Al Bebeceera Wankers Discover Islamic Rage Boy

Al Bebeceera discovers a case of mockery and satire that pokes fun at ONE of many Islamaniacs and promptly sides with the cult of lunatics:

His rights have been violated’- of course, you Islamophobe, you!


Is Rageboy the unacceptable face of satire?

Rageboy’s creators say they want to mock extremism.

Rageboy is causing something of a stir on the internet at the moment.
It is an image of the face of an angry Moslem protester and it has been used by rightwingers in the United States to mock Islamic fundamentalists. The face appears on teeshirts and mugs.

There have been claims it is the face of one particular man and that his rights and privacy have been breached.

* Attention shysters, here’s a pro-bono case for the supreme court and million dollar payouts: Act like a raving lunatic, scream genocidal slogans to get your picture in the news and when somebody pokes fun at you, sue them because the Koranimals ‘rights have been breached’

But the image is still being used and charged for by a group called Nose on your Face.

The World Today spoke to High Pankuck, aka potfry, from Nose on your face together with Ibrahim Hooper, spokesman for the Council on American Islamic Relations.

Potfry was on BBC Radio last night with Ibrahim Hooper from CAIR, discussing Islamic Rage Boy.You can listen here, click…

Hooper -predictably- pulls off the usual ‘Islamophobia/bigotry/hatred of Islam’-routine. Unfortunately Potfry admits that he hasn’t read the Koran, which encourages Hooper to lie and deny what’s in the Koran. Quite ridiculous….


In other news:

* No doubt Ali Sharptongue will give Sheik Yer’mami a severe tongue lashing and call us ‘racist-Islamophobe-bigots’ who are ‘ignorant’- but I guess we’ll have to just live with it…


Would you like to know more about Ali Sharptongue? Click here 

‘Nappy Headed Hoe’s ‘- Arrested Again!

“This is pure harassment. They are trying to make us angry so we actually do something.”

Muslim women face felony charges


Kimberly “Asma” Al-Homsi, left, and Aisha Abdul-Rahman Hamad were accused of acting suspiciously at Dallas Love Field.


“This is pure harassment. They are trying to make us angry so we actually do something.”

Police say the women continuously act suspiciously and bring the scrutiny on themselves. Now they face felony charges. Al-Homsi and Hamad say they will fight the charges.

* Only felony charges? Can’t we have a little stoning or a beheading like they do in Islamistan?

4 thoughts on “Al Bebeceera Wankers Discover Islamic Rage Boy”

  1. “Police and the FBI have issued numerous alerts about the women.”

    And have now apparently decided to do something about them? The neighbours were apparently alert but not alarmed – the police & FBI issued “numerous alerts” and continued to eat their “Twinkies”?

    “‘Nappy Headed Hoe’s ‘- Arrested Again!”

    And now we have the results of Howard & co deciding that Sudanese can come to this country & continue with their little “Dinka” Vs whatever else he let in inter-tribal warfares in Adelaide’s streets. Apparently the “solution” is “education”, and bring in more, so we can have bigger, better, and fiercer gangs to contend with. Of course, they don’t really form gangs; that is just a racist myth; they are just very sociable & gather in large groups. Just a (multi)cultural thing. Malmo, here we come!

    Attention Peter Costello – if you have a shot in your locker, use it now!
    Stop the Islamisation of Oz!

  2. Rage Boy needs a good lawyer. He might make a fortune cashing in on the use of his oh-so-lovely image. Then he can deposit the money at his favorite branch of the Bank of Jihad (i.e. Muslim charity).

    As for Love Field, the women were merely looking for a foot washing basin. No need to worry.

  3. I look at those pics of the muslim women and it makes me sick. They always look like they are demure, little, virginal vassals – while wanting us dead and teaching their children to want to blow themselves us while killing us. They make me sick.

    As for rage boy – CAIR should talk to their freaks so they don’t behave so poorly, oh and by the way stop their silence on muslims slinging hatred and death to all non-muslims and we might take that thug organization seriously – until them – rage boy is the poster boy for now.

  4. Islam, of course, is typified by Rage Boy – calls for the Pope to be beheaded, death to salman Rushdie, Europe your 9/11 is on its way (etc).

    But it is all a “misunderstanding”, according to Allah’s minders & spindoctors (CAIR, Keysar etc). Occasionally, however, one of Allah’s less-deluded followers lets the truth slip out, and refers to “violence that plagues too much of the Muslim world” and calls for an “Islamic Peace Organisation” to tackle the extremism & terrorism that pervades the “religion of peace” (wherever its foul tentacles touch).

    July 18, 2007 12:33 PM
    Muslim States Should Create Islamic Peace Organisation

    KUALA LUMPUR, July 18 (Bernama) — Muslim states should create an Islamic Peace Organisation (IPO) to end the violence that plagues too much of the Muslim world, an Iranian academician said Wednesday.
    Dr Muhammad made the suggestion in his paper on “Mechanism and Initiatives to Eliminate Extremism, Terrorism, Criminal Violence and War” in the two-day international conference on “The Role of Islamic States in a Globalised World” which ended here Wednesday.

    Hand took hand in Dar al-Islam, and haram animals flew overhead!

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