UK: More al-Muhajiiroun Arrests

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More arrests today in the London train bombings. The wife of a jihadi too. All part of the al-Muhajiiroun network.

Al-Muhajiroun is a group which advocates the control of society based on the rule of a Universal Caliphate, and ruled by Islamic law, the sharia. As a member said “we do not seek to coexist with other religions in America, we seek to dominate them”.

“We’d talk about the suffering of the Muslims all over the world,” Butt tells Simon. “We were very well-versed in the Koran, in the verses of the Koran, in the sayings of the Prophet and show that how it was permissible for people to go around killing innocent men, women and children.”

“You would explain to them why it’s permissible to kill innocent men, women and children?” Simon asks.

“Well, a better way to put it is, we would take away the innocence from the person so they were no longer innocent men, women and children,” Butt explains.

“So, men, women and children would become non-innocents?” Simon asks.

“Become non-innocent and hence, combatants and allowed to be targeted,” Butt says. More here

The al- Muhajiroun network is insidious and international. They are here in Queens, New York, Baltimore Maryland and Cherry Hill, New Jersey. The American people should be as familiar with the term al-Muhajiroun as they are with al-qaeda. There were another four busted in the UK, all al-Muhajiroun.  They pose the same mortal threat to us.

More on the Network here (CBS 60 minutes): They could preach hatred, they could recruit followers, they could raise funds, and they could even call for Jihad – Holy war – as long as they didn’t call for attacks on British soil. London became such a safe haven for Muslim militants that it came to be known as “Londonistan.”

“Do you think this was an unspoken deal with the establishment? That, do whatever you want here as long as you don’t blow us up?” Simon asks Butt.

“Absolutely. I believe that sincerely,” Butt tells Simon. “That was an unspoken deal. And as a result of that, what tended to happen is the British government lost count of how many people were going abroad getting trained and coming back and going into operational mode as sleeper cells.”  hat tip Bill Warner


How many more are out there? BBC

Crawley plotters are linked to bomber Mohammed Sidique Khan


Evidence which helped convict the Crawley bombers came from Junaid Babar – a self-confessed terrorist who did a deal after he fell into the hands of the US.

According to his witness statement “Q” sent Mohammed Sidique Khan (MSK) – the leader of the 7/7 bombers – and Omar Khyam – the leader of the Crawley plotters – to Pakistan.

Read it all ……… There is no lack of funds or willing participants and donors here;

He became one of the network’s star fundraisers. Over the next couple of years, he says he raised $300,000.

His biggest contributors? “Doctors. People who were businessmen. Professional people basically who wanted to donate substantial amounts of money,” Butt tells Simon.

Butt says he openly told them he was raising funds for Jihad.

And he says he didn’t just solicit from the professional classes: he also targeted criminals, drug dealers who were told that their activities would be cleansed for a percentage of their earnings.

What kind of percentage?

The drug dealers were told the 20 percent would legitimize them in Islamic eyes and that the rest of their income was, in Butt’s words, “purified.”

“As long as the drugs weren’t being sold to other Muslims. They were being sold to non-Muslims. In fact, we saw it as a tactic of war to keep, you know, one of the people that I sat with said, ‘Well, let’s keep poisoning the non-Muslim community in the West. Let’s feed their addiction,'” Butt adds.

“Twenty percent,” says Butt.

Hassan Butt was a big time recruiter for Al-Muhajiroun, aka “The Network” in the 60 Minutes piece.

Butt parted ways with al-Muhajiroun (itself a breakaway from HT) and its founder Omar Sheikh Bakri because they supported the Islamic idea of a “covenant of security,” by which Muslims in Britain are forbidden from any type of military action in Britain. Butt believed that military action against Britain would be unwise for the practical reason that it would jeopardise the protection “Londonistan” was offering radical Muslims, but he could not tolerate the position that such action was un-Islamic. From Prospect Magazine here

Butt was with the the world’s first al-qaeda supergrass (informant) Mohammed Junaid Babar (whose key testimony lead to the conviction of the London train bombings) of in Pakistan. Hassan Butt, who claims he was a recruiter for Al-Muhajiroun (AM) He (Babar) described what he said was his education at a New York college(St Johns Univ) and his work as an Islamic organizer in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn (Islamic Society of Bay Ridge)and Jamaica, Queens. Particularly when out of Butt’s earshot, he spoke articulately about Islam, about Muslim issues around the world, and about his own political transformation. ‘I’m not a New Yorker,” he said. ”I’m a Muslim.”


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  1. As always, they are Muslims first. Always doing the bidding of their evil god.

  2. Why are there no western crusaders in the assorted Christian Churches willing to defend the West world once again from the
    muhammedan invading hordes? Where is The Roman Church’s brave defender of faith, The Papacy’s Army of Loyal Catholics in all nations to rise up and join the papal Armies to defend Europe and indeed the entire world against Muhammadans determination to destroy us?.
    Where are the brave strong Knights of Olde Christian Churches?
    Where are the brave and noble British Lords ready to defend Christianity and The Holy Christian Anglican Church in England who now as we speak still sit in the House of Lords for a reason?????”?

    It is time for the Knights of the Crusaders monikers, Traditions, and titles to be awakened by Christian Churches ,to fight against islamic invasion and propaganda once more. Time to call for a Crusade against the moslem invaders. Just as King Ferdinand and Queen Isabellah managed to do in Spain so too it is time to evict and deport this infidels back from whence they came.
    The Queen must call as the Head of the Anglican Church for all islamics muhammedans to be expelled from the Christian Centre of Christianity in Europe, The British Realm of Kings and Queens, Dukes and Knights of the Cross, and the proud ancestry and line of brave strong Noblemen to take once again the Titles of the Royal Crusaders and Knights of the Most Holy Christian Cross and defend English Christian nations from the hoardes of illegals Muhammedans etc and expel them forcibly from the land of Europes Christian Nation. We must have christian nations to be returned To Christianity and freed from the peril of Muhammedans.
    Our long histories of constant battles against islam should have woken up the governements of our western decent civilised nations to wake up and read historical accounts of what islam has done to prisoners and anyone they deemed infidels?.
    Your Majesty, Queen Elizabeth you MUSt demand and command as a Royal British Queen and Monarch for the English Nobles and commoners immediately to arise and defend the English nation in her direst hour of need ,and defend the Holy Christian Church, and Britain, from the invasion by Muhammedans.
    Any less of your Majesty will amount to a failure of your Most Holy Vows of Coronation and render you guilty of treason and denial of your Holy Annointing, and a Queen’s Right to Rule.
    England and Australia and all Commonwealth nations has a RIGHT to expect the Monarch to honour a 1900 year yr tradition of Good Reign by those worthy to Rule and to defend England and keep it a Christian Nation by Royal Decree.
    Britian must insist on a Queen whom proves she is fit to protect her nation, and defend Christian Church against the Muhammedans now in The Holy Christian Churches most dire hour of need now.

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