Another Ex-Gitmo Creep Returns to Jihad, Blows Up

* My, are you telling me that all that Koran-reading in Gitmo didn’t work and he was still a misunderstander of Islam?

No virgins for Abdullah: Former Guantanamo detainee blows himself up.


Abdullah Mehsud photographed in 2004
A former Guantanamo Bay prisoner who took up arms alongside the Taliban after he was released from detention has blown himself up to avoid capture, Pakistani security forces said today.

Abdullah Mehsud killed himself with a hand grenade after he was cornered by troops at a house in the south-western Pakistani town of Zhob. He was wanted for the kidnapping of two Chinese engineers in 2004.

“My information is that (he) killed himself,” said Atta Mohammed, the head of the police in Zhob. “Thanks be to God that only he was blown up and our men were safe.”

Mehsud, 32, was released from the US detention centre in Cuba after two years in 2004 but immediately went back to violence when the Pakistani government began an offensive against the Taliban in the troubled region along the border with Afghanistan.

3 thoughts on “Another Ex-Gitmo Creep Returns to Jihad, Blows Up”

  1. I can tell which one just got out of gitmo – the fat one – the one we fed.

    I say we take away the korans, feed them pork and let them cry like babies. If they go on hunger strikes – oh well.

    And whose bright idea is it to let these freaks out in the first place??!!!

  2. I know it’s difficult to talk of bad taste when discussing Islam – but you just may pull this on grounds of bad taste. Depends on your Christian views.

    And it’s totally off topic … but then again, I suppose it would be on topic on anywahere that talks about Islam. But this is one of the funniest things I’ve seen in a long time and I just have to post it.

    Spread it around anywhere and everywhere you can.

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