Let Ibrahim Hooper Creep You Out

CAIR Plans to Continue Suing ‘John Doe’ Passengers

On Tucker Carlson’s show, Ibrahim Hooper of Saudi-funded unindicted co-conspirator CAIR talks about how they plan to use the “good faith” loophole of the “John Doe” amendment to continue suing Americans who report suspicious behavior.

Note: this video was posted at YouTube by CAIR themselves, who obviously want it to be known that they’re going to pursue lawsuits against passengers. And of course, they’ve disabled comments for the video


Here’s the background in case you missed the story: LINK

The Solution:


6 thoughts on “Let Ibrahim Hooper Creep You Out”

  1. I think people need to take their cell phones that have cameras in them to back up their concerns about terrorists. CAIR shouldn’t even be allowed to exist because of its own background – but our politicans don’t have a clue.

  2. I really would like to see pork on the airline menu.

    Why not? If Muslims can have halal food on the menu, why cant we have pork?

  3. sorry dp111, as a member of the order of the sacred pig (the finest talisman in the world today) i can’t agree with pork on the menu. however, i do think that every aircraft should carry a live sacred pig to see off evil!

  4. Savitch:

    Well done on the cartoon. I really like it!
    I know this is a serious issue but if it weren’t it would be very funny and easy to make jokes about. You did a great job!

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