Keysar Rubs It: Patriots’ paradox

Al Hilali’s faithful foot-soldier, the duplicitous ‘out-of-context’ Keysar Trad, praises Islam & Lebanon and writes up a whiny song and dance since he doesn’t feel ‘loved’ by fellow Australians, which he calls the ‘criminal dregs of white society’

The Australian
Keysar Trad | July 14, 2007

ONE Australian killed and several arrested was the news last month as the nation’s media scrambled to make sense of arrests of dual-citizens in Lebanon.

Since then, the Lebanese authorities have confirmed the arrests of five Australians and reassured the public that no Australians have been killed.
Two of the arrested Australians have been reportedly charged with terrorism offences, with one allegedly supplying weapons to Fatah al-Islam. Again, we will have to wait until the Lebanese military intelligence reveals more results of its inquiry.

When I hear the term military intelligence, I often think: “Oxymoron.” Having said that, a country such as Lebanon, with a small army and a very small police force, often calls in the military to assist in what would be regarded as police matters in many countries.

During my three trips to Lebanon in the past 15 months, it was a common sight to see army personnel stationed at various checkpoints on the roads connecting the main cities and towns. In this sense, the two can easily be seen to be sharing tasks.

Tragically, since the fall of the Ottoman empire, Lebanon has faced one problem after another. It was under French occupation until 1948; there was the 15-year civil war (which claimed the lives of several of my relatives); the bombing of the US marine barracks in Beirut; the killings in Sabra and Shatila; the two Qana massacres in 1996 and 2006; the Israeli occupation of southern Lebanon; the 2006 bombing of Lebanon by Israel (which led to the injury of many of my relatives); and now, finally, there is this misnamed Fatah al-Islam, a group of fanatical murderers killing their hosts.

* Keysar wouldn’t tell you what causes all these problems. Obviously, none of it has anything to do with Islam…

* Why doesn’t Keysar tell us that it is a million times better for Leb’s in Australia than for kuffars under Islam? Why not, Keysar? Is it because the kuffar is something beneath feces, urine and cadavers in the Islamic caliphate that you want to bring us..?


Having settled in the relative freedom and security of Australia, people such as me take up the option of visiting Lebanon and sending our children there because it gives us access to a wonderful culture. It presents to us the true meaning of multiculturalism, and the opportunity to practise Arabic, a language spoken by more than 200 million people; a language that has kept one of the world’s great religions alive for more than 1400 years.

There are many attractions to spending a few years in Lebanon. Apart from the learning opportunities, the antiquities and rich culture, there is also that wonderful food, genuine Lebanese food made to original recipes by master chefs using fresh, local ingredients.

There is the hospitality, the friendship, the extended family, the relaxed nightlife where families get together. There is so much that we do not experience in the hustle and bustle of modern-day, double-income city life. While in Lebanon, we reminisce about Australia and thereby we are torn between the love of two countries. If it were not for the distance, we could live happily spending a day in each. Having experienced life in both countries, I can say that a person needs to experience life in two countries to be whole, to have a more rounded perspective on the world.

This is perhaps why about 25,000 Australian Lebanese are living in Lebanon. It is the option that is open to us, that we can live in two countries, that when we want the hustle and bustle of Sydney, Melbourne or Brisbane, we are here, and when we want to relax and introduce our children to another culture, we can be there. We are there with a love for both.

Yet there is one difference: in this country, many Australian Lebanese may be derided as “wogs”. Over there, they are lauded as Aussies. Ironic that they find dignity as Australians in Lebanon, while no matter how long they live here, they will always be derided as Lebs.

Keysar Trad is spokesman for the Islamic Friendship Association of Australia.


Al Qaeda: 50 per cent of its war is conducted through the media.

An enemy in belief

Paul Kelly, editor-at-large

SIX years after the 9/11 attacks on the US, Western societies remain psychologically and politically ill-equipped to manage the Islamist terrorist threat with its ability to mutate, spread and to spontaneously erupt.

The 9/11 Commission report grasped that this struggle transcended any war on terrorism. The enemy, of which al-Qa’ida is part, is a global ideological movement. The threat is millennial. When bin Laden says that the US must be converted or destroyed, the progressive instinct is to laugh at such nonsense. The Western progressive mind has no mechanism to process this threat or manage this enemy.

It takes refuge in the stereotypes: that Bush is a liar, that Iraq is the problem, that John Howard corrupts our democracy, that the real danger is the risk to civil liberties. This is a political culture with no hope of rising to the challenge. Finding a new path between Bush’s militaristic hubris and the appeasement of the progressive class is a vast, though not insurmountable, task.

Read it all…

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  1. Lebanon sounds like a nice place. Cleansing it of Islamania would probably make it close to paradise.

  2. If Mr. Trad misses Lebanon this much, I would suggest that he goes back .
    I am a migrant and this has been said of many of us no matter what our nationality……..when migrants whinge and whine and try to make Australia into their version of their home country instead of being Australian.
    Go back Trad and support your country instead of residing here, deriding this country,where you are safe and bemoaning how awful it is that your country is in such a state……….what a hypocrit.

  3. I was wondering when Trad would rear his head again in light of the failed Glasgow bombings, to deflect attention.

    Paul Kelly’s article is outstanding.

