Cairns Post calls Mosque ‘Temple’ – Objecting Residents are ‘Crusaders’- of course!

Locals show no faith in temple bid

by Bronwyn Cummings

The clueless far left nutroots from the Cairns Post are so obsessed with multiculti ‘tolerance & diversity’ and so befuddled with ignorance that they call a proposed mega-mosque in a quiet street a ‘temple’- resident objectors are smeared as leading a ‘crusade’


Sheik yer’mami warned about this here: Inside the forbidden fortress


and here: What is a mosque? A simple place of worship?

Excerpt: No. There is ample evidence that mosques are monuments of Islamic conquest. Mosques are symbols of Arab Imperialism and supremacy. Mosques, as we can see around the world, are centers for plotting and subversion, they are used as bunkers and places for weapons storage. Mosques are bridgeheads and fortresses in the Dar al Harb, symbols of conquest in the lands of the infidels, which is yet to be conquered for Islam. Mosques are indoctrination centers where the soldiers of Allah are incited to wage violent jihad against unbelievers and Jews.


Update:  “We can’t interfere in any way with a mosque unless they are shooting at us”

Western (i.e. civilised) fighting forces like the US, Brits, and Israelis just don’t seem to understand that you cannot fight the Islamafascists with one hand tied behind your back. All over the Muslim world MUSLIMS are bombing mosques and mosques are used as the nerve centre for weapons caches and terrorist activity. Yet western forces have rules of engagement that forbid them to even enter a mosque. In Michael Totten’s excellent report of his embedding with a group of US soldiers in Baghdad searching for a senior Al Quaeda operative includes the following dialoge (when four terrorists are spotted on the roof of a mosque):

“They have a little bunker up there,” he continued. “You can’t see it from here, but it has sand bags and sniper netting around it.”

“What are you going to do?” I said.

“Nothing,” he said. “It’s a mosque.”

“They’re violating curfew,” I said, “and stalking us in the dark from a militarized mosque. And you aren’t going to do anything?”

“Our rules of engagement say we can’t interfere in any way with a mosque unless they are shooting at us,” he said.

We left our stalker with his “co-workers” and walked away.

And people wonder why the Americans aren’t winning in Iraq!

Cairns ‘Crusaders’

Suburban crusade: North Cairns residents led by Peter Roners (front) are waging a battle against a plan to build a mosque amid a row of character homes in Dunn St. Cairns City Council is awaiting a heritage report before making its decision.

* Concerned residents are presented as some kind of hicks and get little sympathy from the Cairns Fishwrap.


* Recently a Cairns businessman saw his business interests, his commercial properties and his residency listed in the Cairns fishwrap as the ‘man behind sheik Yer’mami’- By writing his full name five times and setting him up for assassination by the lunatic fringe of Muhammedan radicals, a reporting ratbag by the name of Gavin King exposed himself as a hateful antisemite flash-as-a-rat-with-a-gold_thumb.jpg

Moonbat Wankfest Downunder:

” Oh Muslim, Here Is The Jew, Come & Kill Him”

* Excerpt: Incredible Malice and Reckless Endangerment: Misrepresentations and journalistic malpractice by the Cairns Post put a man’s life in grave mortal danger…

* Stay tuned. 2 Barristers, one QC and several lawyers have offered to take this case on pro bono. We’ll keep you posted!

* After years and years of rape-epidemics from Stockholm to Oslo, (raping infidel women are ‘war booty’) honor killings in London, Paris, Berlin, Nice, after the French intifada, Cronulla riots (which riots?) seven thousand terrorist attacks by Islamic radicals after 9/11, (who counted before?) after Bali one and two, Madrid, London, Beslan and uncounted atrocities on unbelievers and Jews the moonbats would have us believe that all is well and if we just sing ‘kumbayahh’ the soldiers of Allah will no longer wage jihad against us.

Unfortunately, that’s not how it works. Ask Chamberlain:


Neville Chamberlain waving his contract with Hitler


And here’s Sir Winston who had to clean up after his mess

Anyway, here’s today’s news from the fishwrap:

RESIDENTS fear plans to build a mosque among their old Queenslander homes could shatter the tranquillity of their quiet North Cairns street.

The concerned householders say they are not opposed to the prayer sessions already held in the house at 31 Dunn St but they do not want a purpose-built mosque on the 637sq m block.

Cairns City Council deferred the development application for the site on April 12 pending a heritage report.

The application was to build a prayer hall, with a dome height of 8.5m, a tearoom and 11 car parking spaces on the block, which faces the Kuranda Railway line and Pioneer Cemetery.

“The building of this size and design will not fit in keeping with the character of the street,” resident Peter Romer said.

