Christiane Amanwhore’SHit Piece on the Jews

Debbie Schlussel sez:

It’s the Rosie O’Donnell view of the world.

It’s warped, and it’s a lie. Tonight, Amanpour will vilify Jewish settlers, who live in the Judea and Samaria portion of Israel, where they are constantly attacked and bludgeoned by Palestinian terrorists. But instead, they will be portrayed as violent and dangerous. Complete fiction. They are sheep living amidst wolves. Thursday night, it’s evangelical and fundamentalist Christians’ chance to be compared to 9/11 hijackers by Amanpour. Completely disgusting.

We know who kills in the name of their god. We know who names their religious group, Hezbollah — Party of God. And it’s neither of the Judeo-Christian faiths.

Nope, only those who descend from the illegitimate son of Abraham and his maid are the ones who still wear a very violent and deadly chip on their shoulders.

But don’t ever expect she-man Amanpour to tell you the truth about it. Believing her reports could be fatal.

Amanpour’s “journalism” is as ugly and one-dimensional as she is.


“If this is journalism, I’m the Pope” sez Pamela from Atlas Shrugs and lets it fly:


Sunday in the Park with Mama Sheehan

That’s right; the cat is out of the bag, baby. No need to hold back:

CNN, the Crescent News Network’s star dhimmi reporter, Christiane Islamiane Amanapour six-hour “television event” “God’s Jewish Warriors” (to be following on successive nights by “God’s Muslim Warriors” and “God’s Christian Warriors”) aired this evening and it is hard to imagine but this unabashed Jew hater, outdid herself. Moral inversion packaged tres sophisticay. Jihadist translates into “God’s Warrior.” One sided would imply there might be another side and clearly in this useful idiot’s world, there is only Islam.

It began with a lie, and went downhill from there. Who does Amanpour think she is? Who died and made her queen of antisemites?

Amanpour speaks to the usual Jewicidal suspects ie Shimon Peres and world class Jew haters Jimmy Carter and Protocols of Zion devotee`John Mearsheimer, “prominent political scientist,” my ass. Yes, that bad.


‘No mo peanutz’-, sez ‘Apartheid’ Khadr

Pearls like “Jewish settlers turned to terror” (with no mention of She failed to note that in each and very instance the Israeli government arrested Jewish Underground plotters and imprisoned them for long periods of time) and Israel’s “plot to destroy Islam’s holiest sites” There is no people on earth that have gone to such extraordinary measure to preserve religious and archaeological sites. Islam is notorious for destroying any and all non Muslim and has gone so far as to issue a fatwa against religious statues.

The major obstacle to peace is the settlements.” “The Jewish settlements have inflamed much of the Muslim world.” Not Islamic jihad, not the legacy of Islamic antisemitism. Not Israel itself. The Arab narrative “OCCUPATION!”

Six thousand miles away in New York, “defiance of international law comes dressed in diamonds”

Its all about the tricky, crafty, sneaky Jews defying their government, defying the US, defying international law by supporting settlements. INTERNATIONAL LAW aka the UN. Amanpour evokes the Islamized UN repeatedly.

“Why not withhold Israel’s foreign aid?”

The building AIPAC, the Zionist lobby, is located in is “more powerful” than the Foggy Bottom.

“Some might say that this building became the most powerful arm of American foreign policy, more powerful than foggy bottom, State department.”


If this is journalism, I’m the Pope.

I can already see the spate of lawsuits going after Jewish charities for supporting settlements that contravene US policy and international law. Ed Lasky, an email exchange added…

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17 thoughts on “Christiane Amanwhore’SHit Piece on the Jews”

  1. I don’t have the exact quote, but she asks one of the leaders of BattleCry, a Christian group, if their dress codes don’t make them just like the taliban.

    I would have looked her in the eye and said: ‘We don’t burn our girls to death for wanting an education. We don’t perform FGM upon them. We don’t reduce them to second-class citizenship. We don’t…’ on and on and on.

    This worthless woman is being quite mendacious with her idiotic questions. The only ones who will get a break are the muslims that atheist is so proud of.

  2. Thanks for that Otter. I was thinking about watching it tonight, but I am already feeling nauseous and so I will give it a miss. More time to do something a lot more useful.

  3. Israel has controlled Jerusalem for 40 years now. Had it wanted to demolish Islamania’s unholy sites it could have easily done so long ago. This one fact alone discredits the entire mocumentary.

    Someone should investigate if this alleged journalist is on Tehran’s payroll.

  4. This is a little off the subject, but I just heard this disinformation on fox news:,2933,294005,00.html

    it says that Saudi Arabia – who got some of our Gitmo prisoners released to them – is going to rehabilitate their jihadists. The country who is exporting jihadists, paying for their training in pakistan and Afganistan, and supports Hamas and wants Israelis all killed.

    Yes, Fox news is Saudi Arabia’s whore – it is official. I can’t believe that I heard and read what I did. With no news reporter stating this is just pure bunk!

