The Creation of Eurabia and the Muslim Invasion

From Reuters:
A call for descendents of Muslims expelled from Spain in the seventeenth century to be given preferential terms for Spanish citizenship has highlighted the country’s uneasy relationship with its Islamic heritage.


How thoroughly has Spain caved in, in the face of Islamic terror attacks and threats to reconquer “Andalusia?”

So thoroughly that the government is actually considering a proposal to give special preference for Spanish citizenship to the descendants of the Muslim invaders.

And notice how Reuters blithely promotes the Islamic view of the Reconquista, ignoring the jihad and invasion, and summing the history up with the ludicrous statement that King Philip III simply expelled 300,000 people, apparently for no reason.


The proposal was made at a meeting this week in Cordoba, a city in Andalusia which was the centre of Islamic civilization in the Iberian peninsula during nearly eight centuries of Moorish rule of much of what is now Spain and Portugal.

In 1609, Spain’s King Philip III ordered all Muslims to leave his kingdom, leading to the expulsion of about 300,000 people. Their descendents today mainly live in North Africa and still regard themselves as “Andalusians”, after the old name for Muslim Spain — “Al Andalus”

Giving them preferential terms for Spanish citizenship would be an act of symbolic reconciliation, said Mansur Escudero, head of Spain’s Islamic Board, the biggest group representing Spanish Muslims.

The Andalusians who live in North Africa, most of them in Morocco, in Tunisia, in Libya, they’re part of those societies and aren’t going to want to come to Spain,” Escudero said.

“It would be more of an emotional, moral gesture, a recognition of an historic injustice,” he told Reuters, adding that some “Andalusian” families still preserved keys to houses they left behind four centuries ago.

Sephardic Jews, whose ancestors were expelled from Spain in 1492, already have a special right to obtain Spanish citizenship after two years legal residence in Spain, a privilege also available to citizens of Spain’s former colonies.

A small left-wing party, Izquierda Unida, has backed the call for preferential citizenship for descendents of Spanish Muslims. The governing Socialists, who have promoted an “Alliance of Civilizations” between the West and Islam, have yet to give their response, Escudero said.

But many Spaniards, particularly Catholic conservatives, fret about Muslim assertiveness, especially now that immigration has given the country a significant Muslim population — about one million — for the first time in 400 years.

The Madrid train bombings, blamed on a group linked to al Qaeda, which killed 192 people in 2004, have deepened suspicions about Islam in sectors of the Spanish political right.

Former Prime Minister Jose Maria Aznar, a member of the conservative Popular Party, last year called for Muslims to apologise for invading Spain in the eighth century.

The Popular Party’s current foreign affairs spokesman, Gustavo de Arestegui, has also published a book whose subtitle is: “The obsession with reconquering Al Andalus.”


Andalusian Myth, Eurabian Reality

Inventing the past, and denying the present. A Jihad Watch EXCLUSIVE essay by Bat Ye’or and Andrew G. Bostom: Absolute must read!

And another look at the inquisition


Spanish Communist leader to convert to Islam?

Socialists, Communists, Anarchists, Nazis: The attraction of Islam, another totalitarian system, seems irresistible. Here we have more proof from a Spanish blogger:

Gaspar Llamazares, general coordinator of United Left, has been living for some months in a spiritual crossroad that can lead him to convert to Islam, as has declared to Alerta Digital, the MP and president from the Commission of Spanish-Moroccan Friendship in the Parliament of Rabat, Yahia Yahia, one of the politicians of the neighbouring Kingdon who has better contacts with the Spanish MPs. It seems that Llamazares’ conversion has been one of the best guarded secrets in his entourage. Yahia commented to our newspaper that, according to his informations, Llamazares has been lectured throughout some months by one of the main authorities of the Islamic religion in Spain. According to the same sources, during some months, with expert teachings, Llamazares has been studying and meditating on the Koram and other various religious treaties that “could had driven him to find the inner peace that all human beings are searching for”. “It’s very normal”, he continues, “that a lot of European Communists end coverting themseleves to the Muslim faith”. He also comments an important percentage: 70% of the Spanish citizens who converted into Islam in the last 15 years come from organisations belonging to the radical left or to anti-system groups.

