Gaddafi’s Extortion Racket is Only Just Beginning


Since Bulgaria released the medics tortured in Gaddafi’s jails for 8 years, the Libyan despot has asked the Arab league to sever all ties with Bulgaria. Predictable.

More to come:

Libya has called on other Arab countries to cut diplomatic and economic ties with Bulgaria after it pardoned six medics that Libya had jailed for infecting hundreds of children with HIV, a news Web site said on Friday.

“Libya yesterday asked for an urgent meeting of the Arab League to see if it can take a united decision to cut all diplomatic relations with Bulgaria as well as financial and economic relations,” London-based Arabic online newspaper Libya al-Youm (Libya Today) reported.


Still wanna build him a nuclear reactor, Sarko?


A picture speaks a thousand words…


Pali-medic ‘claims torture’ in Gaddafi jail

Al Bebeceera doesn’t sympathyze: Only the US terrorizes 

Otherwise they wouldn’t put it in exclamation marks, right? 

One of the medics jailed in Libya on charges of infecting children with HIV has said he was tortured in custody.
Palestinian-born Dr Ashraf Alhajouj, held for eight years along with five Bulgarian nurses, said he was given electric shocks to his genitals.

The doctor, a Bulgarian citizen, told Dutch TV how police dogs were set on him, but he was later forced to pretend that he had been treated well.

The six medics were freed on Tuesday and have been pardoned in Bulgaria.

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  1. Libya has been selected to head the new UN Anti-Racism panel that will convene soon and last for two years. The regime of Colonel Muammar Khaddafi is now responsible for preparatory meetings leading up to a 2009 world gathering that will follow up on the controversial Durban conference of 2001.

    Libya knows a lot about racism. In 2002 it gave its highest award, the “Muammar Khaddafi Human Rights Prize” to Roger Garaudy, the nototious French Holocaust denier.

    Six of the 21 countries selected to be on this new UN Anti-Racism panel are Chile, Cuba, Indonesia, Iran, Libya and Pakistan.

    Which proves that the UN has no credibility whatsoever.

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