‘No More Mosques’: Resistance Grows World Wide

* All over the world resistance is building: People are organizing against the massive, overblown mosques that weak governments allow to be built in the centers of their cities. Mosques, unlike churches, temples or synagogues, are symbols of conquest, of domination and superiority. They are headquarters of Arab Imperialism and the cult of Islam. From London to Paris, from provincial cities in Australia to Denmark, from Switzerland to Japan to cities in the US, we are witnessing the rapid, almost unhindered invasion, the perversion of Judeo-Christian values by the cult of Islam and the subjugation, the dhimmification, that comes with increasing influence and the ever growing demands by our Muslim overlords.

* But information about Islam can no longer be suppressed: The cat is out of the bag. People see their way of life under threat and are willing to stand up for their beliefs. Its late in the day, but better late than never:


270,000 oppose mega mosque in London

With thanks to Doctor Bulldog

Original article from Daily Times Monitor in Pakistan no longer available.

The Guardian, as always, is a willing tool for Muhammedan propaganda and supports Muhammedan demands:

More than 270,000 people signed up in opposition to plans for the Abbey Mills mosque, to be built on derelict land near the Olympic site in east London by the Islamic missionary sect Tablighi Jamaat, The Guardian reported on Thursday.
-The rest of you Brits need to stand up and help oppose this attempt to embarrass your nation.

The petition was started by Jill Barham, with the motion, “We the Christian population of this great country would like the proposed plan to build a mega-mosque in East London scrapped. This will only cause terrible violence and suffering and more money should go into the NHS.”
-Wrong focus, this is not a Christian vs Islam fight, all non-Muslims should be outraged and help fight this battle. You are all in danger, wake up!

Some have suggested the petition was started with the aim of stirring up religious hatred. The 1990 Trust, a human rights organisation, has repeatedly written to the Downing Street webmaster to ask for the petition to be removed.
-Some idiots think 9/11 was an inside job and they are also wrong. The petition is simple self-defense, Muslims teach hatred not Christians.

“It seems to us that it has been pushed by the far right and was anti-Muslim propaganda, started by a woman whose blog contained links to extreme right websites,” says Ruhul Tarafder, the national campaigns coordinator. “We contacted Downing Street about the reference to violence and their response was that they couldn’t do anything about it.”

* The usual slanderous tactics: ‘Right wing, racist, islamophobic’ smears are routinely attached to anyone opposing Islamic infiltration and the perversion of our way of life. Prepare yourself if you want to become involved.

* London’s corrupt mayor, ‘Red Ken’ Livingston of course supports Muhammedan causes and describes Tablighi Jamaat as a ‘group that has decent intentions’

“There is no evidence that this group has had anything to do with terrorist attacks. This is a group of people who have decent intentions, no record of any problems and are living and contributing to the community,” the spokesperson said. “Is it right that they should be subjected to this level of opportunistic suggestion and allegation?”

* Really? No evidence? Do a quick search of Tablighi Jamaat+terrorism. In seconds, you will change your mind.

If you want a real challenge, attempt to find an organized Muslim group without ties to terror.


Cologne, Germany:

Left Wing Magazine Spiegel Smears Opposition to Mega Mosque as ‘Right Wing’

A right-wing citizens’ initiative is protesting against Germany’s largest mosque, which is being built in Cologne. They have enlisted the efforts of the far-right from Austria and Belgium in their fight against the “Islamization of Europe.”


The Pro Cologne citizens’ initiative wants to prevent the construction of Germany’s largest mosque in Cologne. The group, which held a rally in Cologne last Saturday, is drawing support from right-wing activists across Europe.


We Want the Cathedral Here, not Minarets’

Pro Cologne’s Bernd Schöppe sees the construction of the mosque as “one more step towards the Islamization of Europe.” Fellow demonstrator Thomas Bendt also believes the mosque is intended as a symbol of Muslim fundamentalist power. The mosque won’t act openly, he believes. “If men and women are going to pray separately in the new mosque, that’s not the kind of freedom we want,” he says.

A woman who prefers to remain anonymous even believes that once the Muslim community has grown sufficiently large, it will attack Cologne’s cathedral. She wants to feel at home somewhere, she says, without feeling she is in a foreign city.

* She is not wrong: Churches and Synagogues have a tendency to go up in flames once the Muhammdans gain critical mass. If they are not turned into mosques they are usually firebombed or otherwise attacked.