Read it all..

“Don´t worry. We will liberate you from the western corruption”

Aristegui, expert on Islam: “In Europe a new generation of radicals is being formed”

“20 to 30 percent of the believers of Islam have a certain degree of sympathy with jihadi theses”. Gustavo de Aristegui.


Gustavo de Aristegui is a former member of the Spanish Parliament and he was a confidant of Spanish Prime Minister Jose Maria Aznar. He is a frequent lecturer on the Arab world, the Middle East and the issue of terrorism. Aristegui is viewed as a leading analyst on militant Islam.

Last Friday Aristegui held a conference in Oviedo, capital of the provence of Asturias, located in northern Spain.

I´ve translated this article published Saturday by the spanish newspaper La Nueva España.

Aristegui: “In Europe a new generation of radicals is being formed”

“After my father had been kidnapped by Shiite radicals we went to see him in Lebanon. There I started a conversation with a person who asked me where I was from. When responding Spain, he mentioned al-Andalus. He said something to me that I will never forget: “Don´t worry. We will liberate you from the western corruption”. Then I realized that we had a serious problem”. This story, told by the director of Citizen Tribune Javier Gámez, happend twenty years ago to the deputy of the PP (spanish People´s Party), diplomat and expert on Islamic issues Gustavo de Arístegui, who offered yesterday (Friday) a conference in the Asturian Press Association of “La Nueva España” under the title “Islam´s relation with the West: past, present and future”.


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  1. Cultural suicide is a phenomena that must not be tolerated. Why aren’t the people of Spain rising up against these dhimmis who want to destroy their country?

  2. “The governing Socialists, who have promoted an “Alliance of Civilizations” between the West and Islam …”

    The “Alliance of Civilizations” (in English & Arabic) at http://www.unaoc.org is yet another attempt to destroy the West from within, with us getting “education” (diversity / sensitivity training?) and Muslims getting whatever they want, including migration into Dar al-Harbourtown.

    (Education, the media, youth and migration are at the heart of a two-year plan to bridge the divide between Islam and the West that was presented today to Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon by the United Nations envoy heading the global campaign on the issue, known as the “Alliance of Civilizations.”)

    SHARIA – Sew Hatred And Reap In Abundance

  3. What’s with the keys? We have Palestinians with their keys displayed annually and now the “Andalusians” with their keys. I don’t get it. I can’t avoid losing something that small for a week, let alone several centuries. Are we supposed to believe this?

  4. Not all Spanish people are for this kind of idiocy. Among other reasons, there are no reliable sources to discover who are the legal descendants of those people.
    Of course, they also don’t say that the reason why Muslims were expelled was because Spanish spies of the XVIIth century had discovered the Ottoman Sultan was sending money and weapons to the “Muslim resistance” to reconquer Spain. So it was a security measure: Spanish people of the time weren’t in fact in favour of submitting back then.
    Situation now? Considering the treatment Spanish MSM give to Islamists, we are revolutionaries. MSM are just kissing the asses of these thugs. Political parties are not better -except Gustavo de Arístegui, who has been threatened to death by the writing of these words-. There are rumours that the director of United Left has converted into Islam. If you want I send you the link.
    I’m going to link you in my blog.

  5. Agree with all previous posts. Well said.

    Why, oh why does the left, in their desire to embrace Islam tolerate the intolerable? When are they going to wake up and see it is not a reciprocal act of Tolerance? Time and Time again, as it has been revealed In France, Germany and Britain that Imams promote hating the local indigenous Western population not intergrating with the local culture.

    As mentioned previously, I too wonder does this mean, that when the EU let’s Turkey in, that the left will seek to promote an “Alliance of Civilization” by seeking to have Hagia Sophia in Constantinople reverted back to a Christian Church? Somehow, I think not.

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