Feiz Mohammed Making House Calls

“The peak, the pinnacle, the crest, the highest point, the pivot, the summit of Islam is jihad”
Sheikh Feiz Mohammed


Nah, nothing to see. Nothing to worry: Jihad is ‘inner struggle’- right?

* The ‘tiny minority of extremists’ keeps close contact, because the ideology of hatred has to grow in a young mans heart. And the mosque representative where Feiz Mohammed used to hold fiery sermons in order to exhort the believers to kill and die in Allah’s cause, while calling Jews ‘sons of apes and swine’- and unbelievers ‘filthy kufars’- the vilest of creatures’- has only the fondest memories:

Mr Elomar defended Sheik Feiz as a “godly man” who was misunderstood and said he would personally advise the cleric not to go back to Lebanon.

Richard Kerbaj/The Australian

“The Global Islamic Youth Centre, of which Sheik Feiz is the spiritual leader, yesterday would not be drawn on his comments on Jews and jihad but praised his commitment to serving Australia’s young Muslims.”

This is tacit approval of Sheik Feiz’s teachings & opinions, whether they admit it or not. These local imams are playing Aussies for simple fools – can the Aussies see this? Australia one way or another ought to get rid of all these imams who don’t loudly condemn Feiz and his demented ilk, and closedown any mosque that oozes any hint of violent antisimitism or jihad glorification. These are your enemies pure and simple, and they surely laugh at your gullibility when you show it. Time to laugh at them.

In order to help them overcome their savagery, Muslims must be “exorcised” from Islam. To do so, it must be discredited so it loses it appeal. Shame makes them violent, but it eventually will set them free. Therefore the answer to their violence is not to respect their faith but to shame them more. Only intense shame can break their shell and set them free.

Narcissism is fed through narcissistic supplies. Recognition and respect are narcissistic supplies. Feeding narcissism does not help the narcissist, It rather makes them worse. They become bullies, more arrogant and more demanding. Narcissists cannot be helped through appeasement. In the words of Churchill, “An appeaser is one who feeds the crocodile hoping it will eat him last.” The Germans and many European governments are trying to appease Muslims. They are not aware of the danger of Islam and the calamity that they are going to face in a very near future. Ignorance has a price to pay. The price of this ignorance can be civil war and blood of innumerable people, both Muslims and non-Muslims in Europe .

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  1. News from Sweden

    Halim Ibrahim and his family are among the half of all Iraqis who choose Sweden as their destination when they flee to Europe from their war-torn homeland.

    “We wanted to get as far away from Iraq as possible,” said 50-year-old Halim, standing outside his ground floor flat in southern Sweden.

    So Moslems want to get as far away from a Moslem country as possible. Well I want to get away from Moslems as far as possible as well. Where the hell do I go?

    Then comes this lament from a Swedish politician.

    This year the Swedish government estimates they will receive 20,000 asylum applications from Iraqis, more than 50 a day.

    “It’s therefore vital that the EU will get a harmonised asylum policy by 2010 as promised,” says Tobias Billstroem.

    “We don’t want any quotas for how many refugees Europe should accept, on the contrary we want the common EU rules to be more similar to the Swedish, because it is vital to ensure the right to asylum is not infringed.”


    In plain words, he wishes that what is destroying Sweden, should be adopted by the rest of Europe. Actually he does not have to wait till 2010. If the EU constitution is smuggled into law, then that is what will happen ASAP.

    Poor Sweden. It is so brainwashed by the liberal agenda, that it cannot even defend itself. It would rather die; it would rather extinguish itself then give up liberalism. That is what happens when liberalism, or any ideology is carried to its extreme. Liberalism is suicidal to a nation and its identity, as it kills off the immune system of a nation. It is like AIDS.

    Whenever Sweden comes up in the news, all that pops in to my mind is the image of a beautiful girl being gang raped. The gang will slit her throat when they are done.

    The tragedy is that the rest of Europe, and we in the UK, are not far behind. It is just Sweden, that is at the precipice.

  2. One of displays of ignorance-consider that all Moslems are identical, and their belief-primitive. It is necessary to allocate money for their education but not to laugh at them

    1. Ilona, why do you pretend to write from Israel when you are in Russia?

      Also, would you please enlighten us as to who has to allocate money for their education?

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