Malta: They Just Keep Coming

Malta struggles with migrants


* Actually, they’re not ‘migrants’- they’re invaders. And the EU-parliament, already infiltrated by 20% Muhammedans (A puzzling phenomenon, because overall numbers of Muhammedans in Eurabia at this stage are just around 10%) is totally in line with the ludicrously corrupt UN- officials who support the invasion and the destruction of civilization with the new-age multiculti-diversity religion.

Malta is in the front line, and the Maltese are suffering badly.


Franco Frattini (right) one of the usual suspects, is urging EU members to bolster Frontex

By Alix Kroeger
BBC News, Valletta

Maltese anger grows

Malta is hamstrung by an EU regulation which says asylum seekers must make their claim in the first EU country they enter. By an accident of geography, Malta receives a disproportionate number.

“We are moving towards a crisis if the present trend continues,” Mr Borg warns. “It has created some right-wing opinions which before were hidden in the two mainstream parties. Now they have separated from the mainstream and formed their own party.”

That party is Azzjoni Nazzjonali, which launched last month and is now picking up between 4.7 and 6% support in opinion polls. It will contest next year’s election on, among other things, an anti-immigration agenda.


Somali migrant Abdul Far-Ali still wants to reach Italy with the mental baggage of the slave of Allah…

Its founder, Josie Muscat, calls the arrival of so many migrants “an invasion”.

“Where does Malta’s responsibility end?” he asks. “When we get 100,000? When we get 200,000? When will Europe or anybody in the world lift a finger and say, ‘I’m going to help Malta, because Malta can take no more’?”

The backlash is not just political. There were arson attacks last year against church groups and journalists who publicly supported the migrants.

Seven cars belonging to the Jesuit Refugee Service were set on fire. The head of the JRS, Father Paul Pace, admits the attacks have had a chilling effect.

“(At first) you feel supported; there is a lot of solidarity. Then you realise you are dealing with persons who probably have less limits than you would have expected in a democratic society,” he says.

There have been no attacks for several months now, but no one has been arrested or charged. The editor of Malta Today, Saviour Balzan, was asleep in bed when his home, opposite a police station, was attacked last year. His newspaper had just published an article supportive of the migrants.

They put tires and petrol on the door but his dogs woke him up. “The fact that they had the gall to attack my house in front of a police station shows their intentions are clear,” he says.

So Malta is struggling to cope.

In a field off the road to the airport, a tent city has been put up to accommodate the overspill of migrants coming out of the closed centres. The Hal-Far open centre can hold up to 840 residents: at the moment, there are around 750.

Each tent holds 24 bunks, divided by sheets and cardboard. In the summer, the temperature reaches 40C. The migrants have scavenged bits of old furniture. The camp manager is putting in purpose-built blocks for cooking and washing.

There are migrants from as far away as West Africa at Hal-Far, but most come from Ethiopia, Eritrea, Somalia and Sudan. Most move on as soon as they can. Their aim is to make enough money to get to Italy.

Extra border patrols at sea may turn some of them away, but as long as conflict, poverty and, possibly, climate change impel them to move, the migrant flows will continue. The pressure on Malta will only increase.

Patrol vessel P-61 cuts through the waves off the Maltese coast, while overhead a helicopter from the German federal police flies past.

But this is not a real border patrol of Malta’s territorial waters: instead, it is a show of political support for the tiny island state.

The number of African migrants arriving in Malta has more than tripled: from 502 in 2003, to 1,780 last year.

Most of them are there by mistake. They wanted to get to Italy but were blown off course or were rescued at sea. They do not want to be in Malta and Malta does not particularly want them.

On board P-61 are EU Justice Commissioner Franco Frattini, the director of the EU external border agency Frontex, Ilkka Laitinen, and Maltese Justice Minister Tonio Borg.

The patrol goes no further than Valletta harbour. It would take too long, around five hours, to get out to the real patrol zone, and anyway the seas are too rough: it is unlikely any migrants will be risking the crossing today.

Pressure of numbers

Malta has been appealing for help: more ships, helicopters and equipment to increase border patrols. It also wants “burden-sharing”: that is, EU countries less exposed by geography taking in a share of the migrants.


Most curious that nobody even talks about repatriation.

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  1. “new-age multiculti-diversity religion”

    The “new age” religion will reject those who are “negative”, “separatist”, and not sufficiently “enlightened” or “attuned” to enter the “Aquarian age”. A process of “planetary cleansing” will eliminate the “unenlighened” ones, perhaps utilising the “sword of cleavage” (beheading, currently so favoured by the peaceful ones).

