Australia: “I am not a terrorist” sez doctor

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Haneef charged with ‘supporting terrorism’

* Charging him with spitting on the sidewalk’ is better than letting him lose, for now at least…

GOLD Coast doctor Mohamed Haneef has been charged with providing support to a terrorist organisation, the Australian Federal Police (AFP) said in a statement today.
Police will allege Gold Coast doctor Mohamed Haneef supported a terrorist organisation by “recklessly” giving his mobile phone SIM card to people planning car bomb attacks in the UK.

Hedley Thomas/The Australian

* He is ‘innocent’- of course, he is only related to the terrorists and had regular contact with them, even sharing the same house for over two years; Not that he ever noticed anything…

Dr Haneef, who insists he is not a terrorist, is a second cousin of Mr Ahmed, who was involved in the failed attempt to blow up Glasgow airport with a burning Jeep Cherokee.

Dr Haneef has told Australian Federal Police agents of his family ties and telephone contact with accused suicide bomber Kafeel Ahmed, and revealed how they shared a house in the British city of Liverpool for up to two years.

The documents show the AFP also suspects “Mr Haneef has not been entirely truthful in relation to the information he has provided police in relation to his attempt to leave Australia”. The AFP is expected to argue in the Brisbane Magistrates Court today that Dr Haneef’s detention without charge should continue for a further 72 hours as he “appears to have had significant contact with people in the UK who appear to have been involved in the terrorist acts”.

* Read it all, and make sure your bleeding heart goes out in sympathy to this friend of western civilization…

Update: Haneef Charged

Cyber Jihad in England’s Prisons


No doubt it was all about ‘inner struggle’

AN al-Qaeda fanatic jailed for inciting murder online was caught making a website urging terror attacks – from his cell in Britain’s most secure prison.

Tariq Al-Daour, 21, used a smuggled mobile phone and modem lead to access the internet on a laptop issued by the Prison Service to help him prepare his court case.

The laptop was seized after a violent struggle when prison officers suspected he was misusing it and the hate-filled website called Global Jihad was found.

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  1. It is time to arrest Zakir Naik who poisoned these people. Zakir Naik is the agent of Al Qaeda in India and he is using all tactics to poison Indian Muslims. As we know, in India you can’t arrest people like Zakir Naik. The British and the Australian government should investigate Zakir Naik’s preaches. Zakir Naik continously and openly supports terrorism. So it is a must to arrest Zakir Naik before these doctors.

  2. John Howard, after devoting much of his PM-ship to deciding who will come to this country, now warns us that “the war on terrorism is a never-ending battle that will go on for decades…”

    Maybe any PM or politician who permits, aids or abets, recklessly or otherwise, any person to enter this country who subsequently is charged with a terrorism offence should face similar charges. They can’t commit terrorist offences here if they don’t get in. Acknowledge the war that is being waged against us, and seal the borders, and deport or intern the wagers of war.

    Exactly what “terrorist organisation” did Haneef support? The one that Gordon Brown claims has nothing to do with Islam or Muslims? What mosque did Haneef attend? Is it still open for jihad? If so, why?

  3. 22,000 muslims were let into Oz over the period 2006/07. We need a class action against (or something) the government to stop this madness.

  4. Exile jihadists, including the good doctor. Then they can never spread their noxious ideas via conversion or computer ever again.

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