CNN: 6 Hours of Crock & Schlock from Ammanpour

* More politically correct BS reporting. More obfuscation and political, moral and religious equivalence. Because all religions are equally bad, there are zealots wherever you look (if you refuse to look at the obvious) and because Christians fly jets into buildings, Buddhists blow up Buddha statues and Hindu’s are expert headchoppers. Ahh, and if it wasn’t for the Jooozzz we would have never had any suicide bombers, right? Right.


CNN pretends that Judaism, Christianity, Islam all equally likely to incite violence

CNN explores religious fundamentalism,” by David Bauder for AP with comments from Jihad Watch

NEW YORK – Christiane Amanpour’s work on the documentary series “God’s Warriors” took her directly to intersections of extreme religious and secular thinking.
She watched, fascinated, as demonstrators in San Francisco accused teenagers in the fundamentalist Christian group BattleCry of intolerance in a clash of two cultures that will probably never understand each other.

Understanding is what Amanpour is trying to promote in “God’s Warriors,” which takes up six prime-time hours on CNN this week. The series on religious fundamentalism among Christians, Muslims and Jews airs in three parts, 9 p.m. EDT Tuesday through Thursday.


“I’m not interested in drumming up false fears, or falsely allaying fears,” CNN’s chief international correspondent told The Associated Press by phone from France, where she added last-minute touches to the series. “I just want people to know what’s going on.”

Amanpour traveled extensively over eight months to work on the series. The trips to Amanpour’s native Iran are most fascinating. She explored the ancient roots of the conflict between Shiites and Sunnis, and talked with one of the country’s most accomplished female politicians about how Muslim women are treated.

Another segment tried to explain why so many devout Muslims are willing to give their lives to a cause.

“To the West, martyrdom has a really bad connotation because of suicide bombers who call themselves martyrs,” she said. “Really, martyrdom is actually something that historically was quite noble, because it was about standing up and rejecting tyranny, rejecting injustice and rejecting oppression and, if necessary, dying for that.”…

* This is true in both Christianity and Islam. Amanpour fails to point out, however, that in Islam, but not in Christianity, a martyr is someone who kills for Allah, and is killed in the process (cf. Qur’an 9:111). One might forgive “the West” for getting this “bad connotation” in the face of the Islamic scriptural jihadists use to justify suicide attacks.

Read it and weep…

To quote former New York Times Chief of Staff, John Swinton, as he admonished in his speech at the New York Press Club, in 1953:

The business of a journalist is to destroy the truth; to lie out right, to prevent, to vilify; to fawn at the feet of mammon, and to sell the country for our daily bread. We are the tools and vassals of the rich men behind the scene. We are jumping jacks, they pull the strings and we dance. Our talents, our possibilities and our lives, are all the property of other men. We are intellectual prostitutes.”



Fitzgerald: The point of CNN’s religious fundamentalism series 

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  1. Well, we all know Christians and Jews are into terrorism. 9/11 was a joint effort between the Christian Bush and the evil Zionists, right?

  2. You know, I’m all for freedom of speech and religion, but when are they going to treat islamofascism denial as some kind of offence? You hear it all the time, its almost in our culture to pretend islam is misunderstood and should be protected and regarded in the same way as other religions. Its becoming bloody dangerous when you understand what true islam is about, with this ongoing cover-up.

    I want to see Alan Colmes or Karl Stefanovic hauled away and locked up. Sorry, I just do.

  3. Abuse of drugs such as amphetamines, cocaine, marijuana, PCP, LSD, or other stimulants or “psychedelic” compounds may lead to symptoms of paranoid thinking …

    Explains the above posters to a tee.

  4. How does our anti-Jewish poster manage to keep changing his name like that? Must be one of those multiple personality brain disorders…

  5. “She explored the ancient roots of the conflict between Shiites and Sunnis, and talked with one of the country’s most accomplished female politicians about how Muslim women are treated.”

    So, in all her Iranian travels and interviews and researching and collating and videotaping… she NEVER ONCE heard about or asked about or interviewed Iranians ‘Dedicated to the Glory of God’? (Baha’is)

    She thinks its more important to investigate the different shadows and IGNORE the Light?


  6. I know people don’t like the word ‘stupid’ but that is the only way I know how to describe people who chose to ignore current muslim violence, along with chosing ignorance to finding out about muslim’s past history of violence.