    Those who will be considered as negative and separatist include Christians, and ultimately Jews, when the false system turns on them.

    A few days ago, a commenter left a reference here apparently to Baha’i. Baha’i was founded by Baha’u’llah, and like Islam, contains a number of errors.

    The Bahá’ís of Warwick (UK) give an insight into Baha’i view of the “New Age”, as well as the erroneous belief that all religions are essentially the same (much the same as GW Bush & Tony Blair. (Not to mention Al Gore & the “Earth Goddess Gaia”)

    The Essence of All Religions

    “Know thou assuredly that the essence of all the Prophets of God is one and the same. Their unity is absolute.”

    Bulldust! 🙂

  2. Responsibility? Malta and every other Western nation has one responsibility-to defend themselves against invasions of this sort. There is absolutely no responsibility to take in even one of the peaceful ones. You want a better life-stay where you live and set about improving the place. I’d recommend dropping the Koranic crappola as the first step-every nation following that book is a cesspool (which might explain the lack of an exodus to the ummah by infidels).

    By the way, didn’t Malta withstand the Islamaniac onslaught centuries ago? Looks like PC won’t allow it to happen a second time.

  3. Bahai Bulldust it is.

    If Bahai want you to know ‘assuredly’ that ‘prophets of god are one and the same’ they’re definitely on the wrong trail…

  4. There is absolutely no responsibility for any country anywhere to take in anyone from another country. If these migrant / invaders don’t like it in their own country then they should stay there and help change it instead of going somewhere else and looking for a free hand-out. Perhaps Antarcticia would like to take them, there’s a lot of room down there and plenty of nice clean water too.

  5. Somalis are without doubt the worst of all Muslims there are. In East Africa they are known as trhe refuse of Africa – and that is saying something. PJ O’Rourke has quite something to say about the Somalis and their culture.

    This is yet another siege of Malta. The first was another by the Moslem Ottoman empire. The second by the Nazis in 1941.

    Now poor Malta is faced by another siege of Moslems. Malta’s EU membership disallows it to deport these hostile people back. In fact Malta is obliged to send out rescue boats to pick them up and bring them to Malta, and look after them.

    I came across this book.

    The Great Siege – ERNLE BRADFORD

    You may remember the article in the Daily Mail aboout the great siege of Malta. A book by the author is going to be released shortly.

    Well I couldnt wait. I came across another book on the same by ERNLE BRADFORD – The Great Siege.

    This is an excellent book, written by a Royal Navy officer who took part in the last great siege of Malta in 1941.

    I couldnt put the book down, so well written it is, and finished it in a matter of hours. The author writes not like a historian or a crime or fiction writer, but as a sailor who took part in WWII, with first hand experience of what it is to be in a siege on that very same island. The book is well researched, and does not ignore the political as well human aspects of that conflict. It is written with sympathy for all the persons involved.

  6. Franco Frattini (right) one of the usual suspects, is urging EU members to bolster Frontex.

    Now readers may get the impression that Frontex, is a force to keep safe the borders of the EU. Nothing could be further from the truth, Frontex, has many helicopters, fast patrol boats and other shiny toys, but its main remit is to make sure that these invaders of Europe do not sink in the Med. Their task is to rescue the invaders from their rickety boats, bring them ashore, and then find a suitable EU nation for them.

    Frontex, like every EU organisation, is bloated with apparatchiks. What do you expect, when almost all the EU leaders were communists, but now prefer to call themselves socialists or social democrats.

  7. DP111 wrote: “Malta’s EU membership disallows it to deport these hostile people back.”

    No point crying ‘wolf’ now. Western countries couldn’t join the EU fast enough, surrendering their sovereignty to the EU. removing borders between countries. Now they are paying the price.

    BBC News, Valletta wrote: “Malta is hamstrung by an EU regulation which says asylum seekers must make their claim in the first EU country they enter.”

    And therein lies the problem. EU membership. No control over their own countries. Europe has two battles to fight – the EU and Islamization!

    How do vast numbers of Muslims manage to gain entry to England when they obviously have to travel through other EU countries before reaching England?

    Malta should blow them out of the water. Take back some control and refuse them entry when they enter Valletta Harbour.

    My sister and her family live in Malta – she married a Maltese man. Malta and the rest of Europe has my sympathy for the dreadful damage politicians have brought upon them. The future of England and Europe fills me with dread.

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