“Residents have not objected to the low-key usage of the existing house as an Islamic centre, however the proposed building is totally alien from the surrounding homes.”


Artist impression of Cairns 2025


A Hindu being beaten by Muslims in a mosque in Bangladesh. He was captured outside the mosque while going home. After Friday prayers were over, the Muslims came out and grabbed the first Hindu they could. Mr. Vimal Patak a Bangladeshi born Hindu was beaten to death with sticks as the Muslim mullas chanted kill the Kafir! (non-muslim). He died begging for his life.


Read also: The Changing Face of Cairns

The residents this week met to discuss the future of the site, where a 55-year-old Queenslander house now stands.

Far Northern Islamic leader Imam Abdul Aziz said the prayers had been conducted five times a day for seven years with no complaints.

“Everything will remain the same but we will have a bigger place of worship and car parking,” Mr Aziz said.

Mr Aziz said the site already had material change of use approval for a place of worship.

In 2000, conditions on the site were set by Cairns City Council including a garden buffer, on-site car parking and a restriction of 20 worshippers.

Resident Bill Bradley said the conditions had not been met and most were not included in the development application.

The residents are about to submit their second petition to the council and have already had their previous objections noted.

“We don’t have a problem with the mosque the way it is, except for the cars parking out the front,” nearby neighbour Kartrina Santo said.

“We are not an Islamic community but at any rate, I wouldn’t want a church of any religion built there.”


Artist impression of Cairns 2030

Not to worry, matey: Tolerance and diversity! Why can’t we all just get along…???


Stay tuned!

* Other places also object to the building of mosques:

“There’s a mosque in The Hague”

And all over Rotterdam, and Amsterdam, and in Paris and Marseilles and Lyons and Toulouse, in London and Manchester and Birmingham and Leeds,in Rome and in Milan, in Berlin and Hamburg and Frankfurt, and in thousands of other cities and even small towns all over Europe. The Saudis and other rich Arabs fund them, just as they pay for the land, and the construction, and the maintenance, of mosques all over this country, from Boston to sunny California. Most of the mosques in the Western world are not paid for by the locals, but by very rich foreign Muslims — governments, institutions, individuals. After all, not all of that ten trillion dollars in oil revenues that Muslim states have received since 1973 alone goes for arms purchases, and palaces for the boys, and wages for those millions of non-Muslim wage-slaves who keep Saudi Arabia and the smaller sheikdoms going, and gambling in London and Monte Carlo, and call girls (the Arabs especially contemptuous of the West for allowing “their women” to be bought and used in such a way, by their sworn enemies, the Arab Muslims), and endless shopping in the funfair-cum-brothel of Europe,

Occasionally local opposition can stop the building of a mosque, but not because the mosque has been paid for by sinister foreigners, nor because mosques are far more than merely religious establishments but politico-religious outposts of the Army of Islam, and inevitably, unless subject to constant round-the-clock monitoring, will tend to have khutbas based on the almost-unavoidable subject with which the Qur’an and Hadith are full: to wit, the permaent state of war that exists between Believers and Infidels, and the need for Muslims to work to remove all obstacles to the spread, and dominance, of Islam.

Western governments simply will not stop to examine, will not dare even to discuss, the nature, the meaning, the menace of Islam. Those whose duty it is to protect us will continue to pretend that what goes on in mosques is as “religious” in nature as what goes on in churches or synagogues. But it isn’t. Visits to mosques, or tapes of what goes on, or the testimony of those who have jettisoned Islam but can still recall what they heard (or if their faces are not recognized, enter mosques still) confirm that what goes on is dangerous to Infidels, to their legal and political institutions, to their physical security.

If the national governments of the Western world have failed those whom they are supposed to protect, have failed to exhibit any intelligent curiosity about Islam as a Total Belief-System, and the role of the mosques as a basis for Jihad — that is, the “struggle” to promote Islam and remove all obstacles to its spread, and dominance — local governments, or local officials, have been forced to change or cancel permits by aroused citizens, who have made their cases against this or that mosque on the basis of size — the proposed mega-mosque in London appears to have been stopped — rather than on the basis of the bristling and aggressive nature of these huge structures, their minarets rising like missiles (as Erdogan once famously said).

If more non-Muslims came to understand the texts and tenets and attitudes of Islam, they would not be so uninterested in the mosque-building that goes on, sometimes even with the aid of local governments (e.g., Mayor Menino encouraging the building of the Boston Mosque, and even agreeing to sell land far below the market price), but would move heaven and earth to stop as many such projects as possible, and what’s more, to make sure that existing mosques and madrasas are monitored for the contents of what they preach (and what Muslims practice, when they are in a position to do so). The word “religion” keeps getting in the way, but greater knowledge would give Infidels the confidence not to be bamboozled or impressed by such a word, and determined not to be deterred in their opposition to mosques and madrasas, for the first is not simply, or mainly, a house of individual worship, but a center where a collectivist and aggressive Total Belief-System can more easily maintain or reinforce its hold over local Believers.

