to justify terror! he uses the word try! What a crock of shite the quran is a book of terror and to be a good Muslim you have to take the Koran extremely seriously.

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