Pakistan: Lal Masjid Rage

* This is not a good time to run a McDonalds in Pakistan. Neither do you wanna be a non-Muslim in Pakistan, because that could be worse than smoking. Especially on Friday’s when the good Muslims head to the mosque for the kuthba:


Protesters vow to carry on the mission of Abdul Rashid Ghazi, the deputy leader of the Red Mosque, who was killed in the raid. (Reuters: Ho New)

*Because Pakistan was founded on Islam, Islam and nothing but Islam. But for some, that’s not nearly enough: They want the real kahoona, the real deal, along with the public flogging, the head and limb chopping and burka for all women.

Resistance is useless, and Mushi will be gone before long, one way or another. The only question is: Will Mushi end up like Najibullah or will he be blown to smithereens like Hariri??

* But our problem is that the Paki’s have nukes, and they’re meant for us…

Hardliners vow protests after mosque carnage

Zahid Hussain, Islamabad

The nation’s main alliance of fundamentalist parties, Muttahida Majlis-e-Amal, promised long, countrywide protests against the storming of the mosque.

Earlier, the commander who stormed the mosque said: “The resistance was beyond our expectation.”

Inside the madrassa, an inscription on a blackboard read: “Oh God give us a martyr’s death.”

Looks like they got what they wanted.

Ghazi was buried in his village in the Punjab. His elder brother Abdul Aziz, who was caught trying to flee the siege disguised as a woman, led the prayers. The cleric, who faces 25 murder and terrorism charges, was freed on parole to attend the funeral. 

Mushi Declares ‘War Against Extremists’


President Musharraf: ‘What kind of Islam do these people represent?’

David Blair/Telegraph

President Pervez Musharraf pledged to combat Muslim extremists across Pakistan yesterday as furious crowds demonstrated against the storming of the Red Mosque and two suicide bomb attacks left six dead.

President Musharraf: ‘What kind of Islam do these people represent?’

In a televised address to the nation, Gen Musharraf said that those inside the mosque and its adjacent madrassa, or Muslim college, were “terrorists” who directly threatened Pakistan’s security. They had also tarnished Islam’s reputation as a tolerant and peaceful religion.

* No such thing, Mushi. A ‘good Muslim’ is a terrorist, just like Muhammed, the founder of this ‘tolerant and peaceful religion’

“What do we as a nation want?” he asked. “What kind of Islam do these people represent? In the garb of Islamic teaching they have been training for terrorism. They prepared the madrassa as a fortress for war and housed other terrorists in there.”

* Why would that surprise you, Mushi? Isn’t that what good Muslims are doing all around the world?

Gen Musharraf praised the army for wresting the mosque and its madrassa “from the hands of terrorists” and said: “I will not allow any madrassa to be used for extremism.”

But thousands gathered for the funeral of Abdul Rashid Ghazi, the radical preacher who died inside the Red Mosque, and chanted “Go, Musharraf, go”.


Abdul Aziz arriving at the funeral of his brother,
the radical preacher Abdul Rashid Ghazi

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  1. The answer to the president’s question is simple-those people represent Islam in its purest form.

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