Another Monumental Condi-Bush F*kkup


Hamas gunmen at the desk of “Palestinian President” Mahmoud Abbas inside Abbas’ personal office after it was taken over by Hamas in fighting in Gaza City, Friday, June 15, 2007. (Photo: AP Photo/Hatem Moussa)

Tammy Bruce:

Just this past April, Condi and the geniuses in Congress thought it would be a grand idea to send $60 million dollars to terrorist group Fatah so the “president” of the so-called Palestinians could improve his security structure. That’s now got to be the joke of the year. How long did it take Hamas to destroy Fatah and take over the entire Gaza Strip? 48 hours? I noted my disgust at this insane act by Congress back in April, with the post, Congress Funds Terrorists But Not Our Own Troops.

So, the geniuses in Washington decided that pouring $60 mil down the terror hole would make some sort of a difference. Well, it will now. Hamas will be able to kill more Jews than ever before. This is also another glaring indication of the absolute failure of any reliable international intelligence we have on anything going on in the Middle East. We approved and sent this money just two months prior to the complete route of Arafat’s terrorist Fatah group by Iran’s terrorist Hamas group. We had no clue, 8 weeks prior, that such a violent and complete takeover was being planned and would be implemented.

We can pretty much guess that millions in cash went into the pockets of various Fatah “officials” (including top terrorist Abbas) and the rest, a cash and weapons treasure-trove, is now securely in the hands of one of the world’s most vicious terrorist death squads.

Great effing work Condi and Georgie! Great effing work.

Today, LGF also notes the weapons windfall for Hamas in their takeover of that strip if land so generously given to them by Israel. A strip of land used, since day one, for nothing more than terrorist operations not only against Israel, but against all of humanity.

Now, in their masks displaying automatic weapons and RPGs, these snakes sit next to Israel and await their next orders from Iran. Which will be funded and implemented with American tax dollars.

And what is the Bush Admin response to the complete collapse of the Abbas/Fatah “government”? Throw more American tax dollars at it.

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  1. also noted the intelligence bonanza handed to hamas when they took control of decades worth of fatah / PLO intelligence files, including records of arafats dealings with western governments, lists of palestinian informants etc. The outgoing fatah apparantly made no effort to destroy any of it.

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