Gaza: Rockin’ the Casbah

* While the genocidal Pali-zombies have a good go at each other (we support both sides equally, we shall not discriminate!) they just can’t stop shooting rockets into Israel, which invited the inevitable response:

Car swarm, fun for the whole family:


Israel attacks in Gaza amid factional violence

By Nidal al-Mughrabi

At least 25 Palestinians were killed on Wednesday as President Mahmoud Abbas’s secular Fatah faction and Hamas battled for control of Gaza and Israel launched a deadly round of air strikes against the Islamists.

Palestinian officials said the widening hostilities could bring down a two-month-old unity government formed between Hamas and Fatah. Some Palestinians see this leading to all-out civil war and the end of the Palestinian Authority.

Terrified Gaza residents hid indoors as masked gunmen fought running battles street-to-street, killing 20 people — five of them even after the two sides declared a ceasefire at dusk. In one panicked call to a radio station, a woman urged Palestinian leaders to act, pleading: “Do not leave us to die here.”

Israel’s biggest air strike razed a building used by Hamas’s Executive Force in the south Gaza town of Rafah, killing four militants. Israel said the attack was not connected to internal clashes that have killed at least 44 people since Friday.

Car Swarm Time 


It happens after every Israeli airstrike on a car full of “militants;” first, the bizarre car swarming behavior (fun for the whole family! the boys, anyway!), then the equally bizarre, out-of-sync wire service photo captions about “inspecting” and “gathering.” 

A later air strike in northern Gaza killed another Hamas militant and wounded two other Palestinians, residents said.

While battles raged throughout the Gaza Strip, militants have fired rockets at southern Israel, causing injuries but no deaths, in an apparent attempt to draw Israel into the fighting.

Israel said the air strikes, the deadliest since a November truce in Gaza was declared, targeted a Rafah command centre used by Hamas to plan attacks and a rocket crew that had just fired into the Jewish state.

The Executive Force, which has taken a lead in fighting with Fatah, denied the Rafah building was used to plan rocket attacks and said the air strikes proved Israel was taking sides.

Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni said Israel may step up military strikes in the Gaza Strip in response to a surge of Palestinian cross-border rocket salvoes.

“Until now, we have demonstrated restraint, but this situation is not a tolerable situation,” Livni told reporters after security consultations with Prime Minister Ehud Olmert and Defense Minister Amir Peretz.


Bush acknowledges Palestinian plight

More clueless platitudes from the ‘decider’ and the equally deluded Blair:


AP Photo: Palestinians gather around the rubble of a building after an Israeli airstrike on the facility…

By GEORGE GEDDA, Associated Press Writer

President Bush said Thursday he and British Prime Minister Tony Blair discussed the plight of the Palestinian people and the “deep humiliation” they face. Bush said the two leaders were concerned about an explosion of Palestinian violence in the Gaza Strip.

His remarks appeared to be an empathetic nod toward the beleaguered Palestinians, whose poverty and the heavy restrictions on imposed by Israel have generally been a bigger political issue in Europe than in the United States.

“We recognized the deep humiliation that can come as a result of living in a land where you can’t move freely and where people can’t realize dreams,” Bush said.

“We talked about the need to reject and fight terrorism,” Bush added immediately, a reference to Israel’s vulnerability. “We understand the fright that can come when you’re worried about a rocket landing on top of your home. ”

* George W. Bush & the bleeding hearts for the ‘Palestinians’- Consider Gaza for your retirement, George. Take Condi with you. It will be exiting, no doubt…

Bush did not assess blame for the current violence between Palestinian factions and involving Israeli forces. The Gaza Strip has been the scene of battles between Hamas and Faith fighters in recent days and retaliatory attacks by Israel in response to rocket fire coming into Israel from neighboring Gaza.

More than 20 Palestinians were killed Wednesday in the most widespread factional fighting in nearly a year. Street clashes were ebbing Thursday, with three killed. In all, at least 45 Palestinians have been killed in the infighting since Sunday.

