Muslims in Australia

Author: Philip Atkinson
Source: The Family Security Foundation, Inc.


Have you noticed that those who try to resist the hysteria of multiculturalism are immediately stigmatized as racists, red necks, chauvinists or fascists? FSM Contributing Editor Philip Atkinson’s piercing analysis implicitly suggests that Western culture may be in decline.

Muslims in Australia

By Philip Atkinson

Muslims, the traditional enemy of Christians and Jews, are allowed to become citizens of Australia, a Christian country, because of the popularity of the notion of Multiculturalism: the belief that all the different cultures can live like one big happy family as soon as we get rid of the bad people—the racists, sexists, fascists, chauvinists, bigots, red necks, fundamentalist teachers — all those people who will not change their beliefs to match fashion.

The flaws in the notion of Multiculturalism are easy to realize as different cultures have different beliefs that make them incompatible. For example, either:

• Adulterers are stoned to death or they are not.
• Thieves have their limbs amputated or they do not.
• Women must cover their faces in public or they may not
• Men can slay female relatives who dishonor their family, or they cannot.

All of these conflicting values are the choices of cultures with adherents in Australia, but it is clear that only one course of action can be followed, so one culture must dominate.
The single set of values that reign in Australia is Australian culture, which is the law of the land, and anybody attempting to inflict opposing cultural values will suffer legal penalty; which means that to uphold law, and order, the values of other cultures must be denied. Indeed, Australian society does not only forbid practices that contravene Australian common law, but it has extended Commonwealth statutes precisely to proscribe behavior that has no impact upon Australians, but which is considered unacceptable.

Our Multicultural regime has judged female excision as too awful to allow, even though it is practiced by millions throughout the world and affects only those belonging to alien cultures. This prohibition is a clear admission by the Multiculturalists that there are barbaric practices that cannot be allowed, which is a claim that there are people who practice barbarism, Barbarians, who must be resisted. This is a contradiction of their own Multicultural creed.

Multiculturalism is not a rational idea, but is part of the tyranny of wishful thinking that inevitably accompanies the decay of reason inherent in social decay; and our civilization has been decaying since 1791 (see “A Study Of History” by Professor Arnold Toynbee). Anyone who tries to resist the hysteria of multiculturalism is immediately stigmatised as a racist, or red neck or chauvinist or fascist or whatever and subject to persecution. In this way the nonsense of multiculturalism is promoted while truth is suppressed.


The undeniable explosions of violence caused by the clash of cultures, such as the razing of the Twin Towers in New York, and the Cronulla riots in Australia, which were spontaneous mob attacks upon those identified as Lebanese, have been ignored by the Multiculturalists. The Multiculturalists describe the Cronulla riots as the actions of a few ‘racists,’ who should be prosecuted by the law, and they pretend that the world wide acts of mass murder committed by Muslims, if not justifiable reactions to racism, are the result of a few evil Fundamentalist teachers.

This is merely a denial of the truth that cultures clash, as well as a confirmation of the demented state of the Australian community, for many Australians clearly do not know what a culture, or a community, is. To understand what a culture is requires understanding what a community is; a community is a shared understanding, with the character of that shared understanding being the culture of the community. As all understandings are founded upon notions of right and wrong, and notions of right and wrong are an arbitrary but a permanent part of understanding, as different cultures have different notions of right and wrong then they must have irreconcilable beliefs. And the only way to resolve the irreconcilable beliefs of different cultures is for one culture to force its beliefs upon all the other cultures by violence.

Thus different cultures are enemies who will struggle to dominate each other with violence; so deliberately to allow Muslims to settle in Australia is deliberately to import conflict into Australia. It is now only a matter of time before Australians see suicide bombers in Australian cities.

