Ayaan Hirsi Ali: ‘Abolish Muslim Schools in Australia’


Ilya Gridneff/The Daily Telegraph gives us the usual ‘outspoken’ and ‘controversial’ BS -labels on the double:

MUSLIM schools in Australia should be abolished, a controversial Somali-born writer told the Sydney’s Writers Festival last night.

Amid intense security and the police riot and public order squad, Ayaan Hirsi Ali received a standing ovation from a full house at the Sydney Recital Hall after speaking on the importance of Western values influencing Islamic thought.
Her calls for reforming Islam along with collaborations with assassinated Dutch film-maker Theo van Gogh has made her a leading voice in the debate on Islam.

It has also made her need 24-hour security.

* Hmmm, wonder why that is? Will Iliya Griffith tell us?

“I don’t hate Muslims but I detest the submission of the free will,” she said last night.

Calling for Islam to accept and not be above criticism, she asked the audience to consider the need for separate Muslim schools in Australia.

“Australians’ must ask why there is need for Saudi Arabian financed Muslim schools? Young people should be groomed to be Australians first, to see their nationality first not religion,” she said.

The distinguished author who fled Somalia to The Netherlands, became a member of Parliament and now lives in the US.

Her speech outlined her evolution of thinking, from denouncing Salman Rushdie to reading forbidden texts.

* Great report, Iliya!

We need more reporters like you, effectively saying nothing about the RoP- but how would you know? Who ever did educate you about the cult of Islam? 

Watch out where the huskies go and don’t you eat that yellow snow…


Meanwhile in Holland, the far left nutroots who got rid of Ali Hirsi continue to shoot themselves in the foot:

Dutch political party, fearing it will lose Muslim votes, tries to muzzle party member who is working to protect Muslim apostates

Who cares about human rights if it will mean losing votes? “PvdA Tries to Muzzle Muslim Apostate,” from NIS News, with thanks to Fjordman:

THE HAGUE, 05/06/07 – Labour (PvdA) has been trying to muzzle a young PvdA member who is fighting for the rights and safety of Muslim apostates. An internal memo shows that the party fears the campaign of Ehsan Jami will cause it electoral damage and enrage Muslims.
Jami announced in May he was setting up a Committee for Ex-Muslims. The committee wants to break the taboo on lapsing from the Islamic faith. The 22 year old Jami, himself an apostate of Islam, says many Muslims do not dare to renounce Islam for fear of reprisals, including death.

Jami, who is a PvdA council member in the town of Leidschendam-Voorburg, will launch the committee officially in September with an international press conference. He says he has already had hundreds of e-mails from Muslims from throughout the world who support him. But his own PvdA is trying to muzzle him, it emerges from internal correspondence obtained by newspaper NRC Handelsblad.

‘Progressive’ filmmaker Eddy Terstall, who is active on behalf of the PvdA behind the scenes, spoke with Jami on behalf of the party. An e-mail in which he reported to PvdA MPs and ministers last week on this meeting leaked to NRC Handelsblad….

The e-mail reveals an attempt to manipulate Jami on 11 points. Terstal advised him to “choose his words more carefully” and take into account the fact that his message could go down badly with the PvdA’s big immigrant following. Terstall concluded with the message that he is prepared to “guide” Jami further.

Jami is supported by philosopher and political commentator Afshin Ellian. NRC Handelsblad quoted MP Wolfsen as saying that Ellian has “a very anti-Islam agenda.” But apart from Ellian, who is an Irani refugee, Jami is “almost exclusively surrounding himself with whites”, which is unwise, Terstal’s email states.

Read it all…

6 thoughts on “Ayaan Hirsi Ali: ‘Abolish Muslim Schools in Australia’”

  1. Ayaan Ali Hiris comes here and tells us we should shut down Muslim Schools. Really? and just how are we to do that? That a section of the community agree was evidenced by the standing ovation but what’s the good of saying these things when it can’t be done. I have written many, many emails to politicians on my concerns about Islam, immmigration etc but only 2 have answered me (tothank me for my concerns) and the others haven’t opened the emails! How do we change things then when we can’t even reach our politicians/policy makers?

