Germany: ‘We Could Be Struck at Anytime’


* Schaeuble has his head screwed on: Nobody can accuse him of not having tried at all. He did. Sincerely, he did. But he realized somewhere along the line that Islam is a dead end street. Now he would like to move on into damage control mode.

The empty suits from SPIEGEL try to do a crocodile roll with him and drown him in mud, but he rocks them in his wheelchair…

We need more politico’s like him:

After a brief period of diddling,  Scheuble realized that the multiculti-diversity-why-can’t-we-all-just-get-along trap was just that: A trap.  Mohammedanism can’t be pacified. But it can be contained.

But we all know that speaking the truth in an age of PC and nutroot-mania is sure to backfire:

In an interview that has outraged politicians and media commentators alike, Interior Minister Wolfgang Schäuble, 64, calls for changes to Germany’s constitution to simplify the fight against terror. It’s a discussion that goes to the fringes of what’s allowed in a constitutional state: preventative detainments, clandestine seizure of private computer data and even targeted killings.


Germany’s Interior Minister Wolfgang Schäuble is considered a hardliner on security issues. Many have criticized his proposals for redrafting parts of Germany’s constitution.

* ‘Many have criticized his proposals’ simply means that the usual red-green suspects with the old ‘better red than dead’– slogans are still chipping away on our society, civilization & culture. Before they were simply commies, now they are whoring for Islam.

SPIEGEL: Minister Schäuble, the British authorities hardly knew anything about the terrorists who struck in London and Glasgow last week. German intelligence agencies had never heard of the terrorists who deposited explosives in suitcases at German train stations in July 2006. Have investigators lost contact with potential terrorists in Europe?
Schäuble: The problem is that such groups now form spontaneously. In the case of the suitcase bombers last summer, the suspected perpetrators met each other only a few months before. It seems to have been similar in Britain, according to the first investigation results. To that extent, it is true that we are far from knowing all potential attackers.

It seems as if it were now purely a question of luck whether or not an attack can be prevented.

Schäuble: It was indeed luck that the suitcase bombs in Cologne did not detonate, but we must not rely on that. The intelligence agencies and the Federal Criminal Police Office in particular need to do everything conceivable. But in the case of us suffering a heavy attack, we should retain the necessary measure of composure, as the British are doing now. That is what I am thinking of when I say: We could be struck at anytime. It is a form of political precaution.

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