RoP Strikes Again and Again in Restive Thailand


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From PA News

One more dead and 23 injured in the south Thailand jihad: Woman killed in Thai tea shop blast.

A bomb has exploded in front of a crowded tea shop in southern Thailand, killing one woman and injuring 23 other people, police said.

The bomb was hidden in a bag and placed inside a telephone kiosk in front of a busy tea shop in Yala’s urban area, said police Lt Col Jirasit Lomae.

The bombing appeared to be the latest attack by Islamic insurgents whose activities have led to more than 2,200 deaths since January 2004.


Another murder in the Thailand jihad, as well as sabotage intended to kill many more:

Rebels kill policeman; trains still halted.

( – Insurgents opened fire on a police officer in the heart of a market in Narathiwat province, Thursday morning, riddling him with 14 bullets and killing him on the spot.

The shooting in the morning market caused shoppers to panic and run for their lives.

Sen Sgt Maj Suriya Malaimal, 51, was shot as he was helping his wife sell food at the market. Police said eight insurgents on four motorcycles ambushed him.

They also stole his M-16 rifle before escaping.

Meanwhile, the State Railway of Thailand decided to postpone the resumption of trains in the deep South to Friday after saboteurs damaged many sections of track. They caused a derailment that injured 14 passengers on Monday.

The State Railway earlier said the trains would resume operations on Thursday but decided to keep the trains out of the southernmost provinces after officials found bolts and sleepers were removed from tracks in Yala that could have sent a train careering into a nearby bridge and canal.


The ‘Insurgents’ are also burning schools again:


Thai-Muslim children looks at a burnt school in Thailand’s Yala province, nearly 1084 km ( 672 miles) south of Bangkok June 6, 2007. Militants launched a dawn arson attack on a public school in Yala province on Wednesday, burning down a two-storey building with 30 computers and 10 televisions inside, police said. REUTERS/Surapan Boonthanom (THAILAND)


Thai army advises suspending issue of visas to Cambodian Khmer Muslims, suspected of migrating to increase Muslim population in southern provinces 

Thai Jihad Update: A study in demographic conquest. “Army recommends suspending visas for Khmer Muslims,” from Thai News Agency:

SA KAEO, June 7 (TNA) – The Royal Thai Army’s Burapa Task Force, which oversees the border with Cambodia, will advise the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to consider suspending issuing visas to Cambodian Muslims after finding that increasing numbers are crossing the border and travelling to the kingdom’s southern provinces, a senior officer said on Thursday.
Burapha Special Task Force Division 12 commander Col. Chaichaiyan Sothornchai said the special task force is investigating information that the southern insurgents were using the strategy to increase the Muslim population in the three southernmost provinces by encouraging Muslims from Cambodia and Myanmar to join their co-religionists in the South.

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