Iraq: Islamic Terrorists launch attack from mosque

* Once again, an American soldier has been killed by enemy combatants, by Islamic terrorists hiding in a mosque. If America hits back will be an international outcry. But when the jihadists shoot from the mosque, there is no outcry at all. Of course.

* Surprised? That’s what mosques are for, after all, because “War is Deception”- said Muhammad


New mosque in Kurdistan

By Multi-National Division – North PAO

Blackanthem Military News, TAJI, Iraq – Insurgents launched an attack against Coalition Forces from a Sunni mosque in Tarmiyah, Iraq, in Baghdad Province, Aug. 16.

Soldiers from 4th Stryker Brigade Combat, 2nd Infantry Division, were attacked at their outpost with heavy small-arms fire which the unit confirmed came from the Honest Muhammed Mosque. The attack resulted in one Coalition Soldier killed and another wounded as reported previously in MNC-I press release 20070817-04. CF previously reported multiple small-arms fire and rocket-propelled grenade attacks on nearby outposts originating from the mosque since May.

* One would hope that the ‘honest Muhammad mosque’ has been turned into a parking place…

“These insurgents displayed total disregard for the community by using a mosque, a sacred place for Muslims worship, as a sanctuary to commit their acts of terror,” said Maj. Mike Garcia, spokesperson for 4th SBCT. “They are fully aware Coalition Forces treat religious centers with the highest regard. This is an obvious sign of cowardice.”

* Really? What is then when the soldiers of Allah shoot at coalition troops and hide behind women and children?

After confirming the source of the attack, CF established an outer cordon of the area and attempted to locate the mosque’s Imam. After being unable to find the Imam, CF talked to the mosque’s groundskeeper in an attempt to resolve the situation.

CF conducted a tactical callout to individuals inside the mosque instructing them to come out. Two armed individuals were identified on the roof.

The groundskeeper instructed everyone in the mosque to exit the mosque and surrender to CF. The groundskeeper and 20 people exited the mosque. After detaining the 20 individuals, the groundskeeper stated the mosque was empty. Two armed individuals remained on the roof.

An air weapons team engaged the armed individuals on the northeast corner of the mosque’s roof with a Hellfire missile.

The roof of the mosque only sustained minor damage.

“Our forces only entered after repeated attempts to have the insurgents come out to avoid damaging the mosque,” said Garcia. “However, we must continue to take action against terrorists that choose to attack our forces and threaten the community.”

One Soldier was transported to a Coalition medical facility where he died of wounds. Another Soldier was treated for superficial wounds and returned to duty.

This incident remains under investigation.

* The ‘honest Muhammad’ mosque is still standing. Why?

Hugh Fitzgerald speaks truth to power:

The American soldiers who went off to Iraq did not know that mosques would be centers from which they would be attacked. They did not know that mosques were used as barracks, as places where, the Muslims understood, they could exploit the innocence of the Infidels and their desire not to offend. The choice not to offend, and to treat mosques as merely “houses of worship” then as what they are — centers for the promotion of the duty of Jihad, places where people are not given sermons using words such as “charity” and “mercy” and “hope” and “love” but rather different words — “struggle” and “war” and “Infidel” and “umma al-Islamiyya” and “Jihad” and “Jihad” and “Jihad,” in so many mosques, in too many mosques, in so many places, in too many places, for it to be merely a matter of this or that singularly fanatical imam.

Start seeing mosques for what they are:

They are far more than “houses of worship.” Far more, and therefore far less entitled to be treated as if that is what they are. If the enemy holds up in a building, that building is not sacrosanct.Mosques are attacked all the time, Sunnis blow up Shi’a mosques, and Shi’a blow up Sunni mosques, in Iraq, and in Pakistan. from those who seized the Grand Mosque in Mecca in November 1979 (which hastily-converted French troops finally managed to dislodge), to those who attack the mosques of their political, sectarian, or ethnic rivals whenever the spirit moves them. And it so often moves them.
American soldiers in, or returning from, Iraq, now know what they should expect from inside those mosques. And so do the security services who have raided, and who have monitored, and who keep under surveillance mosques in England, mosques in France, mosques in Italy, mosques in Germany, mosques everywhere.

Stop pretending that a mosque is merely an innocent “house of worship.” Stop fooling yourself, and others.

* Obviously, we are not learning, are we?

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  1. Until the cult of death is officially named as such this sort of thing will go on endlessly. Once Islamania is branded as the cult that it is then it will be possible to blast its unholy places of murder worship to rubble without a PR nightmare ensuing. Mosques have always been used for military purposes in wartime (even in peacetime they’re used for military purposes since they spread inflammatory ideas from the Koran)-infidels need to realize that and get over the squeamishness of targeting such places for destruction. And if Islamaniac apologists complain about insensitivity in this matter it should be noted that in the past many Christian holy sites have been blasted when it was deemed they were being used for military purposes-the abbey at Monte Casino in Italy in 1944 was turned to rubble by Allied bombing. Why should the cult of death be given a free pass given such an example?

  2. * Soldiers … were attacked at their outpost with heavy small-arms fire … from the Honest Muhammed Mosque.

    Using mosques as “lighthouses of jihad” is more honest than pretending that they can be used for peaceful purposes, such as teaching civics to “combat extremism” in Britain.

    When mosques are used for non-threatening purposes, such as teaching muslim children the value of learning a trade & not blowing up the Tube,
    the Islamic Society of Britain (Ajman Masroor’s mob) complains, & asks why Muslim children are singled out for civics lessons, and “Why the Muslim community again?” Waah! Waah! Waaah(abi)!

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