Tariq Ramadan Pleads Guilty in Airport Incident

 From LGF:

Slick European Islamist spokesman Tariq Ramadan, currently the object of a large media legitimization campaign aimed at getting him into the US, has pleaded guilty of “insulting a public agent” in an altercation with a female police officer at a French airport, and fined 2500 euros.


More information on the incident at The Terror Finance Blog: “Moderate” Muslim Tariq Ramadan was detained, charged and ordered to trial in France after insulting a police officer.

Tariq Ramadan, the so-called “moderate” Islamic “intellectual”, was briefly detained and charged for “insulting a public agent” on Sunday at Paris Roissy Charles de Gaulle International Airport, while in transit to London.

From informed police sources, we have learned that when Ramadan tried to enter a prohibited area, a young policewoman stopped him. He began shouting at her and was then taken into police custody; the officer filed a complaint against him.

While in custody, he admitted the offense and was ordered to appear before a criminal court of Bobigny on April 6. Tariq Ramadan faces up to 6 months of imprisonment and 7,500 Euros of penalty.


Tariq Ramadan in his own words: According to the own Tariq Ramadan’s account of his detention in Paris last week, published by a Swiss newspaper today, he acknowledged he insulted a policewoman, calling her a “bitch” after she stopped him from going through a security gate without a boarding pass. When a second police officer arrived to assist the first, Ramadan admitted he shouted “you are real bastards”. Ramadan claims he had to spend the whole night in a dirty cell because of the police “overzealousness”.

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  1. Such language, if directed at a member of the cult of death, would bring about lawsuits and probable fatwas of death. But since it was a peaceful one doing the potty mouth thing it’s just fine and dandy. I guess it’s remarkable that a fine was actually imposed in this instance.

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