Germany: Second Islam-Conference Ends Without Results


“Dialog is always progress!”-

Read it and weep!

Nothing, nada, zero, zilch came of the second Islam-conference in Berlin.

An orgy of Muslims demands and more demands, the latest was a demand for strict guidelines of at least 30% “positive reporting” about Islam in German media outlets

Good one, that. Self censorship is not enough. Our Muhammedan masters would have us do their propaganda for them too.

For the rest, the government and the German news agencies were obviously too embarrassed to release anything at all, because it all ended in Nowhere land.

And yet, the Islamic publications celebrate it, because Germans haven’t told them to piss off, Germans didn’t tell the Muslims “we won’t have this- or we can’t allow any more of that..”


* Dialog? with these guys?

So everything continues as always, Muslims will get their welfare, benefits, free schooling and few of them will be evicted, even if they’re illegal or involved in criminal activities. The Germans will continue to allow the Muslims to build mosques and madrassahs and they can preach their hatred like they always do.

And since nothing else is available from this great ‘conference’- we give you the links to the Islamic sites that celebrate the event like a milestone:

As an attempt to institutionalize dialogue between the Muslim community and the German government, the Islam Conference has a long way to go. But that dialogue is even possible now is progress, argues DW’s Baha Güngor.

Launched last year by Interior Minister Wolfgang Schäuble, this was the second Islam Conference (DIK) to take place in Berlin.


Opinion: Dialogue is Always Progress

The second round of talks between the German government and Muslim representatives on promoting the integration process of Germany’s 3.5 million Muslims ended without any specific results in Berlin on Wednesday.
“We all agreed that this process is right and it is moving ahead well. We are all determined to continue,” said German Interior Minister Wolfgang Schaeuble at a news conference, joined by Muslim representatives.

He pointed out that the German Islam Conference is part of a “three-year dialogue process”, warning against expecting any quick results.
Schaeuble met earlier in the day with 15 Muslim representatives who were carefully chosen by the German government last year.
The minister’s remarks were criticized by the chairman of the Central Council of Muslims Ayel Ayyub Koehler who said the Islam conference lacked clear goals.
“This cannot go on like this, we cannot debate aimlessly. We have eye concrete goals,” Koehler added.
He called for initiating a “road map” which would speed up the Muslim integration process talks.

Second Islam confab ends in Berlin without conrete results By Saeid Najar Nobari

Here an excerpt in German:

Auch eine Studie über die angeblich verzerrende Berichterstattung von ARD und ZDF über den Islam wurde zitiert und den beiden Sendern unterstellt, die schürten „Islam-Angst“. Doch eine Forderung, über die die „Spiegel“-Autoren berichten, lässt aufhorchen: „Sogar straffe Vorgaben für Journalisten deutscher Medien wurden diskutiert. So war auf der Konferenz allen Ernstes von einer 30-prozentigen Quote ‚neutraler oder positiver Berichte‘ über Muslime die Rede.“


The Muslims accused the public channels ARD and ZDF to foment ‘Islam-Angst’ or  Islamophobia. Der Spiegel reports that Muslims seriously demanded ‘at least’ 30 % neutral or positive reporting about Muslims and Islam…

Get your shoes and socks on people, the sharia is just around the corner… 

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  1. Let’s face it, the peaceful ones in Germany won’t be truly happy until the government establishes a Radio Berlin service expounding the glories of Mr. Perfect. They probaly figure the Germans did it once on behalf of Hitler so now it’s their turn to have such a service.

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