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Allah allows men to use slave girls as young as 6 for sex

Under Sharia law men have the right to have sex with infants

The Cronulla Betrayal

Islam-propagandist Nada Roude (C) a representative of the Islamic Council of Australia,  talks to young Australian surfers at North Cronulla Beach near Sydney, 15 December 2005. The beach was the venue for a meeting of Australian and Islamic community leaders as the NSW state parliament was recalled to pass new control laws that will enable an extra 1500 police to confiscate vehicles and close liquor outlets in a bid to crush any further outbreaks of the ethnic violence that has swept the city.

Australian Riots – Cronulla Beach Boys Rumble in Sydney!

December 19th 2005

Australian Riots - Cronulla Beach Boys Rumble in Sydney!

Cronulla Beach

Neo-Nazis, that’s what they were—brutal neo-Nazis! Cronulla’s beach boys; suicide surfers! Hooligans! Thugs! Fascists! Vigilantes! The descendants of apes and pigs! Brown-shirts—though many of them were bare-chested. (It’s warm in Sydney this time of year) Racists! Bigots! That and more!

Among the names the press did not use to describe the rioters at Cronulla Beach were rebels, freedom fighters, insurgents, members of a ruthlessly exploited sub-culture. And no one referred to them as working stiffs

Ply as Aussie beach bum with a few tankards of ale, point him in the direction of some poor wretch who looks like he might be from the Middle East, whisper ‘Bali’ in his hear, and then get out of the way. It’s a recipe for a riot—a day of sheer nastiness. Nathan Bedford Forrest would have been ashamed of these fellows. The Ku Klux Klan had class; they worked in the dread of night their terrors to perform. There was no excuse for what the Aussie beach bums did—Sydney, Australia, will never be the sam

Among the associations the press missed were: Sitting Bull at the Little Bighorn; Winston Smith with Big Brother breathing down his neck, and East Side-West Side.

Police Commissioner Ken Moroney said, “We have witnessed this weekend amongst the worst violence that I have seen in my policing service of 40 years.” Maybe in Australia—Moroney did not witness Watts; he did not witness South Central LA; he did not witness the draft riots in New York City in 1863. No one was killed at Cronulla Beach and property damage was minimal. Most of the destruction took place in the after-riot period.

“A drunken mob (turned) on a woman,” he said, properly aghast. Yet there were no reported rapes. In New York City there are Wildings and the incidence of women being raped by Muslim immigrants, not only in Australia but all across Eurabia, is epidemic.

Police Minister Carl Scully said, “I’m horrified that amidst that large crowd were pretty much people who have pretty ugly views.” He wasn’t talking about Howard Dean and Ted Rall. “These actions don’t belong in Australian society in 2005.” Nor do they belong in the Gaza Strip, Pakistan, Indonesia, Sweden and a dozen other countries but that is another matter the authorities don’t want to talk about.

These were rich white boys, privileged bastards, waving Australian flags; drunken louts making racist remarks: a real national disgrace. Of course, Mr. Scully, of course, Mr. Moroney, round them up and ship them to Saudi Arabia for punishment and be done with it. They are neo-Nazis! Vigilantes! Fascists! Bigots! But don’t listen to what they have to say. It might be embarrassing.

Has there been a rush to judgment? The Paris rioters—the Paristinian intifada—were described as disadvantaged, poverty stricken, marginalized, disenfranchised—delinquents leading drab lives. Yet they destroyed far more property than the Cronulla beach boys and they did it amidst screams of “Allahu akbar!” and “This land is our land!” George Armstrong Custer telling Sitting Bull to get the Hell out! And what were the Aussies doing? They were singing Waltzing Matilda and Advance Australia Fair. Couldn’t somebody have sent them a copy of Yasser Arafat’s Intifada For Dummies? How about next time? Amateurs—that’s what they were. And when the riots come to America—and they will—what will one hear? I Get Around; Little Deuce Coupe; Barbara Ann?

