Glasgow Airport Terror Attack


Nutroots report ‘Jeep on Fire Crashes into Airport’-

‘Asian Man on Fire Run from the Scene’

Eyewitness said two Asian men were in a Jeep Cherokee which was driven at speed with flames coming out from underneath at 3.15pm this afternoon.

After the crash, one of men, whose clothes were on fire, jumped out of the car and ran into the terminal building where he was tackled by a heroic holidaymaker.

Police then jumped on top of him as flames continued to rise from his body while terrified onlookers fled in all directions.

One eye witness who knocked the terrorist suspect over with his forearm said: “The man was wrestling with police on the ground.

”I had seen him and the other man get out of the car. The flames were burning through his clothes. Police were telling everybody to get back.

“Some people who were close by shouted ”let him burn“. I saw the holidaymaker who had tackled him with blood streaming from his face and I myself had knocked into him with my forearm.”

The pair were held down before police led them away.


Nutroots: ‘ We’ll  report it when it happens’

Olby and Larry Johnson shrug at the “non-event in London”

Enlightenment comes at a price. To some, it never comes….

4 thoughts on “Glasgow Airport Terror Attack”

  1. No doubt, those men did that due to the occupation of Palestine, the invasion of Iraq and Afg’tan. If the Jews leave the Middle East completely, and the USA leaves IRaq and Afg’tan, jihad will end the folowing day. We know this because before those events, there was no jihad, right?

  2. They are calling them asian………middle eastern? I think.
    About time that profiling started with a vengeance,major deportations and removal of citizenships. This cannot be allowed to continue.
    If people want to act like beasts lets send them to a zoo.

  3. Glasgow: Muslims complain about security checks at airport that was target of 2007 jihad attack

    June 2007: Muslims try to destroy the Glasgow airport. July 2011: Muslims claim victim status and demand lax security for Muslims at the Glasgow airport.

    What took them so long?

    “Muslims boycott airport,” by Alison Campsie and David Leask for The Herald, July 13 (thanks to JW):

    GLASGOW’S Muslims are boycotting the city’s main airport and choosing to fly from Manchester because of perceived harassment from counter-terrorism officers, it was claimed last night.

    The allegations were made at a public meeting called to discuss concerns held by parts of the Asian community that powers held by police, ports and immigration officials to question travellers at travel hubs were abused, with travellers singled out solely on the basis of their race or skin colour.

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