El Baradei wants more $$$$$$$$$$$$

IAEA Chief Urges Larger Budget For Body To Cope With Workload

Guess we have to give more money to Amnesia Intentionals Irene ‘Gulag’ Khan as well. Nobody beats efficiency, objectivity and humanitarian principles better than her.


The deceitful ‘watchdog’ of the International Atomic Energy Agency who has been pulling the wool over the eyes and ears of the ‘International Community’ for far to long, Muhammad El Baradei, wants your money.


To create more work for Muslim pencil pushers?


LUXEMBOURG (AP)–U.N. member states should boost funding for the International Atomic Energy Agency, which is now operating on a “shoestring budget,” if the United Nations wants a credible nuclear watchdog, agency director Mohamed ElBaradei said Thursday.

While world leaders warns about the threats of nuclear proliferation and terrorism, the IAEA is increasingly underfunded because of a fast-growing workload, he said.

* Brother: You never had it better. You had your chance and you screwed up badly! Be gone!

The agency’s annual budget is $130 million, money that is used to monitor compliance with the U.N. nonproliferation treaty at more than 900 “declared” nuclear facilities in 70 countries.

As new facilities and countries are being monitored, the IAEA workload “is constantly expanding (but) without corresponding increases in funding or personnel,” said ElBaradei. “The agency constantly risks lagging behind in the technology race because we are forced to make do on a shoestring budget.”

ElBaradei said at a time “when every other world leader” calls the threat of nuclear proliferation or “terrorism the No. 1 global security threat,” the Vienna, Austria-based IAEA struggles to get a “modest budget supplement” of $15 million-$30 million.

He spoke at an international conference on the prevention of nuclear catastrophe that was attended by around 60 nuclear arms technology experts from a dozen nations, including the U.S., Russia, Japan, Canada and Sweden.

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  1. The IAEA is useless-what does it do to Iran? What CAN it do to Iran? Not a damn thing. Same with North Korea. Why throw good money after bad? Rogue nations will pursue their nuclear ambitions no matter what this bunch says. Only force works with the likes of Tehran and Pyongyang.

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