The jihad threat arrives in Switzerland


Protests over minarets a few days ago, now the Muslim generals are coming to whip the soldiers of Allah into the right state of mind for the jihad:

‘Allahu akbar’ in the alps. To blow the alphorn or to yodel is ‘haram’- The Swiss won’t be able to be neutral for much longer.

“The Islamist Threat Arrives in Switzerland: The MEMRI Report,” by Steven Stalinsky in the New York Sun with thanks to Jihad Watch


” Salman bin Fahd Al-Odah is a preacher of global influence and is one of the senior figures of the fundamentalist Islamic Wahhabi movement in Saudi Arabia as well as a close associate of Osama bin Laden. He was imprisoned in Saudi Arabia for his extremist ideologies from 1994 until 1999. Even after his imprisonment, he adopts the call to armed struggle against the infidel Western countries in his writings.”
– A report filed by the Ministry of Justice in Switzerland, May 2007

In another sign of the spread of Islam within Europe, last month, Swiss Muslims announced their plan to open “ Europe’s biggest Islamic center” in the capital city of Bern. The center is estimated to cover 84 acres and to cost as much as $66 million to build.

Switzerland seems to be an unlikely locus for a battle over jihadist Islamism, but according to reports, its Muslim citizens, who make up about 5% of the total population, increasingly look to radical Middle East clerics for spiritual guidance. The country is also home to a controversial professor, Tariq Ramadan, whose visa to come to America was revoked by the State Department, and reports indicate there has been a rising tension between Muslims and non-Muslims there. In what could be considered pouring fuel on a fire, two weeks ago, the League of Swiss Muslims invited Sheik Salman bin Fahd Al-Odah of Saudi Arabia to participate in their annual conference.

Hailing from a wealthy Saudi family, Mr. Odah is a noted Islamic scholar who has a wide following among Islamists throughout the world. He was enraged when American troops were based in Saudi Arabia during the first Gulf War and has gone on record supporting jihad against American troops in Iraq.

His stance on the American presence in Saudi Arabia earned him five years in jail there for speaking out against the government — a sentence condemned in Osama bin Laden’s infamous 1996 fatwa against the West. According to reports, copies of Mr. Odah’s sermons have been found in an abandoned Afghanistan home belonging to Mr. bin Laden.

One thought on “The jihad threat arrives in Switzerland”

  1. It would indeed be ironic if something goes down here.

    Switzerland has always been “neutral”.

    However, it is interesting to know they have the highest level of gun ownership in the world. No,it’s not the US – it’s Switzerland.
    Almost evey home has at least one rifle.

    Carmen Bin Laden, ex sister-in-law of OBL used to live there with her wealthy and westernised family before she married into the Bin Laden family. Guess a few others must also.

    After going to Saudi Arabia with her ex-husband she discovered the “pleasures” of living there. She took her daughters and fled to New York!

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