Sheik Yer’mami sez: “Just Call Me Doctor Jihad”

The week in pictures:


With thanks to Shiva from the Illustrated PIG



The mess in Pakistan

Mushi lives on borrowed time

Link to Michelle Malkin

Lawhawk notes that someone attempted to assassinate Pakistani president Pervez Musharraf as his plane took off from a military base today. Weasel Zippers thinks Musharraf has quite possibly “signed his own death warrant” by granting amnesty to the Red Mosque jihadis:

President Musharraf this morning approved a general amnesty for all those still holed up in the Lal Masjid, the “Red Mosque” of the capital that has been caught up in a firefight with the Pakistani army since 4 July.
The government has also decided to withdraw all the charges leveled against Muslim militants since last February, the period when the latter embarked on the “talibanization” of the country. According to internal sources, the measures were decided to avoid further bloodshed.
It’s a bargain that’s sure to backfire. Amnesties usually do.







Pakistan becoming rather ghostly… Link


But the jihad against the UK is only just beginning:





* Lets hope that these pictures tell more than a thousand words. These are pictures of our enemies. These are pictures of people who are determined to kill and die for Allah. According to Winston Churchill, ‘Muhammedans are easily whipped into a fanatical frenzy which more dangerous than hydrophobia in a dog’ – at the drop of a hat turban.

The traitors among us are many. Their effect on our society is devastating. There is still hope, but time is running out fast. Lets get real and fight those who would enslave and subjugate us…

8 thoughts on “Sheik Yer’mami sez: “Just Call Me Doctor Jihad””

  1. Some of those muslims-in-garb pix look as if they just came out of a horror movie.
    I have no doubt they wear these outfits in the west as a frontline of intimidation.

  2. I’m convinced they are aliens or may be body snatched? I cant believe they are human look at how they carry on, Iv see some off things on the web and its ugly and always got a Muslim near by, I don’t want to argue about it any more I’m sick of it over it passed it.
    I want them to go away ok I’m clicking my heals ‘there’s no place like home, there’s no place like home’
    I got depressed when the got to Sand Monkey you know him, they are destroying them selves from with in then they will try and destroy us…….oh well I wont go down with out a fight!
    Iv vented

  3. Gramfan, you beat me to it – they remind me of the old Grim Reaper ads.


    Beware of the Grim Burka!
    Noone is safe!

  4. Mullah,

    Yes they do! I thought I had seen them somewhere before.

    (Also look like the Banshee in that old Disney movie “Darby O’Gill”.
    I was VERY young when I saw that,lol!)

  5. Gramfan, I vaguely remember Darby O’Gill, but not the plot.

    The current crop of pics can be set to Skyhooks’ “Horror Movie” without much need to change the lyrics:

    The planes are a-crashin’, the cars are a-smashin’
    They come for a-bashin’, oh yeah
    The kids are a-fightin’, the fires are a-lightin’
    The dogs are a-bitin’, oh yeah

  6. I must re-watch Darby. It was Sean Connery’s first movie as far as I recall. It is set in Ireland with leprechauns etc.

    Skyhooks: absolutely!

    Someone on Jihad watch also mentioned lyrics of a new Megadeth song. I can’t recall it but it was also very appropriate.

  7. “I must re-watch Darby. It was Sean Connery’s first movie as far as I recall”

    Sean Connery, a superb actor, even in an average movie (Entrapment and a couple of others).

  8. “Sean Connery, a superb actor, even in an average movie (Entrapment and a couple of others).”

    And speaking as a female,,lots of other things!

    Really, he is a great actor, I agree.

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