A Debate We Have To Have

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There you go: Who said that two females are only worth half of a man?


A single Janet Albrechtsen proves that she can take down most of the leftards and half-assed girlie-men from the PC-right with one shot from the hip:

The West is now well versed in this Muslim drama. First act: enter Muslims claiming hurt feelings. Second act: enter Muslims issuing a death-to-Western-heathens diktat. Cue Pakistan’s Religious Affairs Minister Mohammed Ijaz-ul-Haq: “If someone exploded a bomb on his body he would be right to do so unless the British Government apologises and withdraws the sir title.” Meanwhile, Pakistani students burned effigies of the Queen and Rushdie chanting “kill him, kill him”.

It’s a routine that travels. Iranian leaders wept tears, claiming it was a clear sign of Islamophobia. Honouring a hated apostate would hurt the feelings of the Islamic community, said the foreign ministry spokesman Mohammed Ali Hosseini. The Headquarters for Honouring the Martyrs of Islam World Movement increased the bounty on Rushdie’s head.

There’s no point in arguing with a country complaining about hurt feelings while it promises to wipe out Israel or with its citizens who want to “bestow kisses on the hands of whomsoever is able to execute this apostate”. But it’s worth checking whether the protagonist in the third act of this horror play will stick to the script. That’s where the West capitulates, apologising for Western values in the name of protecting Muslim sensibilities. Values such as freedom of speech: the right to voice opinions that are offensive. And freedom of religion: the right to disagree without copping a fatwa.

In 2004, after Dutch filmmaker Theo Van Gogh was murdered for his movie, Submission, artist Chris Ripke reacted by painting a mural on a wall. It featured a dove (representing peace) with the words “thou shalt not kill” written in Dutch. The head of a nearby mosque complained to Rotterdam police that the mural was offensive and racist. Rotterdam police duly sent in city workers to remove the mural. When a message of peace is regarded as racist, you know Western values are just not what they used to be.

Last year when Muslims were offended by a bunch of silly Danish cartoons featuring the prophet Mohammed, some Muslims reacted by burning the Danish flag to the tune of bomb threats, boycotts and $14 million fatwas on the head of the cartoonists. The intimidation worked. Western leaders fell over themselves in the race to condemn the cartoons. Muslim feelings had to be spared such hurt. Many Most newspapers refused to publish the cartoons. A French editor was sacked for publishing them. The wankers from the Australian argued publishing them would add nothing to the debate.

With another chapter of Muslim intimidation unfolding over Rushdie’s gong, it is becoming increasingly clear this is a debate we have to have. Not only with Muslim countries. But also with those living in the West who openly reject Western values.

Read it all, its a good one…!

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  1. That’s a great piece, Sheik!

    The woman gets it. Shame there are not more like her. She has really nailed it.
    Disappointing to see some of the posts: the “moral equivalence”, the really “bad things” the west has done to islamic countries as if they have been angels all their lives. It was pretty easy to pick the muslim posters with their so-very-Aussie names.

    Good to read some balancing posts as well.

  2. To be honest.. if I were a Free Western woman enjoying all the rights of a Free and Equal Citizen as no women ever have until the last few decades.. I’d be making a WHOLE LOT OF NOISE regarding this encroaching misogynist fascism called islam!

    Western Men have in fact way less to lose [besides our dignity and our principles] should we decide to say ‘screw this futile resistance’ and give in or even pretend that we do.

    The less attractive among us might even stand to gain sexually by such a move.

    islam promises power over women, after all. Any man who “makes the bargain” gains instant status as a member of the “umma” and thus access to women who more often than not would choose another for their mate if given the freedom of choice in the matter.

    So the lure of islam is not merely the promised virgins in the afterlife but also the access to multiple women via polygamy and conquest of “infidels” as promised by islamic scripture.

    So if I was a Western Woman I’d do ALL my BEST to support the Western Men who have the Principle and the Fortitude to STAND UP and INSIST that [not only “our”] Women’s Rights are non-negotiable.

