Who supports This?

* Our enemies are the most despicable swine the world has ever known:

Those who brought us 9/11, blow up children in schools, (Beslan/Iraq) Nightclubs in Bali, bomb commuter trains in London and Madrid, blow up theaters in Moscow and bomb buses and markets from Thailand to Kashmir, the brave ‘mujaheddin’ who kidnap and maim, saw heads off innocent victims in front of video camera’s which they then distribute on CD’s and on the net, are the scum of the earth. We cannot negotiate with those who want us death or forcibly converted. We must eradicate them before they annihilate us.

Our ancestors have fought long and hard for our freedom. It is not for us to give it away for misguided, idiotic concepts like ‘political correctness’ or ‘multi-culti diversity’ bullshit. Freedom of expression, freedom of speech, freedom of religion, but even more so FREEDOM from religion is NON- NEGOTIABLE.

While some of our leftie utopians are stuck on stupid and ‘B.U.S.H’ and blame us and our soldiers for civilians killed, they never bother to blame the enemy from hiding among women and children, which is essentially traditional Muhammedan warfare.

Gerard Henderson explains why it matters that no Leftist in Australia, to his knowledge, has denounced the terrorist killings in Iraq:

On January 28, 2004 Green Left Weekly asked Pilger: “Do you think the anti-war movement should be supporting Iraq’s anti-occupation resistance?”

Pilger replied unequivocally: “Yes, I do. We cannot afford to be choosy. While we abhor and condemn the continuing loss of innocent life in Iraq, we have no choice now but to support the resistance for, if the resistance fails, the Bush gang will attack another country. If they succeed, a grievous blow will be suffered by the Bush gang.” 

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Taliban flee battle using children as shields: NATO

The ugliest of tactics in the jihad against a hydroelectric dam. By Terry Friel for Reuters:


KABUL (Reuters) – Taliban fighters used children as human shields to flee heavy fighting this week during an operation by foreign and Afghan forces to clear rebels from around a key hydro-electric dam, NATO said on Wednesday.
The Taliban have used human shields before, but never children, local residents say.
The fighting occurred during Operation Kryptonite on Monday, an offensive to clear insurgents from the Kajaki Dam area in southern Helmand province to allow repairs to its power plants and the installation of extra capacity.
“During this action … Taliban extremists resorted to the use of human shields. Specifically, using local Afghan children to cover as they escaped out of the area,” Colonel Tom Collins, a spokesman for the NATO-led International Security Assistance Force (ISAF), told reporters in Kabul.
The Kajaki Dam fighting was in an area where 700 mainly foreign fighters, including Chechens, Pakistanis and Uzbeks, arrived from Pakistan this week to reinforce Taliban guerrillas.

Nothing special in Pali-land or in Iraq, they do it every day:


And you thought they could not sink lower

Poaching for Bin Laden In the jungles of India

With thanks to Shivas Illustrated PIG

Local animal trappers have a new breed of client: Islamic militants using the trade in rare wildlife to raise funds for their cause. Adrian Levy and Cathy Scott-Clark report from Assam Saturday May 5, 2007
The Guardian

It is so early in the morning that the cooks in the roadside dhabas along India’s National Highway 37 are asleep in their kitchens, their tandoors unlit. Across the valley of Assam, in this far north-easterly corner of India, there is not a flicker of light except the feeble yellow beams from the Gypsies, the open-backed vehicles carrying small groups of tourists to the edge of one of the world’s most bountiful jungles.
Kaziranga – 429 sq km of forest, sandbanks and grassland – was recognised by Unesco in 1985 as a world heritage site. Tourists come in their thousands to glimpse some of the 480 species of bird, 34 kinds of mammal and 42 varieties of fish, many rare, endangered or near extinct, that inhabit this remote jungle.
In recent times, however, the wildlife has attracted a new kind of visitor. According to India’s security services, police, intelligence analysts, local traders and forestry officials, Islamic militants affiliated to al-Qaida are sponsoring poaching in the reserve for profit. These groups have established bases in the formerly moderate enclave of Bangladesh and have agents operating all along the country’s porous 2,500-mile border with India. They have gone into business with local animal trappers and organised crime syndicates around Kaziranga – as well as in parks and reserves in Nepal, Burma and Thailand – in a quest for horns, ivory, pelts and other animal products with which to raise “under the wire” funds that they can move around the world invisibly.


