4 thoughts on “What the MSM doesn’t show you”

  1. I wonder if this guy would open his mind to the fact that the US invaded the wrong country by going into Iraq instead of Saudi Arabia. I wonder if he has even the slightest inkling as to why the US is too gutless to go into Saudi Arabia where Al Qaeda get ALL of their funding and where most of the world’s mosques and Islamic schools get their funding. We all know why this won’t happen ( Bandar Bush ring a bell ?) I wonder how he feels about the senseless death of 3600 US troops in Iraq and the creation of thousands of Shiite terrorists that Saddam Hussuin used to kill. I wonder if he is aware of the millions of dollars Thatcher and Reagan gave to the Taliban and Bin Laden when Russia invaded Afganishtan at the request of the legitimatley elected Communist government there at the time ? I could go on forever …..

  2. Atheist, despite you being a malignant, BDS suffering lefty troll, you make some good points. The problem is you sound like you are arguing on behalf of those who want to kill us, and like the vid says, can’t pick a side.

  3. OBL wanted his war beween the West and Islam. I refuse to give it to him.
    People like you have fallen hook , line and sinker for it.

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