Posted by: Hugh


14 thoughts on “Cairns Post calls Mosque ‘Temple’ – Objecting Residents are ‘Crusaders’- of course!”

  1. Nothing wrong with the ‘crusade’ smear as the defensive measures needed back in those times were very much warranted. This monstrosity these muslims/jihadists wish to build is neither a mosque or a temple, a ‘fort’ would be a more apt description, they do worship a war god after all…

  2. Seems you have some supporters, Sheik.

    Who’s side is the paper on? Is part of it sowdi-funded?

    Mostly when there are local communities upset at new developments the press usually go with the locals.

    Let’s hope the place gets a heritage listing and fails all other deadlines.

    You have a great site, and posted some good stuff on Bolt’s the other day:)

  3. That second artist’s impression of Cairns looks just like Bradford, here in the UK.

    I promise you mate, you really don’t want that.

    And as for Chamberlain, well, on JW a few weeks back after some muzbot or other had been doing a bit of crowing here in the UK – or something like that, a GERMAN commented that the muzbots had better be awful careful ‘cos the Brits can go from Chamberlain to Churchill in a New York minute.

    Of course, being a German and all, he’d know all about that wouldn’t he.

    Go have a read. You don’t think the muzbots aren’t aready smuggling in weapons in preparation for their intifada do you? No, I’m not the Home Gunsmith – but I’ve downloaded all his info just in case (the politicos here in UK/Europe are already talking about bringing the internet under their control – i.e. censoring it). They’ll still have better weapons than us, but at least we wont be totally helpless. Does anyone seriously believe that when it kicks off the police and forces will defend us? They’ll be too busy defending themselves and the institutions of state, mate. We ordinary folk will be on our own.

    Unless you trust politicians, police, etc. that is? Do you? Really? If so, then perhaps I could interest you in buying a bridge?

  4. “Mosques are symbols of Arab Imperialism and supremacy.”

    I like the description of minarets as “lighthouses of jihad” on Ummah News Links (Mosque minarets a threat: Swiss MPs). Of course, “darkhouses” would be more appropriate, as Islam contains nothing enlightening.

  5. As I am originally from Queensland I find what is happening in Cains terrifying. Queenslanders don’t want to live under sharia law. Even if the left wing media think that we do.

  6. I will always remember my father-in-laws words…”NEVER TRUST A MOSLEM”
    He lived in an islamic state and was not moslem.

  7. mates look at “cairns mosque” in youtube and show your support to the proud families living there that are harassed by this disrespectful act.
    Leave a comment, tell everyone, they need awareness of this issue.
    Let’s get together on this issue.

    go visit the residents at Dunn street to show your support
    make signs for a protest
    sign a petition

    Make sure everybody knows that even when it is built, it is against the will of the people in cairns.

    Also important to know is
    who funded this? what brand of Islam is it? What will they be teaching (we know it won’t be australian values will it)?

  8. Those residents in the picture are so beautiful! It is the common folk who are standing up to the savages and turning things around little by little all over the world!


  10. Let me remind you all here how many of us learn what islam means:
    When we hear bombs, we hear islam.
    When we see women dressed in black sacks, we see islam.
    When we learn of amputations and stonings, we learn about islam.
    When we read about sexism and homophobia, we read about islam.
    When we face animality, anger and greed for power, we face islam.
    When we smell death, we smell Islam.
    When we hear muslims say peace, we know they mean war.
    Islam is just one big F-ALLAH-CY!

  11. other religions like Christianity are no better, they just more subtle in their greed ,selfishness ect, i am still born catholic though

  12. @Ranger,

    You are incredible naive regarding Muslims, if you think that the expansion of Islamic mosques is simply about greed and avarice.

    In fact, your naivety is dangerous for the rest of us.

    Please cite the last time Buddhists, Catholics or other Christians beheaded someone for a different religious belief? i.e., religious persecution?

    See the British based Barnabas fund.

    Please cite when in recent years, a church or temple was caught on tape called for the murder of the local indigenous population, Jews and individuals from other Western countries?

    See the Imam Ali Mosque in Hamburg, Germany and The Al Quds Mosque, Hamburg, Germany, where a former Imam , a Moroccan by the name of Fazazi said that ”Christians and Jews should have their throats slit” according to videotaped sermons that were being sold at a Islamic book store in Hamburg.

    Enlighten us. Please provide names, locations and dates please?

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