Bush, standing with Blair in the Rose Garden, said he remains committed to a two-state solution in the region, adding that this goal is attainable if both sides show strong leadership.

Blair called the situation “very dangerous” and said a two-state solution is the only path to peace.

* Will the delusion never end?

Earlier, State Department spokesman Sean McCormack said Israel has shown “great restraint” in responding to repeated Palestinian rocket attacks against Israeli targets.

McCormack said Israel was acting on its right to defend itself in carrying out retaliatory air strikes on a compound and other targets in the Gaza Strip.

Read it all…

Civil war and looming collapse. And no, not Iraq

by Andrew Bolt:

Forget Iraq. The Palestinians have such a hate-riven and warlord-driven culture that they are asking to be invaded or even colonized again –

either by the Israelis:
Hamas today threatened to resume suicide bombings after Israeli planes launched air strikes against the militant Palestinian group in Gaza…


Palestinians inspect a destroyed van following an Israeli air strike in Gaza May 18, 2007. Israel’s air force bombed a van carrying Palestinian militants through Gaza City on Friday, killing at least two people, witnesses said. REUTERS/Mohammed Salem (GAZA)

Israel confirmed all three air strikes. It had earlier threatened “harsh” action in response to repeated Palestinian rocket attacks. More than 50 rockets have fallen on the Israeli town of Sderot in the last three days. Seven struck Sderot today, one hitting a school and leaving two people slightly injured.
Or by the Jordanians and Egyptians

(presuming they are mad enough to want to rule more Palestinians):
Some Palestinian analysts predict that a collapse of the Palestinian Authority would pave the way for Jordanian custodial rule in the West Bank and a similar arrangement for Egypt in Gaza.
“The message is the Palestinians cannot rule themselves. This fighting will only end if a third party takes over,” said Ibrahim Abrash, a political analyst in Gaza.
Only when the Israelis defend themselves will the Western media really pay attention, of course, and mostly to bad Israel.

But the fact is that the Palestinians are tearing themselves apart, with near civil war between Fatah and Hamas gunmen:
Arabs were in despair Thursday over the Gaza fighting between Palestinians, and governments that have tried to mediate between the warring factions appeared to be at a loss over how to stop the bloodshed…
But Saudi Arabia has been silent since clashes between the two sides resumed this week, in five days of fighting that has killed dozens of people…
Arab TV stations showed constant images from Gaza, which looked like a war zone, with masked gunmen in the abandoned streets and people rushing the wounded away on stretchers. Al-Jazeera broadcast live from its offices in Gaza, where journalists in flak jackets and helmets were trapped as gunfire raged outside.
Viewers in the Arab world – long loyal advocates of the Palestinian cause – were stunned. “May God curse you all,” renowned Egyptian columnist Ahmed Ragab wrote, referring to the Palestinian factions.
Just so you know the background – before Israel gets (perhaps deliberately) dragged in, and handed the blame.


Palestinians gather around a van following an Israeli air strike in Gaza May 18, 2007. REUTERS/Suhaib Salem (GAZA) 

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  1. So the palestinians are on the verge of civil war-big damn deal. These idiots have demonstrated for 60 years that peace is alien to them, that they love violence, that they’d rather kill than build a nation and they wallow in self pity. Let them annihilate one another-nobody will miss them. Not Israel. Not anyone frequenting this site. Not even their Muslim brothers.
    No people is more deserving of a civil war considering all the trouble they have caused.

  2. By the way, nice pic of Medusa-patron saint of palestine. Or are those horns?

  3. Ehh no worries the muslim world will calm the situation.They won’t want to chance losing thier front line in the war on Israel.

    What would the Hierarchy of islam have to look forward to in the morning if there were no news of rockets into Israel or pals being killed by Israel?

    By the way i doubt there are many IF any at all in the middle east that want anything to do with Palistine other than support it’s attacks on Israel.

    Also i am willing to bet the likes of Bush and Blair are probably smiling behind the scenes at islam humiliating islam.I know i am …..but openly.

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