Kuranda Seyit, director of the Forum on Australian-Islamic Relations, said, “It shows that there is an underlying racism running deeply in the Australian psyche.” No mention of the hatred of unbelievers burned into the psyches of Muslims by the Qur’an from the cradle to the grave. “The only thing I am worried about,” he continued, “is that it’s going to further play on the minds of young Australian Muslims, particularly of Lebanese origin…They are young Australians who don’t have a sense of belonging.”

Ah, the Paris syndrome! One should have known. They don’t have a sense of belonging because they don’t want to belong!

There is a cancer eating at Australia and the Aussie government has done little to combat it. It is called Islam and there is no known cure. George Washington had a bad cold; he was bled to death: Patrick Henry was wasting away with age; he was given essence of mercury: the Cronulla beach boys got political correctness—a living death and now it’s too late for radiation. The politically correct are always the last to know. A fact of life: the Bali bombing had as much to do with the riot as the A-bomb had to do with flattening Hiroshima. Take a good look and listen. Six women from Cronulla were killed at Bali. The area contains a memorial to their memory.

When two pastors, Danny Nalliah of Catch the Fire Ministries and Daniel Scott, a Pakistani Evangelist, were convicted of hate speech for reading from the Qur’an during a discussion of jihad and were not allowed to read the verses as evidence at their trial, the handwriting was on the wall. This way to slavery and dhimmitude!

In addition to court costs, Nalliah and Scott were ordered to place ads in newspapers admitting they were wrong to criticize the Qur’an. They will not place the ads they say because they cannot bear false witness.

Crocodile Dundee and Surfer Bob of the Bra Boys are aware of what is going on in Australia. They are not racists; they are not bigots; they are not morons; they don’t read the Qur’an; many of them don’t read the Bible. They have had a sampling of what Islam is and they don’t like it. Australia’s radical left governments and their university running dogs, the Red KKK college professoriat (Kustodians of all Kultural Knowledge), reinforced by the usual campus S.W.I.N.E.  (Students Woefully Ignorant of Nearly Everything) have betrayed them. The decision convicting the pastors of hate speech was one more painful step on the road to Austrabia.

Pastor Nalliah said, “Your Honor, how can I vilify a Muslim when I read from his own text?”

The prosecutor said, “Your Honor, truth is not a defense in this law.”

Even it you speak the truth and someone is offended, you are guilty and they are not.

A multiple-choice test: Kafka, Swift or Saturday Night Live?  This is madness. A civilization is under assault and Australia’s politicians are playing Nero. The obvious answer would be to ban the Qur’an as hate speech; it seems to offend everyone, Muslims included, but that would take spine. So the beach boys rumbled in Sydney and the powers that be took fright—most of them—but they’re not going to ask any hard questions or seek too deeply for root causes because their own complicity in Australia’s decline is greater than their ability to comprehend what they have done and are still doing and their unwavering faith in political correctness has destroyed what little residue of democracy radicalism has left in their sorry souls. There will be more beach boy riots.

By Denis Schulz
Freelance Writer  Contact Denis

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  1. 21st century definition of a racist: one who defies the master race mentality
    of Islamania. I’m happy to be a racist under this definition so if the peaceful ones and their moronic allies call me one I have no problem with that at all.

    By the way, I wonder what the god of the multiculturalists would look like-they worship it as devoutly as the peaceful ones worship their gods Mo and Illah. It would be an ugly one, no doubt.

  2. “Multiculturalism” is a solution to a problem we didn’t have. A few truly nationalist & patriotic politicians wouldn’t go astray, instead of the globalists posing as nationalists we have now. “Alliance of Civilisations”? With Islam?

    “Tell ’em they’re dreamin’!”

  3. “Bulls#*it and other Arabian Fairytales”

    “Anyone can be a Muslim because Islam was delivered as a mercy to all humanity.”

    I think I can live without Islam’s particular brand of “mercy”, thanks.

  4. “Thus different cultures are enemies who will struggle to dominate each other with violence”


    “Thus islamic culture is an enemy who will struggle to dominate all others with violence”

    Ive had enough of the relativist horses#$#t

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