More Than 100 People Killed in Iraq Market Blast

* Sunni Muslims come down hard on a Shiite township, showing the world that the Shia are ‘rafidite dogs’… becausemy Allah is better than yours’


Zarqawi is dead. But there are hundreds, if not thousands like him who are willing to kill and die for Allah… 


A homicide truck bomber blasted a Shiite town north of Baghdad on Saturday, killing more than 100 people, police said, in a sign Sunni insurgents are pulling away from a U.S. offensive around the capital to attack where security is thinner.
The marketplace devastation underlined a hard reality in Iraq: There are not enough forces to protect everywhere. U.S. troops, already increased by 28,000 this year, are focused on bringing calm to Baghdad, while the Iraqi military and police remain overstretched and undertrained.

The top U.S. commander in Iraq, Gen. David Petraeus, told The Associated Press he expected Sunni extremists to try to “pull off a variety of sensational attacks and grab the headlines to create a `mini-Tet.'”

He was referring to the 1968 Viet Cong and North Vietnamese Tet offensive that undermined public support for the Vietnam War in the United States.

* Iraq is not Vietnam. But the delusions of the Bush government beat Vietnam 2 hands down.

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The U.S. military on Saturday also reported that eight American service members were killed in fighting in Baghdad and western Anbar province over two days, reflecting the increased U.S. casualties that have come with the new offensives. A British soldier was killed in fighting with Shiite militias overnight in the southern city of Basra.

In Saturday’s attack — among the deadliest this year in Iraq — the truck detonation ripped through the market in the farming town of Armili at around 8:30 am, as crowds had gathered for morning shopping.

It demolished several dozen old mud-brick homes and shops, burying dozens of people under the rubble, and set cars on fire, survivors said.

While residents and police dug through the wreckage for hours, victims were ferried in farmers’ pickup trucks 30 miles to the nearest hospital, in Tuz Khormato.

Weeping and screaming relatives searched Tuz Khormato’s hospital frantically for word of loved ones. Ali Hussein read the names of victims being moved further north to Kirkuk for treatment. “My cousin died in the explosion, but I don’t know the fate of my brother,” he said in tears.

Abdullah Jabara, deputy governor of Salahuddin province where the town is located, told Iraqi state television that 115 died — nearly three-quarters of them women, children and elderly — and blamed Al Qaeda. Police gave a similar death toll, along with more than 200 wounded, though Tuz Khormato’s police chief, Col. Abbas Mohammed Amin, put the toll at 150 dead.

The attack’s location suggested it was carried out by Sunni extremists fleeing the three-week old U.S. offensive centered at the city of Baqouba, 60 miles to the south on Baghdad’s northern doorstep. The sweep aims to uproot Al Qaeda militants and Sunni insurgents using the area to stage car bomb attacks in the capital.

But U.S. commanders acknowledge that many insurgents fled Baqouba before the assault, and they may have found easier ground for attacks further north.

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Reuters Update: Iraq town digs for bodies after bomb kills 150

Iraqi police and residents using heavy machinery and small shovels searched for bodies in the ruins of a market in northern Iraq after a huge truck bomb killed 150 people.
Two police officers in the Shi’ite town of Tuz Khurmato confirmed 150 people had been killed in Saturday’s explosion that Iraqi officials blamed on Sunni Islamist al Qaeda. The officers said 20 people were still missing and 250 wounded.
As the clean-up work progressed fresh bomb attacks in and around Baghdad on Sunday killed at least 25 people, including 17 Iraqi army recruits when their truck was attacked on a road near the capital.


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  1. It never fails to amaze me how this carnage goes on and on.

    There were, and will always be casulaties in a war but nothing ever quite like this where the civilian population are being killed by their co-religionists just to make sure that democracy will never succeed in Iraq,,or only over their dead bodies.

    If this is how they treat their own how would they treat us?

    The fact is that muslims kill more muslims than anyone else. Somehow this doesn’t bother them. They saw Zarqawi as a hero after he dispatched 6000 Iraqis. But should an infidel kill just one muslim and they are history.

    I am also disgusted that the MSM just reports this as if it were a football score. These are real people.

  2. GF…

    good point: “The fact is that muslims kill more muslims than anyone else”.

    question: Is is written in the Koran that Muslims should kill each other? Are the Shiites and Sunnis mis-interepreting the Koran which clearly states that only infidels and Jews should be killed?

  3. Atheist

    I doubt it is written in the koran because many muslims say they are not allowed to “kill innocents”. I believe JW had a piece on what exactly IS an “innocent” and I believe the conclusion was that infidels are not innocents, so I guess muslims are.

    Perhaps someone else can give you a better answer with a koranic text quote.

    I haven’t fully comprehended why sunnis and shi’ites kill each other. I know they follow a different belief.

    Can it be compared to the rift between Catholics and Protestants? I am not sure. But this conflict has pretty much ended whereas the muslim conflict has not.

    I did have a link outlining muslim on muslim deaths. I can’t find it. Sorry.

    But here is something else:

  4. Not A Fish ‘blog had the stats.

    >>>>from an edition of Maariv and was translated later by imshin (Not a Fish, blog)here

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