Jihadist mosque leader arrested while trying to flee in a burqa

Perhaps the header should be “Drag queen captured fleeing Mosque.”

Oh, the shame of it. Instead of opting for a glorious martyrdom, which he had exhorted so many others to choose, he “had to eventually try to run like a woman.”

“Pak mosque leader arrested disguised in burqa,” from AFP, with thanks to JW


A grab of Ajj TV shows, in circle, Abdul Aziz, chief cleric of the Red Mosque, as he is surrounded by security officials after his arrest near The Red Mosque in Islamabad. Pakistani security forces arrested Aziz as he tried to flee while disguised in an all-covering women’s burqa on Wednesday, officials said.(AFP/Ajj TV)

ISLAMABAD – Pakistani security forces arrested the leader of a radical mosque under siege in Islamabad as he tried to flee while disguised in a burqa on Wednesday, officials said.
Abdul Aziz was detained as he left the Red Mosque in Islamabad amid a crowd of women wearing similar attire, who were surrendering to the authorities a day after bloody clashes outside the building left 16 people dead.

Deputy information minister Tariq Azeem said it was a ‘farcical end’ to the cleric’s resistance.

‘After all the things he has said and all the oaths he took from his students that they should embrace martyrdom with him, look at this man, he had to eventually try to run like a woman,’ Azeem told AFP.

Officials said Aziz’s wife was also arrested but his brother, deputy mosque leader Abdul Rashid Ghazi, was still at large.

‘We caught Abdul Aziz when he was trying to escape the mosque clad in a burqa. He did not offer any resistance,’ added a top security official involved in the capture.

‘He was the last in a group of women all wearing the same clothes. He was wearing a burqa that also covered his eyes,’ the official said on condition of anonymity.

‘Our men spotted his unusual demeanour. The rest of the girls looked like girls but he was taller and had a pot belly.’

Pakistan, Zombie-stan:


Hiding behind women and children when attacking the enemy is traditional warfare for the brave mujaheddin. If women and children get killed, they are ‘martyrs for Allah’- of course.

But if jihadist lunatics who hide among women and children get killed when they attack others the others are blamed, of course. This has now become even a problem in Pakistan, because Pakistan was founded on Islam and nothing but Islam. There is now a movement that is more Islamic than everyone else, and they sing ‘My Allah is better’– so loudly, that Mushi has to take action:

Hundreds surrender at Lal Masjid, thousands remain

Funny. The potbellied instigators, ringleaders and fanatical clerics who whip their illiterate, brainwashed flock into a suicidal frenzy try to escape from the law, last minute. Some kind of heroes! How come we never see a fat mullah blow?


Sadr regularley goes into hiding when the s#*t hits the fan, but his worshippers kill themselves in good numbers for his filth… 

Ahmed Rashid believes Mushi is on his way out: 


LAHORE, Pakistan — In the rapidly unfolding crisis in Pakistan, no matter what happens to President Pervez Musharraf — whether he survives politically or not — he is a lame duck. He is unable to rein in Talibanization in Pakistan or guide the country toward a more democratic future.

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