A small rhino horn, the size of a bag of sugar, with good provenance (the beast’s tail and ears, presented to a prospective buyer) and in the right marketplace (in Asia, Europe or North America), can fetch £20,000. Big cat pelts can go for up to £10,000. Monkey brains, bear bile, musk, big cat carcasses, elephant feet, tails, horns and teeth have considerable value. A shipment worth £2.8m was recently intercepted by UK customs. Profits from the trade run from $15bn to an incredible $25bn a year, according to estimates from the WWF (formerly the World Wide Fund for Nature). The punishment for trading in these items is generally a fine as low as £300 in India and £900 in Nepal.
A senior Indian security source, based in the north-east, who has tracked the incursion into the trade by Bangladeshi militants, warns that the poaching has global consequences. “There is an environmental disaster in the offing here, but as pressing are the security ramifications,” he says. “Only a minuscule percentage of the vast profits need to trickle back into a nascent Islamic insurgency in a country like Bangladesh to bring it to the boil. And then it can reach out around the world.” murdered_rhino_02.jpg

One has only to tour Kaziranga, or any of the outlying parks in Assam or Nepal, to understand why. Dawn breaks as our convoy of Gypsies reaches the park. The rangers whisper urgently, “Gorh”, the local word for rhinoceros. Metres away, eight rhino are lumbering through the rich alluvial mud, showing off their prized uni-horn. There are more than 2,000 of these short-sighted beasts here, making up three-quarters of the global stock of one of the rarest pachyderms in the world. Beside them are scores of swamp deer coloured like the scrub. A group of wild buffalo, whose colossal horns have the span of a longboat oar, plod by, as does a troop of elephants, their tusks glinting in the purple dawn. Somewhere in the long grass, which rises in clumps like a castle keep, are more Royal Bengal tigers per square kilometre than in any other stretch of jungle in the world – broken down into their constituent parts, each is worth as much as a bespoke Italian racing car.


One man says, “We are for hire. We can trap and shoot, but when the summer rain comes, the river breaks its banks and the animals float to us.” Another adds, “We patrol the park’s border, too; when the animals wander out, we are there.” He pulls from his pocket an unidentifiable animal claw.
These sand bar dwellers at the start of the tangled enterprise know far more about the intricacies of the business than the authorities told us they would. They draw trafficking routes in the sand, explaining how the trade is coordinated by agents across Assam. A villager places stones on the sand-map to mark the towns. “Golaghat, Tezpur, Kamrup, Nagaon, these are the main places for agents.” They answer to a boss based in Dimapur, one of the richest cities in the neighbouring state of Nagaland, with a highway that runs into Burma and rail links to New Delhi and Calcutta . “But everything tends to collect and move through Siliguri,” a villager says, identifying a chaotic city in West Bengal which is also a springboard into the Himalayan kingdoms of Nepal and Bhutan


A trader with an import-export company near to the India-Bangladesh border explains: “They came to us because we are the same as them,” he says. “The hauliers and money men behind the wildlife trade are of Bangladeshi origin. The poachers, too. All of us can move freely over the border. We look right. Talk the same. They wanted in. Small, valuable commodities – horn, teeth, pelts – fetch incredible prices and are easy to conceal among legitimate export goods. Also, something truly valuable can be used to borrow against, to secure a line of credit.”


Boro is an awkward man. He does not drink or get stoned when all around him do. He believes in straight talking. “We cannot stop but it is difficult sometimes to go on. We are up against it. This is hard, hard work. We have to be merciless. This is a war for survival.”
He pulls from a cabinet a photo album. On the first page is a picture of a corpse splattered by shotgun fire. “I killed this man as he prepared to stake out a rhino.” He turns the pages and points to another corpse, its entrails dangling like ship’s bunting. “I killed this one, too, as he sawed at a rhino’s horn.” There are scores more photographs picturing the dead laid out like mackerel.
We ask him about the new jihadi component in the trade. “We hear things but we have no hard facts. The rhino horns are used to buy guns and bombs, we are told. The guys we catch, what can they tell us? The colour of the shirt worn by the guy who paid them off.”
In December, Boro’s men tracked a gang of poachers to their tents. They had fled but left behind a new, modern tranquilliser gun and darts. “They used to shoot at rhinos, but the crack of the bullet is a problem as it carries far and we will hear. Some place poison. Others pull down power lines and try to electrocute the animals. However, recently they have come here with silencers. We are finding increasingly sophisticated weapons.”

The above are just excerpts from Shiva’s excellent

Illustrated PIG’ – read it all…

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  1. I’d recommend using leftists as human shields except they lack intelligence to qualify as such.

    Wipe out all jihadists-regardless of age or gender. If you’re old enough to fire a gun, make a bomb or wield a knife then you are fair game. And someone should work on a cure for mindless leftism-the cause of Western civilization’s decline and probable fall. It is a worse scourge to humanity than even Islam.

  2. I am feeling despair at times and how much worse it must be for you Sheikyermami who has to paddle constantly in this sh*t in order to try to open the eyes of people who don’t bother to be informed.
    The apologists for islam who spout constantly about integration, multiculturalism etcetc, and who persist in the idea that it is our duty to protect people from themselves should be treated as the subversives they are and prosecuted for treason. These people are doing as much, if not more, to propagate islamism in our midst.
    I don’t much like George W but I support America. I don’t much like the method but it’s better than no method at all.
    The time is fast approaching when the west will have to rise up and forcibly eject islamists and apologists alike to save civilization.
    The sooner it happens the better.

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