Blackburn UK: Watch Your Neigborhood (before its gone)

Remember him?

Jackie the Straw:

He’s still there and he can’t put the genie back in the bottle…


Al Bebeeceera: A Warning to Britain

BBC Panorama had a scary little show tonight on the refusal of British Muslims to integrate into mainstream society, and their takeover of the town of Blackburn; with thanks to LGF

Britain’s growing racial divide

By Vivian White

BBC Panorama reporter

People share the shopping centre – but they’re not shopping together
Panorama visits Blackburn in Lancashire to investigate how increased separation and segregation between Muslim Asians and whites is dividing communities.

Blackburn presents a stark example of a difficult, national problem.

For all the hopeful talk about “integration”, “multiculturalism” and now “cohesion”, the reality on the ground appears to be that Britain’s Muslim Asian community and its white community have few points of contact, and that the white majority often feel they share little in common with the growing Muslim Asian minority.

Of course there are hopeful exceptions, but Blackburn – where Muslim Asians on the last census made up 24% of the population and whose local council takes the issue very seriously – demonstrates clearly what the problem is.


The risk is of separate communities, and of people breathing the same air but walking past each other
Jack Straw,
Blackburn MP

Anyone who goes to Blackburn’s town centre, and takes a look around, will see that whites and Muslim Asians are sharing the shopping centre and that everyone is behaving perfectly courteously to each other.

So what’s the problem? Well, look a bit more carefully, and you’ll see that they are both here doing their shopping – but they’re not shopping together.

They’re nearly always shopping separately. And that’s the typical pattern here.


People share the shopping centre – but they’re not shopping together

‘White flight’

Blackburn’s original Pakistani and Indian immigrants came to the town seeking work in the 60s in what was then the booming cotton industry.

Read it all:

More news from England:

4,000 suspected jihadists in UK

The Tiny Minority of Extremists doubles in size. “‘4,000 terror suspects in UK,'” by John Steele in the Telegraph

Up to 4,000 terrorism suspects and their supporters are active in Britain, the former Metropolitan Police Commissioner Lord Stevens said yesterday.
Lord Stevens said the security service MI5 had recently suggested a figure of 2,000 but the true number was “probably nearer 4,000”.

Police and MI5 were “still too underfunded and undermanned to cope with the task they face in the decades to come. And that’s how long this will last,” he said.

The “infection” had spread out from “hot spots” such as Luton, the West Midlands and Finsbury Park in London and those involved in the fertiliser bomb plot case which finished this week were “ordinary and British”.

And all Muslim, of course, and all committed to jihad against the infidel, but that is the unifying factor among them that Must Not Be Named.

Lord Stevens also gave warning that al-Qa’eda-linked extremists were already trying to infiltrate the police and the security services and that dozens had already been weeded out.
He urged that known terrorism suspects and “hate clerics”, such as Abu Hamza and Abu Qatada, should be deported, adding: “Our human rights come first. Yet, incredibly, our so-called Human Rights laws, and our enviable history of religious tolerance, mean that foreigners preaching death and destruction to our way of life are allowed to stay here because their own countries won’t tolerate such evil.”


Other news:

The totally demented George ‘georgeous’ Galloway condemns Labour voters to hell for eternity:

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