    Sadly, there are way too many “feminists” and lesbians like Rosie O’Donnel who daily undermine these efforts.

    In Rosie’s case I know that not even the beastliest jihadist would deign to touch her – thus she is ‘safe’. But even she should consider the potential fate of her more graceful and attractive should Western countries fall prey to the rule of islam.

    Or is this her Final Revenge upon those whom she secrectly sees as unfairly blessed by an unfair God?

    Kind of parallel to the resentment Salieri felt vis-a-vis the divinely blessed Amadeus Mozart?

    Isn’t it enough for Rosi and her ilk to attain the positions and the financial fortune they have been blessed to gain that they would still resent the seemingly completely capricious nature of the endowment of natural physical attraction among not only women – but also among men?

    Do these people not have the capacity to look inward and realize that we are all created in the Image of God and that God holds us all equal as his Creation?

    I do not think that God wants us to resent nor to ridicule His Creation.

    Maybe those among us who aren’t as blessed as some of those me may resent have been deemed to be stronger and as such should be looked upon to realize God’s plan and His Will.. to think about why and so on…

    I am not religious but this is how I view how and why we are given what we are given in this life.

    We are meant to deal with it and not to take it out on others whom we are not meant to be resentful of since they, too have been created by the same Creator.. whoever She or He may be.

    If this or that person we may resent did not exist.. would that really change OUR own life?

    If indeed there is a God – and even if there isn’t – We should look inside ourselves and keep from doing undue harm to those who truly mean us none of the same.

    All Western Women are threatened by islam even worse than Western Men and I think it’s time that “our” Women begin to “have our goddamn BACKS”!!!

    Women everywhere – no matter their situation – have even more to lose than we do should we ever come under the cruel yoke of islam!

    I am not taking joy in this logical and accurate description of the situation, but I am dismayed that so many women simply REFUSE to FACE THESE FACTS!!!

    There are many who continue to see Men.. especially Western White Men as this unreasonable enemy who stands in the way of God/dess I don’t KNOW WHAT!!!

    We are on YOUR side, dammit!!!

    Now it’s time more of you got on OURS!!!

    Most us us don’t care if you are Lesbians or whatnot.. we are simply fed up as being undermined as some kind of an enemy when we are anything BUT!!!

    Same way I am asking for some among us to QUIT and STOP the anti-gay rhetoric and so on..

    All of us.. and NONE of us can afford to continue to hate and undermine one another in the face of that which is to come..

    Aren’t we all Family somehow? Doesn’t even Dick Cheney have a gay daughter which made him disagree with his Master George Bush and the Republican Party line on certain issues?

    We ALL need to open our minds to the needs and the ideas of OUR OWN people[s] and act accordingly from now on.

    We simply MUST mature and begin to take the deadly threat we all face extremely seriously.

    This is not a game. This is a threat infinitely greater than anything, including Nazism, Fascism and Communism, that the entire World has ever faced.

    We simply cannot afford to continue to allow ourselves to be divided as we have been in the past.

    Our enemies smell the blood of our uncertainty and indecision and are fast closing ranks and so must we!

  3. Let’s hope that voices like Janet Albrechtsen get louder and louder and drown out the apologists.

  4. Mark Steyn’s thoughts …

    “I told my London friends that I had to hand it to Tony Blair’s advisors: What easier way for the toothless old British lion, after the humiliations inflicted upon the Royal Navy sailors by their Iranian kidnappers, to show you’re still a player than by knighting Salman Rushdie for his “services to literature”? Given that his principal service to literature has been to introduce the word “fatwa” to the English language, one assumed that some characteristically cynical British civil servant had waved the knighthood through as a relatively cheap way of flipping the finger to the mullahs.

    But no. It seems Her Majesty’s Government in London was taken entirely by surprise by the scenes of burning Union Jacks on the evening news.”


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