Controlling Muslim immigration likened to fight on bird flu

From the ‘STOP the rot’ department:


A New South Wales Senate candidate for the Christian Democratic Party (CDP) has compared controlling Muslim immigration in Australia to stopping the spread of bird flu.

The Christian Democrats are pushing for a halt to Muslim immigration because there has been no serious study of the effects of Muslims on Australia.

They say the 10-year measure would give some breathing space to assess the situation.

The party today officially introduced pastor Paul Green as its number-one candidate for the Senate at a media conference in Sydney.

Mr Green says he believes Australian people are very concerned about Muslim immigration and would support an immediate moratorium.

“If there was bird flu coming from a people’s groups across the nation, would we not stop to assess the risk management of what it means to Australia and then assess the factors, and say, ‘Is it safe to continue that or withhold it until it is dealt with?'” he said.

“We are saying there’s cracks in the foundation.

“We need to address them. We need not rush it because we could be making a bad decision.”

Mr Green is urging the Federal Government to conduct a social impact study on the effects of Muslim immigration.

“It’s much easier to do that with 300,000 Muslims than it would be with 3 million,” he said.

* It won’t be long before we have 3 million…

“Let’s take a breather and give the Australian people an opportunity to say, ‘How do we want to work this?'”

Senior Liberal defects
Meanwhile, a senior Liberal who has been suspended from the party has formally defected to the CDP and has not ruled out running at the next federal election.

Michael Darby was suspended from the Liberals in June over his appearance on the Four Corners program on ABC TV and for criticising the former NSW Liberal leader, Peter Debnam, in a newspaper interview.

He also lost a pre-selection battle for the state seat of Manly against Michael Baird and later campaigned for the Christian Democratic Party during the recent NSW election.

Mr Darby, a former federal and New South Wales councillor for the Liberal Party, denies the switch to the new party is sour grapes.

“What tipped me over the edge was this,” he said.

“I said to the state executive when they were examining whether they would be suspending me, ‘You are not having any kind of judicial process.

“‘There is no concept of any judicial process here. This is simply grubby factional politics.'”

* Indeed. It is.

8 thoughts on “Controlling Muslim immigration likened to fight on bird flu”

  1. Christian Democratic Party is at

    Fred Nile is the Hon National / NSW President, which makes me a bit cautious
    about voting for them, or endorsing them, but I have no hesitation in supporting the call for a moratorium on Islamic immigration.

    There is a couple of interesting things on the site – a PDF “Poll on Muslim Flyer”, and the PETITION TO REVIEW IMMIGRATION towards the bottom of the page:

    […] Secondly, we want Australian to adopt a ten year moratorium on Muslim immigration, so an assessment can be made on the social and political disharmony currently occurring in the Netherlands, France and the UK […]

  2. They don’t have to do any extra tests to find out what muslim immigration will do – just read some history – current and past, along with the koran/hadiths/surrahs and they will know what it will do.

    It is a form of jihad – immigrate in peacefully, espouse their peaceful contributions to society, start making demands for changes, crimes start, make more demands for changes/appeasement/apologies, crimes escalate, etc – the same M.O as in every, single other country where they migrate to. To the end of forcing every none muslim left alive to dhimmitude or conversion and enforcing sharia law over everyone.

  3. If anything will cause islam to implode it would be if all Western countries stopped immigration from the islamic world. It would actually turn everything on it’s head, and they would start asking why we hate them for a change.

  4. Not that I hate them especially. Just want to keep islamania contained, where it belongs.

  5. Yes, R, I endorse all your comments and would add: and breed like rabbits/cockroaches. Then collect government Family Allowance for their large broods. And if a mohammedan husband has 4 wives, as Cat Meat Hilali has, the number of offspring per man could be enormous.

    Yesterday, the Herald Sun reported that a 60 year old one-legged Emirati father has 78 children and aims to have 100 children by 2015. He has had 15 brides but divorces them to remain within the legal limit of 4. As befits a man of his prodigious creativity, his name is DAAD MOHAMMED Murad Abdul Rahman. Just call him DAADDY.

    Heaven help Australia if mohammedans import that charming custom with them!

    Will this comment gain me a few points towards an Islamophobia Award?

  6. I’m beginning to think the reason Australia is getting more of the peaceful ones is because they’re starting to look at maps. A vast land with a relatively tiny population-they feel compelled to fill it according to Illah’s will. Why leave such a big nation so empty when you can turn it into a thriving nation like Bangladesh? Eventually, Big Daady will show up with his brats and pave the way for others to produce 100 or more-the man will be considered a pioneer and monuments will be errected in his honor all over the Caliphate Down Under.

    Unless Australia starts shutting the doors to such madness soon.

  7. As a Christian, I have often wondered how us ‘religious’ people should respond to the islamisation of our country. We are urged to help those who are in need, but we must not throw ‘pearls to swine’.

    I believe we need to look after our own back yard, and if that means stopping imigration (for however long is required) then we do so. We could have as a pre-requisite that new Aussies agree to follow the Judeo-Christian principles upon which this nation was built. That would not stop agnostics, but could slow down the islamic radicals.

    Any ideas??

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