Londonistan: The Khilafah is Coming


Hizb ut-Tahrir Britain

As Part of a Global Campaign during the Month of Rajab Hizb ut Tahrir Britain Presents an International Conference addressing

Liberation of the Muslim Lands from Occupation through the establishment of the Islamic Caliphate State

Unity of the Global Muslim Community (Ummah) through the establishment of the Islamic Caliphate State

The Correct Method to establish the Islamic and the Political Challenges

Distortions of the Image of the Islamic Caliphate State Propogated by Western Governments through the War on Terror

The Islamic Caliphate State the only way to establish Justice and Stability in the Muslim world


Translation: ‘Muslim World’ means all the world, because all the world belongs to Allah.

Get your shoes and socks on, people: The soldiers of Allah are ready, are you?

Meanwhile, the sensitive new-age wankers from Al Bebeceera who have long practiced the art of deceiving the public by calling Muslims ‘Asians’ have put up up another puff piece:

Many Asians ‘do not feel British’

Since the effeminate sensitivities of the Al Bebeeceera crew somehow made them take off the niqabbed female in the original story we’ll give you three instead:


More than a third of British Asians do not feel British, a BBC poll suggests.
The research among the under-34s for the Asian Network found 38% of the UK residents of South Asian origin felt only slightly or not at all British.
More than a third agreed to get on in the UK they needed to be a “coconut”, a term for somebody who is “brown on the outside but white on the inside”.

Yet 84% were satisfied with life in Britain and almost half thought they have more opportunities here.

Half of the South Asians and nearly two-thirds of the white people interviewed agreed it was too easy for immigrants to settle in Britain.

We won’t bother to put up any more of this pathetic drivel, but some of the comments are good:

“all of your Britain is belong to us!”

Why can’t some Koreans or Chinese or Thais or somebody complain about this misuse of the term “Asian” for Jihad-supporting Muslims only? I would find it insulting if I were a non-Muslim Asian.

Oil doesn’t mix with water, so water must be racist.

Three-quarters feel their culture is being diluted by living in the UK
So their culture should be undiluted in the UK? See, that’s the trouble with the mentality of so many immigrant groups today. They go to other countries and have a problem with the fact that their culture isn’t the dominate one. Do they ever once stop to think that maybe the culture they are leaving has a bit to do with the reasons that they are leaving?

BBC: ‘Asians’ Don’t Feel ‘British’

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11 thoughts on “Londonistan: The Khilafah is Coming”

  1. Khilafah Conference International 2007 Support Ad is on YouTube:

    Attention Alexander Downer and others without the stones to act against
    Hizb – the Ummah is on the march all over the planet – Allah’s “World Slavery Tour 2007” is on in earnest, and you dither & wave your hands around. I do not expect you to grovel & eat dirt or whatever you were babbling about on the evening news, but I do expect you to act in the national interest and cease Muslim immigration, and deal with any and all Muslims & groups that seek to subsume our once-great nation into the Caliphate.

  2. Yes, the fact there is a “Muslim World”, and no ‘Christian World’ or ‘Hindu World’ speaks volumes about what goes on in ‘their’ world. Call it ‘Islam Only World” and it makes more sense.

  3. It seems that a lot of those masses of ‘moderates’ are not proving themselves too peaceful.

  4. These delusional idiots believe that building a caliphate will solve all their problems. Let them do so and good luck to them. The thing of it is that a caliphate is doomed to failure because Islamania leads to nothing constructive. Just look at the entire ummah as it now stands-poverty, corruption, misery all over the place. More Islam won’t solve these problems-it’ll only worsen them. Just look at Saudi Arabia, land of glorious rule by sharia.

  5. Extremely disturbing video. I linked it on the story on Jihadwatch about Bush and Brown’s meeting at Camp David.

    The problems with the reestablishment of the caliphate include:

    What will happen to the religious minorities, which are currently under enormous pressure, in those countries?

    Having a caliph will permit religiously sanctioned jihad.

    The only positive thing out of the video is that there didn’t seem to be shiites represented…perhaps I missed it though.

  6. All these Asian Muslims should be deported and should be provided shelter in Pakistan with Bin Laden. They will be very happy with Bin Laden, who is their last prophet.

  7. Pretty scary if you ask me.

    And since our leadership in Washington & London refuse to recognize it for what it is, I would suggest that we all stock up on food, water and AMMO.

    As Ike Clanton said to the Erps in the movie Tombstone “you got a fight coming, coming today”.

  8. Hey.. are the I.R.A. going to stand by forever??!!! These islamist fools WILL turn their sights on Free Ireland once they feel they’ve subdued/won the U.K.

    I’m a German here… so.. I am NOT taking anyone’s side.. besides MY OWN European side.. The English HATE our guts.. they STILL do.. and maybe they’ll never stop hating us..


    That does NOT mean that I want to see them under the cruel yoke of islam!! No matter HOW bad their food nor HOW warm their beer!!!

    IRISH PEOPLE… THIS is NO LONGER simply an “event”!!

    They are INVADING England and they WILL NOT STOP at the Northern Irish Border!!

    They will treat YOUR Women JUST as they treat the English and the Welsh and the Scottish Women!!

    Just as they treat our German and ou French Women!! And the Dutch… the Danes.. the Swiss.. the Spanish, and so on!!

    The I.R.A. KNOWS how to blow things UP!! Please HELP US ALL!!!

    You can NO LONGER continue to support the PLO and Fatah and Hamas!!

    The POPE is a Catholic and HE has SPOKEN ClEARLY about islam!!

    Do YOU ***AGREEE*** with how they treated him after hos simple lecture at a German College??

    How they manhandled YOUR Pope in Istanbul, Turkey??

    GET ***OVER*** it and START ***HELPING*** out your hated English Brothers!!!

    THEY are Your Brothers!! You may hate them! They hate YOU I KNOW!!

    BUT.. do you want to be DEAD for the reason fo PRiDE and ******IRISH STUBBORNNESS******??!!

    THEY are stubborn as well. And so are we Germans!!

    Which has put all of us at such great ODDS of CENTURIES!!

    My FRINEDS!!!.. MY BROTHERS!!!… The ENEMY does NOT allow us the time to work out our past differences!!

    I.R.A!!! And E.T.A. too!!! it is simply time to SWITCH SIDES!!!!!!

    We don’t have much time!!

    And we ALL NEED your skills DESPERATELY!!!!


  9. I mean RIGHT??!! Why can’t WE blow up a few things every now and then??!! 🙂

  10. More of the same from the religion that promotes love and peace, yet wherever the tentacles of Islam reach out, it’s true message of poison and hatred to non-believers all too commonly is voiced by those who we in the UK have to live with, thanks to an Islamo friendly lame duck Government who are only too eaqer in the name of political correctness to hunt down extremists in all coners of the earth, but allow them to flouruish literally unabated within our own shores.

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