Mapping the Jihad Mosques in America


Pamela from Atlas Shrugs has an interesting article up on a new movement in the US that sets out to expose the Mosques, the hate speeches and the introcution of sharia by stealth:

* Just wondering: Are there any other ones? I mean are there any mosques anywhere that don’t teach and preach hatred of infidels and Jews and don’t instigate the believers to wage jihad against the filthy kuffar?

Washington, DC – The Society of Americans for National Existence (SANE) announced today the launch of the Mapping Shari’a in America Project, the world’s first effort to systematically evaluate the threat that a nation faces from efforts to impose Shari’a within its borders.

The project will collect information about America’s 2,300-plus mosques and associated day schools, provide information to both law enforcement officials and the public, and test the proposition that Shari’a amounts to a criminal conspiracy to overthrow the U.S. government.

Today’s announcement comes after a week-long pilot study of the Dar Al Hijrah Mosque in Falls Church, Virginia, which uncovered clear and convincing evidence of direct and indirect links to violent Jihad. The project is already making this information available to law enforcement and the public.

“Shari’a is not merely speech, and it is certainly not religion as understood by the West,” SANE’s President, David Yerushalmi, said at a morning press conference. “Rather, it is a political and ideological mandate to destroy the West. We believe that every act to teach, preach, and live according to traditional, historical, and authoritative Shari’a contributes to a criminal conspiracy to overthrow our government.”

Thank G-d someone is doing this.

Dave Gaubatz, who will direct the project, added, “We will rank the mosques and schools in terms of their adherence to Shari’a and, in turn, the risks they pose in terms of future Jihadist attacks. We hope that our efforts help inform both law enforcement authorities and the public at large.”

Get out there people. It is up to you and me. Report what you see.

Here’s how the project would work:

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  1. Finally, the mother of all battles for CAIR. Perhpas this will demolish that miserable organization once and for all.

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