Australia: Young Muslims urged to enlist

Richard Kerbaj/The Australian

YOUNG Australian Muslim women will be targeted to join the Army Reserve and prove they are part of the national security “solution”.
The plan by Sydney Muslim leader Jamal Rifi – which has been welcomed by the Australian Defence Force – is designed to break down barriers between Islam and mainstream Australia. It also aims to revive an element of Islamic culture that saw men and women fighting “side by side” during the days of the prophet Mohammed.
Dr Rifi, president of Lakemba Sports and Recreation Club in Sydney’s southwest, said he wanted “hijab-wearing” women between the ages of 17 and 26 to become reservists and would soon begin promoting the idea to Muslim parents on Arabic and Islamic radio networks to urge them to let their kids join.

“I will be encouraging Arab-speaking Australians to join overall, but I will concentrate mainly on the Muslim community,” he told The Australian yesterday.

“I would like to send the message to the wider Australian society that we are not part of the problems, we are part of the solution.”

* Just curious: What kind of ‘solution’ to what exactly, Dr. Rififi?

TAFE student Hala Ayache said she was keen to join the Army Reserve so she could “give back” to Australia and would encourage her friends to sign up with her.


* Ready to enlist?

“We can join the country that we were born in and, you know, we can go lose weight a little bit, too,” said the 19-year-old from Punchbowl in Sydney’s southwest.

University student Alaa Hashem, 20, said becoming a reservist would help dispel misconceptions about religious Muslim women that “we stay at home and are uneducated”.

The nation’s most senior female Muslim leader, Aziza Abdel-Halim, welcomed the idea.

“I’m all for it,” she said. “If the country needs them, they are there to lend their support.”

Dr Rifi said a focus group discussion earlier this year found that Muslim women were keen on becoming reservists and that many would sign up when the recruitment drive took off within two months.

He acknowledged there were cultural barriers such as Islamic dress codes that would discourage Muslim parents from encouraging their daughters to join.

But Dr Rifi said he would run discussion groups for parents to learn more about the “benefits” of allowing their children to become involved.

A defence force spokesman said the women would be welcomed provided they met entry requirements. “Defence and the ADF encourage an inclusive workplace that recognises and respects the significance of peoples culture and beliefs,” he said.

But Australian Defence Association executive director Neil James said the hijab might present occupational health and safety issues.

* Right. After the Cronulla rape epidemics and the assault on Aussie lifesavers NSW Muslim minister Morris Iemma (the ‘dillemma’) presented Australia with hijabbed muslim lifesavers. We have no reports yet as to their saving qualifications.


* Another muslim ‘leader’ Tom Zreika who suggested that muftis and imams themselves should become lifesavers had to go into hiding and is under police protection.

* Could you imagine being ‘mouth to mouth with sheik Hilali?’


Here is the link from Sheik yer’mami :

The American Military had some rather awful experiences with enlisted Muslims: One of them rolled hand grenades into the tent of his fellow soldiers. Others refused to translate Arabic documents because it might ‘harm other Muslims’- some went AWOL (absent without leave) and sided with the enemy. A Muslim cleric in Gitmo was caught smuggling classified documents and information and plans about camp Delta. Who is to say that Australia would not have similar experiences?

How are Christians treated in the Egyptian Army?

*Here is an example of how Muslims treat Christians in their armies, with thanks to Shiva’s ‘Illustrated Pig:’

Here is the story of Hani Sarofim Nasrala Issak, a soldier in the Egyptian army, who was tortured and killed the first week of August 2006 after refusing to convert to Islam.

Hani’s family issued a statement about the incident. In translation, the statement says:
Our son, the soldier Hani Sarofim Nasrala, from the village of Rahmaneya Kebly in the city of Nag Hamadi of the Qena governorate, was a soldier in the southern sector of the city of Aswan. His unit number was 2152C33.

We found him drowned in the Nile near the city of Nag Hamadi. Marks of torture covered the entirety of his body.

Earlier, Hani had told his family that there were problems between him and the direct leader of his unit because Hani was a Christian. He also told his family that his leader used to molest and torture him in front of his peer soldiers.

When his leader asked him blatantly to reject Chrisitianity and convert to Islam, Hani refused and told him he would notify the military intelligence.

The leader threatened him saying “Ok Hani, I will settle things with you!”

The leader subsequently arranged to kill Hani by sending him to a station near his village, at Nag Al-Ghaliz of the city of Nag Hamadi, in order to eliminate any suspicions about the plan.

At that time, Hani was supposed to be on an official vacation of eight days, which would end on July 30th 2006. He also had two permissions for one other vacation, which would have finished on August 13th 2006, in case one of the two permissions got lost.

An official report was filled at the Nag Hamadi police station under the number 5251 year of 2006.

So what did the “Religion of Peace” do to Hany?





Yes. Islam is a Religion of Peace

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  1. Re muslims enlisting:

    I do believe their first allegiance it to islam so how will they be able to help the army?
    Will they fight fellow muslims in Afganistan and Iraq?
    Will they protect us from “homegrown” islamic terrorists.
    Just wondering,,,

    As for the the treatment of Hani – I am speechless!

  2. Doesn’t everyone know that the female is the more dangerous of the species?

  3. Doesn’t everyone know that the female is the more dangerous of the species?

    google “black widow sucide bomber”

  4. What a great idea this is! As soon as Australia goes to war against Israel that is!

  5. When Muslims gain a toehold in Australia’s armed forces, we will quite likely go down the path of the USA, where a Navy chaplain was court-martialled and dismissed for praying “in Jesus’ name”, which is customary for Christians, with Jesus being the only mediator between God and man.
    ( )

    While that was not necessarily instigated by Muslims, the other likely result will be that non-Muslims will be given “Muslim sensitivity training”, and military bases will need “prayer rooms” & other Islamic paraphernalia.
    As Gramfan points out, their loyalty is to Islam & the ummah.
    ( )

  6. What a cockamamie idea! The only way to ensure Australian security is to remove all moslems from Australia. That is the logical thing to do.

    None should have to live with these koranimals.

  7. sure lets give em guns and train em ….

    real smart idea….

    i dont understand why the muslims dont go back to Afganistan or Iran saudi arabia perhaps and live in a country of alleged peace and tolerance.

    Islam is a joke !

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