  2. Jenny,

    I think we just need to work like any other lobby group, or political party. Get out there and educate the masses until the point where there is “clarity and resolve”. Australia has to have The Muslim Debate before the population can act on it.

    In 1989 David Suzuki interviewed Al Gore, the former American Vice
    President. David later reported ..

    “I was profoundly influenced by what he said, namely this:

    ‘If you want real change, don’t look to politicians like me (Gore) for
    leadership. You must sell your ideas to the grass roots; empower them
    with a vision and the means to achieve it. When the public really
    understands it and demands it, we politicians will fall all over
    ourselves to climb on board.'”

    There’s a lot of information on The Musilm Problem out there on blogs & websites, but it is too much for folk to wade through and is not yet compelling people to act. The topic is still vague in peoples’ heads.

    And Fjordman says:

    “… a leader must convince his people that their cause is just. You cannot persuade your people to make exertions if they do not understand what they are up against. Thus the burden of ideological warfare falls on groups like FFI.”

    Until there is a groundswell of support, politicians will ignore letters from individuals – dismissing them as loonies, racists.

    We need to eduacte the public, in simple bold terms, what the problems will be, what our options are, and what the best way forward is. Someone or group has to articulate a compelling arguement that cuts through the debate and make people say “oh shit, we really do need to act now, and this is the best way forward”.

    Isolated policies like “close muslim schools” are nothing unless the public understands the problem, and sees it as part of a complete solution.

    I am still learning and trying to collect information. I am not sure if Islam can be integrated with the West, or we have to separate ourselves from it – and the public similarly is still learning and hesistant to act without clarity.

    As Al Gore said, the public has to understand and demand it.

    I would really like to see a well presented website that cleary shows the way forward, so that simple folk can understand it. A website where flyers can be printed off and circulated, form letters can be send to politicians, online polls, etc. But really we need education on the mass media (tv, print) to get to the masses.

    This is happening, bit by bit, with websites and blogs educating the public. But the clarity is not there yet.

    And folks need to be drawn into the debate without them feeling like they’re racists.

    Clarity and resolve. Get out your hammer and start banging away. Somehow we have to cut through the fog and forge a compelling case.

  3. Quite right Skip, but people aren’t willing to delve into the fundamental reason why muslims are such an angry and deluded lot, it messes up their hair. Besides we have lost our freedom of speech to speak the truth in order to condemn that which should be condemned, that’s why Ms Ali is labeled ‘outspoken’ and ‘controversial’. The demographics and our reliance on population growth is fueling the shift (toward sharia) and appears unavoidable. Muslims are out breeding us and silencing their critics, the politicians want the vote and journalists want to keep their jobs, and most people just don’t want a bad hair day…

  4. Yes to everything Skip says.

    We need to organize and take action.

  5. You should all be ashamed of yourselves, even that Ayaan Hirsi, How can you attack a Religion simply because some of its followers are black sheep, and every Religion has black sheep. How come Christianity was never crucified when Hitler was causing a massacre in Europe. Right now, America is killing innocent Muslims, children & women amongst them, how come Christianity is Not attacked. Do you know that George Bush called the invasions/killings/massacres that are going on right now in Muslim lands “a Crusade” Does any one of you know what that means, if you Don’t then get your facts right before jumping into conclusions and How come Christianity was not under attack?
    I bet each one of you is now asking how about Terrorism? well I will just mention one book by Professor Noam Chomsky of America; “Chronicles of Descent” read that book and find out for yourself who the real terrorist is! and to finalize America is the only country that was labeled “A Terrorist Nation” by the World Court. Furthermore log to http://www.davidduke.com and get to know exactly what is going on. All references given are American non-Muslims, working and living in America.
    Lastly you should all learn about Islam before attacking it, including that Ayaan Hirsi.
    Am even surprised that I live in Kenya, a third world country, and yet I have more info than those who are in the western hemisphere, this is proof enough that most westerners have been indoctrinated by the media propaganda.
    you can send direct responses to me: aljumuah@hotmail.com

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