“All those who are not Muslims are Satan”

* This from a Montreal Muslim who killed his ex-Muslim brother. But make no mistake, the nutroots will not take it on board, you will merely get remarks like ‘he was mentally unstable’ – or ‘ there are radical, fundamentalist Christians also’- and of course the all time howler ‘all religions are equally bad’…

He killed his brother for leaving Islam. Najib Bellari Update: a translation of this French article by Jihad Watch reader Marc:

Bellari now wants a lawyer

David Santerre

Le Journal de Montréal

As the trial is leading towards closure, Najib Bellari, who is defending himself without a lawyer from accusations of killing his brother El-Medhi because, among other reasons, his brother had chosen to leave Islam, has unexpectedly requested a lawyer.

He made this request after hearing the plea from the Crown prosecutor Me. Éliane Perreault, who literally shattered to pieces his version of the crime, in which he acted in self-defense. This led to an adjournment of the proceedings presided over by Judge Marc David.

Testifying in his own defense Monday, Bellari said he had no choice but to kill his brother, who paid him a visit while on the job at Basha, the restaurant where he was working as a dishwasher, on Sainte-Catherine street in Montreal. Bellari said his brother told him: “‘Najib, come with me, I have to talk to you.’ I shouted at him: ‘Get out of here!,'” the 36-year-old defendant said.

A knife

When his brother insisted, Najib said, he took a chef’s knife and pointed it toward his brother.

“But he moved back and held a chair over his head, as if he was going to hit me. I protected myself and struck him with the knife,” he reported.

“I was in a state of self-defense. I had no choice but to kill my brother. I was working peacefully and he came to provoke me. It’s destiny,” he added.

There was not a shadow of a self-defense in Me. Perreault’s version.

“His brother was not the assailant. He was moving back. He did not advance towards him. All the witnesses said that Mr. Bellari (the victim) did not have a chair in his hands when he was stabbed,” she said.

She also had to address the concerns of the judge, who suggested on several occasions during the court proceedings that perhaps the accused did not have all his mental capacities at the time. According to the Crown’s attorney Me. Perreault, Bellari gave the clearest of explanations to address this concern at the time of his testimony.

“All those who are not Muslims are Satan,” affirmed the accused.

“The last time I saw him, I had asked: ‘Do you believe in God? (Allah). Are you a Muslim?’ He answered no, he did not believe any more. This is very serious,” he explained.

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  1. Hi,

    Well, like you said “But make no mistake, the nutroots will not take it on board, you will merely get remarks like ‘he was mentally unstable’… I was expecting that also…

    And here is the proof. The consequences of Bellari not being a nut case are very problematic… It implicates quite a few things one being the ideological mind set that condones this type of Crime totally supported and endorsed by Sharia Law, the Koran and the Hadiths…

    Remember, he would be free in most Sharia based legal systems !

    Rough translation, Feel free to edit – And if you speak French, here is new site that exposes this type of issues in Quebec and Canada:
    http://www.pointdebasculecanada.ca Go say hello !

    Friday June 22nd 2007
    God’s Fool or just Insane ? (Fou de Dieu ou fou tout court?)


    Christiane Desjardins

    Could the strange attitude of Najib Bellari be due to a psychiatric disorder or is it the result of cultural differences exacerbated by his rigid religious Muslim belief ? After confusing the court, the 36 year old man, accused of killing his brother with a knife, is also a headache for the experts of the Philippe-Pinel Institute, where he was sent to undergo an evaluation.

    There, we medicated Bellari in the hope to make him react. Yesterday, it was decided to cease medication with the same goal. “The recipy, I don’t have it. The important thing is observation “, admitted the psychiatrist John Wolwertz, yesterday, while he requested that judge Marc David grant another 30 days to further examine the defendant. Earlier this week, Dr. Wolwertz admitted that in his first report, which concluded that the defendant was inapt to undergo his trial, could be erroneous. Dr. Wolwertz and his team at the Institute, only had five days to evaluate the defendant. And since he kept to himself and mute, it complicated the evaluation. And those working on his case at the Institute did not have all the information in hand, and the details of the court proceedings during the trial.

    It seemed Bellari did understand what occurred during his trial, he even testified with assurance and balance on grounds which “obliged him” to kill his brother Lmehdi. At the time when the Crown prosecutor completed the plea, Bellari suddenly requested a lawyer, where as before he obstinately refused to have one. After that, he fell in a state that was almost like catatonic. After the medication we gave him, Bellari seems to slightly have left his lethargy. Monday evening, when Dr. Wolwertz went to see him in his room at the Institute, the defendant told him three words: “Leave me alone.”

    Yesterday, psychiatrist affirmed that Bellari understands what he is accused of. It does not mean however that he is apt, added the expert. We also learned that in the days around his “disorganization” last week, while he was still in the Rivière-des-Prairies prison, Bellari harassed his fellow-prisoners in order to get them involved in a “religious war”.

    Those who interacted with Bellari before the crime, described him as a radical Muslim who knew the verses of the Koran by heart, especially those which, according to his interpretation, speak about revenge. Bellari did not hide that he reproached his elder brother Lmehdi for having questioned his Muslim faith. “All those who are not Muslim are Satans”, said Bellari. But religious motivations do not automatically imply madness. “Those who crashed into the twin towers were not insane”, the Crown prosecutor Éliane Perreault said during the trial. Dr. Wolwertz pretty much said the same thing, yesterday.

    So, a God’s fool, Bellari, or just insane? (translated from a French play of word) The answer will be heavy in consequences for him. If he is a God’s fool, then he is not insane and can continue his trial under the charges of non premeditated murder. If he is insane, either because he is suffering from a psychosis, schizophrenia or another thing, he will undoubtedly be discharged due to mental disorders. If we believed he was apt at the time of the crime, and he became inapt since, and he could also have his faculties back in the future, we may actually report his trial. This is not a simple matter.
    Bellari will return in court at the end of his evaluation next July 31st. Let us recall the event: The crime occurred on October 23, 2005, in Basha, a restaurant on Sainte-Catherine street, Montreal where Najib worked as a dishwasher. The brother, who was calm, relaxed and smiling, wanted to speak with Najib. Furious of his visit, he requested that he leaves, then killed him with one single blow of knife in the neck, in front of the customers and the employees.

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