And Now Something that Really Matters:


Sorry folks, but the global jihad is just not important enough. From now on we have decided to pay attention to what REALLY matters in todays world:

Paris Hilton Gets Out of Jail for Medical Reasons

By Steve Gorman

LOS ANGELES (Reuters) – Hotel heiress Paris Hilton was released from jail on Thursday for medical reasons after serving just three days of a three-week term, but was confined to her home with an electronic ankle bracelet for 40 days.

Steve Whitmore of the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s office declined to specify the medical issue that led to her “reassignment” or say why she could not be treated in jail.

The 26-year-old hotel Hilton Hotel heiress and star of reality television show “The Simple Life” turned herself in late on Sunday night to begin a jail term for violating her probation in an alcohol-related reckless driving case.

Citing sources close to Hilton’s family, the syndicated TV show “Entertainment Tonight” reported on its Web site that the health problem was a rash that she developed on her body.

Los Angeles County detention facilities, like many jails around the country, are known to have problems controlling outbreaks of staphylococcus infections, which can cause rashes, but Whitmore said staph was not an issue in Hilton’s case.

Whitmore said only that Hilton’s move was done after extensive consultation among various parties involved, including the sentencing judge and the sheriff.

Hilton, a symbol of privilege and American celebrity culture whose great-grandfather, Conrad, started the global Hilton Hotel empire, was taken to her house in the Hollywood Hills early on Thursday morning, Whitmore said.

Hilton was originally sentenced to 45 days in jail. But her jail term was effectively cut to just 23 days under state sentencing guidelines that give inmates one day’s credit for each day of incarceration.

Hilton began her short-lived jail stay just hours after attending the MTV Movie Awards near Hollywood, where she was the butt of comedians’ jokes.


Under the home-confinement order, her sentence was increased back to 45 days, but Whitmore said she would be credited with five days incarceration, including Sunday and Thursday, even though she actually only spent three full days in jail.

Read it all. Its important. It will change your life…


Hilton sent back to jail in hysterics 

LOS ANGELES – Paris Hilton was sent screaming and crying back to jail Friday after a judge ruled that she must serve out her sentence behind bars rather than in the comfort of her Hollywood Hills home.

“It’s not right!” shouted Hilton, who violated her probation in a reckless driving case. “Mom!” she cried out to her mother.

Poor thing. Read it all… 

But why stop there? There is always more:

Friday night Diamond Dave

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  1. I noticed this was the lead story on O’reilly, with an in-depth panel discussion.

    We are soooo gonna be conquered.

  2. Look on the bright side, ten years from now Paris will be hauled off to the city square and stoned to death…
    Yes I know, bad form…

  3. I watched the news before coming to work. The Judge sent her back to jail, because he was never consulted.

    Weanwhile, the southern border was over run by, well know one knows. The State Department must be watching Hilton with POTUS. They sure do not give a bloody hell about this country.

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