  4. The other day (here in Perth) I gave directions to a muslim, who was being followed behind by two cars, one of which was a people mover/van with at least 6-8 kids in the back and two women in the front. One was wearing the hijab, and the driver, she had on the full face niqab and a pair of sunnies. So I’m wondering where the hell are we headed if people are allowed to drive around with their faces covered. It’s not multiculturalism or tolerance, IT”S INSANITY.
    I gave him correct directions anyway (you know, I was a little pertubed by encountering this muslim roadblock located in the sunny Aussie countryside and all), but I was kicking myself later. I should have told him to keep going north until he reached Indonesia.

  5. Yeah Paul Kelly’s article is OK, but I can’t stomach much more of these “let’s state the problem one more time for the dummies” articles. For pete’s sake, will some journalist please go out on a limb and start talking solutions.

    His article should be renamed “An enemy in belief (and journalistic timidness)”.

  6. Lebanon used to be known as the ‘Riviera of the Middle East’ and it is now a musim pig sty. You want to know what the muslims did to that country – read, ‘Because They Hate’ by Bridget Gabriel. And if you think that it sounds familiar – it does. All the things that the muslims did to gain ground in Lebanon, they now do in the USA – and Europe – and probably in Australia too. And there are the appeasers that are still trying to appease the muslims in Lebanon.

    The muslims just don’t look at their snipers, and daily bombings of not only the Lebanonese, but of the Israelis, and the torture that is done to the Lebanonese and Israelis, as reasons why they should be attacked. And the muslims have the media who play right into their hands and actually believes them as they claim victimhood, while the true victims are being slaughtered. If we would learn from history we would know that a doctor jihadist is not uncommon – but it seems that we won’t learn – we instead just pretend that there are masses of ‘moderates’ and that the radicals are the ones distorting islam.

  7. The two notable contributions that Lebanese muslims seem to have contributed to this country are “of Lebanese appearance”, and “leb-style” rape.

  8. “The enemy, of which al-Qa’ida is part, is a global ideological movement.”

    And its goal is an Islamic Caliphate, under Sharia Law.

    While the Federal Govt. belatedly obsesses over a sim card of one of the people it decided could come to this country and aid Islamic terrorists, it waves its hands & claims it can do nothing to ban Hizb ut-Tahrir, and lets them pursue their dominionist goals. Churchill, where are you???

    International Khilafah Conference 2007
    Hizb ut-Tahrir Indonesia have organised the largest International Khilafah Conference the world has ever seen, bringing together Islamic activists from all around the world. The conference will be held in Jakarta, Indonesia on 12th August 2007, corresponding to 28th Rajab 1428 which is the Hijri date of the destruction of the Khilafah.

    Over one hundred thousand people are expected to attend, it is being held in HGelora Bung Karno Stadium, which has the joint 10th largest capacity of all stadiums in the world, equal with the Melbourne Cricket Ground.

    International Speakers

    1. Dr. Imran Waheed (Hizb ut-Tahrir Britain)
    2. Sheikh Ismail Al Wahwah (Hizb ut-Tahrir Australia)
    3. Sheikh Issam Ameera (Hizb ut-Tahrir Palestine)
    4. Syeikh Uthman Abu Khalil (Hizb ut-Tahrir Sudan)
    5. Prof. Dr. Hassan Ko Nakata (Japan)

  9. One of those conferences is a good way to get pics of all of the thugs in one place. I would hope that there are a few infiltrators to that conference for the ‘religion of peace’ with a camera with a LOT of film.

  10. Give me this ‘hustle and bustle’ over that islamic inspired war torn country any day. Because in this country, many Australian Lebanese, Greeks, and Italians may be lauded as “wogs”. But over there, where islam rules, non-muslims are derided as dirty kafir. Ironic that the complete void of dignity for unbelievers in such places where this macabre belief system rules, while no matter how long we try to ignore it, we will always be derided as kafir deserving all manner of hostilities to hasten the arrival a world caliphate…

  11. The UK faces a twin threat. The more immediate one is the one for the EU. The EU constitution, now renamed misleadingly as a treaty, will destroy the UK and all who sign up to it.

    Below is the format for the email, which I hope be acted on, and then passed on to all their email list.
    There are many, if not a majority of people in the UK, who are very angry at the path this nation is taking. There is no point in being angry but docile.

    There are two threats to the existence of the UK as a unique identity.

    The immediate threat is the EU constitution, which has been resurrected, after France and Holland had rejected it. It has come back with a name change as the EU treaty, and thus lets Labour off the hook of holding a referendum – a manifesto undertaking. This treaty/constitution will make Britain simply a province of the EU Empire, and our parliament will become just an assembly. Then no matter which party we vote for, it will have no effect on the direction of the nation. And that will be the end of Britain as a sovereign nation.

    We can protest at this gross betrayal of Britain and past generation’s sacrifice, by signing a petition at the least.

    The ONLINE petition, on the PM’s 10 Downing Street website, is here

    Please get all you know, if they are UK citizens or residents, to sign this petition. Forward this email to all you know.

  12. “Al Qaeda: 50 per cent of its war is conducted through the media.”

    And now we have Melbourne muslim cabbies apparently recruiting passengers by handing out “propaganda-style DVDs featuring radical preacher Sheik Khalid Yasin.”,21985,22084366-661,00.html

    Our society is under increasing assault by Islam, and our government plans to ask Arab immigrants “a few more questions” before granting permanent residency visas.

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