    Thanks Gramfam, that was a nice website. It is one of the better ones to explain wahabbism. And our government has allowed over 1500 madrassas be built in the USA that are funded by Saudi Arabia and its wahabbi sect. They have also built untold amounts around this globe. In fact, the number – 1500 – is probably old so it is probably much higher now.

    And yes, our media is indeed controlled by thugs like the Saudi princes. Even Fox news. They were called by a Saudi prince during the French riots and said to call the muslim youth – ‘disaffected’ youth. Since the Saudis have so much stock in the company – Murdock complied. (this has probably been my biggest peeve with Fox news – and you better believe the left wing kook stations are even worse – they probably don’t even have to be asked by wahabbi thugs to appease them because they are so willing to do so all along).

    Fox news will put out documentaries that are more like disinformation which don’t tell anyone about taqiyya/kithman, da’wa, or anything but muslims saying they are indeed against the violence – while I am waiting for something to be done about it coming from their corner – maybe I might not hold my breath though.

    And yes, I have written them so many times telling them about it and to do some reading on their own that I don’t know why no one has bothered yet. I do believe more than just me needs to tell those reporters to get off their behinds and stop their disinformation, and put one and one together of the news they report and read some history. (O’Reilly is a history major but isn’t that up on islam/muslim history either – don’t let him give you a ration – no matter how loud he bellows! I have heard more than once his appeasing muslims and not taking the interviews further to ask why they would follow such a thug as mohammed, or what about taqiyya/kithman, da’wa, etc)

    Oh well, I get so frustrated with news reporters, politicians, etc and their chosen ignorance that I could just scream!

  7. Guys:
    Have you noticed the trolls lately?
    They can only come up with assumptions and tu quoque. And they think we are fooled by their pseudo-Jewish names. What a hoot!

    Pathetic! And a dead give-away.

    Funny, I have never resorted to going to muslim sites and bagging people there. I suppose they are really desperate because the truth is coming out,,and fast!

  8. A comment on CNN. It seems that CNN is popular in countries like Egypt – a place where the muslim brotherhood has a deep stranglehold on. And CNN gives them what they want it seems – their PR and the dolts in the West that listen to CNN fall for it – or I suppose they wouldn’t be watching it. disgusting.

  9. Gramfan-

    Yup, the trolls keep on coming. That’s probably a good sign-they’re getting a bit irked so they feel compelled to express themselves. I’ve yet to answer one because it seems to be an exercise in futility.

    Time for me to drop some acid-my paranoia is wearing off!

  10. Gramfam, yeah – it was the best laid out on that I have seen.

    It is easier to get people to read such things when it is easier to read on a page (pics help too).

    I actually think I am making headway into getting people to WAKE UP! I try not to bash – just tell the facts. Unfortunately, the facts are not that good and sometimes it can be looked at as bashing. I also learned the fewer websites when I start giving info is better too – if I overwhelm a person they won’t do anything. So, it is better to peak their interests with a little and then if they want more – give it to them – in bits. Sort of like feeding a person – you can’t cram down all the good stuff in one sitting, but you have to tickle their tongues and for them to want more.

    My problem is that I have so much information in my little noggin’ that I just want to push it out and I forget that I got all this info over a few years and a LOT of reading.

    Unfortunately, telling people to read the koran, and also the hadiths and surrahs, is a real turnoff. Now, our politicians, intelligence agencies, and military in the Pentagon – they have no excuse – they should know our enemy and they chose to go the ‘CNN route’ and be stupid.

    Some I have talked to actually think that if they read these books it will turn them into muslims. I laugh at that and tell them it might give them a headache but they will only be converted if they want to be murdering thugs. But it is one of the ways to know our enemy – read what they read, learn what they have been taught. Mr. Spencer’s “blogging the qur’an” is the best along with the books at but they can still be major tasks to take on. I find that people can be very lazy and even in the face of danger. But, how else did the others get taken over by muslims – the muslims are hoping for lazy.

    I think I am obsessed – but I view it as a good obsession. If I don’t try my darndest I see us going the way of everyone else overrun by the muslim hordes. I do see this as an upward battle though – it isn’t easy with a left wing ready and willing to appease muslims at every turn. Others can discount islam/muslims, but I do not. Do not underestimate your enemy. We have to be as obsessed as they are – and be willing to do this for the long term as they are which means until death. They are ok with 1400 years of war – we have to realize that is how they got a lot of victories – their patience.

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