Burning church in Kosovo


Round signs showing a red line across a stylized mosque are unpacked, and loud classical music is heard from within the Pro Cologne ranks. The protesters begin marching. Those at the front of the silent march carry a large banner featuring a quote from German writer Ralph Giordano: “There is no fundamental right to the construction of a large mosque.” The Jewish writer and Holocaust survivor Giordano has sharply criticized the construction of the mosque –– and now the right-wingers have co-opted him for their cause. Giordano, however, is vigorously resisting Pro Cologne’s efforts to enlist him for their cause. He has dubbed the right-wing citizens’ initiative the “local variety of Nazism.”


“I feel afraid,” confesses one elderly woman with carefully curled hair. “I’m not sure exactly what of — probably the right-wingers most of all.” She says she is not opposed to the Muslims receiving a new mosque, but adds that, as a local resident, she is concerned about the “traffic problems” that would result.

“I’m just afraid of fundamentalist Muslims gaining more and more ground,” says one female shop assistant. But it’s hardly possible to voice this fear because of the risk of immediately being labeled right-wing, she says. “I think Pro Cologne is horrible,” she adds. Only the two extremes, “the young, far-left demonstrators and the right-wingers from Pro Cologne,” are attracting attention, and that’s sad, she says. “It’s like an absurd carnival,” she says.

Read it all…


The Future of Eurabia

‘There is No Moderate Islam”

Another Ex-Muslim spills the beans: 

By Amil Imani / Link

Many non-Muslims are obviously very well-meaning with regard to Islam, but they are also extremely naïve and ignorant of the facts. They seem to think that Islam is just another religion of love and peace and Muslims should be given full freedom to practice their religion. Do they also believe that thieves, misogynists, rapists, child-molesters and any and all manner of practicing evils should be given complete carte blanche to carry on with what they value and believe? These well-meaning simpletons are just as deluded as the fanatic jihadists by refusing to acknowledge the fact that one cannot be a Muslim and not abide by the dictates of the Quran.

There is no such thing as moderate Islam. There is no such thing as secular Islam or a secular Muslim. How can you possibly secularize a shark or a snake? You can’t. It’s the nature of the beast. There are numerous sects within Islam. One and all are extremes and not in the least amenable to change. Keep in mind that Islam claims that it is the perfect eternal faith for mankind. Splits have occurred and will continue to occur in Islam. Yet, reformation has not happened in nearly 1400 years and is not going to happen. Islam is carved in granite, just the way it is. No change. Allah’s book is sealed.

There are indeed some Muslims who are moderate in the way they practice their religion. These people, for the most part, are culturally Muslims. They don’t practice Islam the way it is mandated. They pick and choose. Therefore, “moderate Islam,” is no Islam at all. It is not possible. The only way to deal with the menace of real Islam, the Islamofascist varieties, is to fully dismantle it and relegate it to the confines of museums.

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  1. Mosques are a symptom of spreading disease. I am in favor of no more building permits for mosques, and existing mosques be bulldozed, and adult bookstores be built in their place.

    Imani is right. There never was a moderate Islam or muslim, and there never will…

  2. second that. deport all muslims and bulldoze the mosques. muslims should stay in one place, and that is the sh**hole called the middle east.

  3. Declare islam a cult and ban it and shut down all the mosques(hopefully most practising muslims will leave the country by themselves). Stop immigration of new muslims except skilled ex-muslims. Deport all muslims unless they prove that they have left islam.

  4. any city anywhere in western civilization that allows a single muslim family in it’s midst, is importing it’s own means of death.
    they breed like rabbits as well.
    sadly, the west is really still asleep or else remains self deluded.

  5. we must STOP islamization of Europe and cure our countries from this disease!!!!
    do You know that
    – 40% of muslims in EU want to introduce shariat /koran-based state/
    – most of them are living from our taxes – they take all possible social benefits
    – most of their mosques are controlled by leaders influenced by radicals
    – there are more mosques being built than churches in the EU
    – all terrorists that blown themselves in the UK are UK-born muslims
    – even muslim doctors are terrorists – they attempted to set of bomb traps in London this year
    – their amount is now 20.000.000 in Europe
    – most bad news about Church are told, about Islam…. CENZORED


  6. there is a place for these terrorists – with inscription ARBEIT MACHT FREI on its main gate!

  7. Good to see opposition to the religion of peace is gaining momentum. Europe is finally waking up AND ABOUT FUCKING TIME TOO!!!!! If you have not yet done so, I ssuggest you read ‘THE DOWNFALL OF THE NETHERLANDS – LAND OF THE NAIVE FOOLS’ by the astute author Mohammed Rasoel (search in Google). That superb essay was written about 15 years ago and his predictions are spot on. Get steely people, read up as much as you can about SIOE (stop islamisation of europe) which is gaining steady support worldwide. The muslims will need to buy a one way ticket back to ASURDISTAN.

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