  5. Your beliefs are bullshit, but you can all take heart as I’m sure there is an analogous bunch of retards to you, having the same moan on an islamic blog about how their bullshit beliefs have been slagged. Get a life you fanatics.

  6. oh oh, we got a troll. Unable to discuss, but able to bash us while he practices no tolerance of others. yep, a muslim. Unfortunately, we know the facts of their history – current and past, their teachings and their ‘prophet’ who was a thief, liar, rapist, kidnapper, enslaver, torturer, and last but certainly not least – a murderer. That is what they follow – a psychopathic murderer.

  7. Hey, ahjust farted – why do you believe in such a guy as mohammed? I would like to hear it from a muzzie – how can they believe in such a guy. Why do they think that their allah demands the death of his own creatures – if their allah created them what gives them the right to destroy them. Why doesn’t anyone question that maybe mohammed was visited by an angel that was cast out of heaven – lucifer, or one of his dominion – since he is the prince of lies and would say he was a different kind of angel. (if that is what mohammed saw – I think mohammed was either drunk, on drugs or a very sick and demented puppy)

  8. Can you imagine the TOTAL chaos of the middle east if Israel had not taken on Jerusalem as a ‘project’. Wouldn’t it have been so much easier to have settled anywhere else? How kind and loyal of them to have ‘stayed in there’ and endured the horror surrounding them. Now we, too, have the ugliness if the muslims inside our nation.

  9. I suspect ‘AF’ is actually an intolerant, ignorant, bigoted atheist- the perfect example of the kind of people on the Left who want to ruin, errr, run the US.

  10. The video intro I watched yesterday at the end blamed the Jewish communities for “Inflaming the Muslim world.” It is well known, if the Jews did absolutely nothing, Muslims would come up with a reason to eradicate them. The best buddy of the Muslims ( hitler ) may his name be obliterated from society, did the same thing.

  11. Israel darenot to harm the Dome of the Rock the third holyly site in Islam. They would be isolate from all other nation in the World and Israel would be defeat and total destory as than nation. I was behind the 1976 peace deal between Epty and Israel as I wrote to Saudi Arabac about than extreme Jewist group who inflita Israel nuclear tip missile base to launch than nuclear attack on Mecca and Medine . The Saudic Government contact USA government who force Israel to remove these people from they missile force which the Head of Israeli Intelligent did.

  12. I think Gingrich has it right.
    There would not be peace in any muslim country or anywhere else if Israel didn’t exist. It’s just a dumb excuse and a rallying point.

    Must see clip!

  13. R_not

    I think this is another ploy to keep us all happy and ignorant. I wouldn’t believe anything that came out of saudi arabia. Just MHO.

  14. Only recently I’ve learnt about the “youth bulge”-theory; now that seems an interesting (and frightening) theory, the gist of it saying that virtually ANY conflict, past and present, is due to an excess, a surplus, of ‘angry young men’, that is 3rd,4th and 5th sons.
    It was also said that in the next 15,20 years around 300 (3 O O) millions of young men of predominantly muslim countries will try to make a living elsewhere (the Western world).
    It was further said that Palestine was one of the countries with the biggest demographic build-up with 4-8 children per family, all of these kids being subsidized by the E.U.
    So, if the E.U. had stopped with financing palestinian kiddies in 1991 there would’nt be any Hamas extremism by now, because an only child will not take up weapons.

  15. # Savitch Says:
    August 22nd, 2007 at 2:42 pm

    I have no beliefs, just interested in facts! Whats Farted on about?

    *You will never get to the facts if the only think you do when you have pulled your head out of your ass is to just visit sites like this, it makes you a sheep, that is easily corralled by the dog that barks the loudest.

    R_not Says:
    August 22nd, 2007 at 3:18 pm
    Unfortunately, we know the facts of their history – current and past, their teachings

    *I doubt you know very much about history or the world at large. I’ll bet you even swallowed the bull that Saddam was behind 9-11.

    R_not Says:
    August 22nd, 2007 at 3:24 pm
    I think mohammed was either drunk, on drugs or a very sick and demented puppy

    *Talking to god is a pretty good sign of mental illness. Following people that claim they talk to god is a sign of stupidity.

    Michael (Ger) Says:
    August 23rd, 2007 at 12:41 am
    Only recently I’ve learnt about the “youth bulge”-theory;

    *Young women can create a bulge in a young man, or possibly in your case even other young men.

    So, if the E.U. had stopped with financing palestinian kiddies in 1991 there would’nt be any Hamas extremism by now

    *If Israel hadn’t provided seed capital to hamas in the hope of fomenting discord amongst the palestinians there wouldn’t be a hamas today.

    Jeff Says:
    August 22nd, 2007 at 10:43 pm
    The best buddy of the Muslims ( hitler ) may his name be obliterated from society,

    *Get over it, Hitler’s been dead for half a century.

    Religion is for people who don’t want to think for themselves, but instead want others do the thinking for them. You guys are just as stupid as the other guys that think a caliphate is possible, or a new temple must happen. Keep wallowing in your stupidity, sheep are easier to herd.

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