Thailand: Islamic School Shut Down, Jihad Kills 3

The south of Thailand is ‘restive’ again: ‘Rebels’ are killing people…

‘Militants and insurgents’ have been spotted also!

From AFP of course…


AFP/File Photo: A Thai solder patrols in a sensitive area of the troubled southern Yala province, 04…

* Restive” is the mainstream media’s Homeric epithet of choice for jihad activity in Thailand. Here it is applied in connection with the closing of an Islamic school that was linked to the jihadists. Imagine! An Islamic school, where presumably the students learned all about the peaceful teachings of the Qur’an and Muhammad, and yet they turned to jihad violence! Now how could it have possibly happened that the jihad ideology could have gained traction in an Islamic school? Hmm…

Thai authorities said Friday they have shut down an Islamic school with alleged links to separatist rebels in the nation’s restive south, where three people were killed in fresh unrest.

The licence for the Islam Burapha religious school was revoked after seven bomb makers were arrested there on Monday, said Natthaphon Vichienpres, deputy governor of Narathiwat province.

Narathiwat is one of three Muslim-majority provinces where more than 2,300 people have been killed since an insurgency broke out in January 2004.

“A provincial meeting agreed that this school is a gathering place for planning terrorist attacks and it implanted separatist ideology and used the school premises as a training ground,” Natthaphon told reporters.

An eighth man, a 43-year-old religious teacher, was also arrested Friday in connection with the boys boarding school.

Natthaphon said authorities were planning to issue more arrest warrants for teachers and students at the school.

Also Friday, police said separatist insurgents had shot dead three people in the turbulent region.

A 50-year-old Muslim man, a former member of Narathiwat provincial council, was killed in that province as he returned home from a local football match on Thursday evening, local police said.

The victim was accused of having links with insurgents, who are fighting for a separate Muslim state in Thailand’s far south, and was wanted for questioning over a gun robbery. He surrendered to the authorities last year.

* Imagine: you have to read almost through the whole thing before the AFP stringer tells you thatinsurgents are fighting for a separate state in the south’

In nearby Pattani province on Thursday, a 50-year-old Buddhist woman was shot dead at her grocery shop by two suspected militants who posed as customers, Pattani police told AFP.

On Friday, a 59-year-old Muslim man was shot dead in an ambush in Yala province as he returned home from work at a rubber plantation, police said.

The violence has continued despite peace-building efforts by the military-installed government, which came to power following a coup in September last year.


* Watch also the video by a sanctimonious lisping twit of a reporter, who can’t find anything wrong with Islam, but instead peddles the ‘discrimination’ BS that flies in the face of all the evidence. The lying, grinning imam from the central mosque of Pattani tops it off: ‘We don’t know who is responsible for the violence’-

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  1. The victim was accused of having links with insurgents, who are fighting for a separate Muslim state in Thailand’s far south…

    At a glance, there are parallels between Thailand’s “restive” south, and the “Aztlan” movement in the USA, seeking to reclaim states like Texas & California, with “La Voz de Aztlan” portraying ObL as the “Pancho Villa” of Islam. ( )

    The USA would do well to heed the threat in its “restive” south, and take Aztlan and Islam seriously, instead of opening the borders for short term economic advantage. Same here with the doctors, and others who have access to our critical infrastructure.

    What guarantees can Ruddock, Keelty, Howard and co give us that the doctors (and others) are not here with the long term aim of incorporating
    Australia (or the northern part, where 2 doctors were) into a JI Caliphate, which is a known JI goal.

  2. Mullah,

    its not only the ‘northern part of Australia’ they want. As you may know already, no infidel government is legitimate and only when all the world is conquered and belongs to the soldiers of Allah can there be peace. This is what our elected polit-props refuse to understand.

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