Norway: Islamic Assassin Claims Compensation

* But ‘Aftenposten’ wouldn’t tell you that, their headline reads:

Killer claims compensation”-

* Well, just about anybody can be a killer, and what’s wrong with compensation? Perhaps the poor fella had a difficult childhood?

* Just in from the ‘Moonbats of the Midnight Sun’ Department:

A man who wildly stabbed fellow passengers on board an Oslo tram three years ago is now seeking compensation from the state. He claims he never should have been released from psychiatric care just days before he went amok, and his victim’s own mother agrees.

The stabbing spree in Oslo shocked police and witnesses.


Police later displayed the knife used by the assailant.

The man, an immigrant from Somalia in his 40s, killed one of the passengers and wounded four others in the bloody attack on board the #17 tram as it rolled by Bislett Stadium on an August afternoon in 2004.

* He was ‘a man from Somalia’- you see? Aftenposten wouldn’t tell you that Somalia is 99.9% Islamic and that jihad is incumbent on every Muslim. Why NOT?
He had been sitting quietly on the tram when he suddenly pulled out a large knife, which he’d just bought in downtown Oslo, and started slashing at everyone around him. The shocked driver of the tram brought it to a halt and frantically called for assistance.

By the time it arrived, the man had fled, hijacking the car of a passing motorist. One of his victims, a 23-year-old man who didn’t hear the uproar around him because he was deaf, was stabbed to death.

The assailant was eventually captured later that day and has been committed to psychiatric care ever since. Newspaper VG reported Friday that he now claims the state is liable for turning him into a killer because he didn’t receive the care he needed at the time.

His attorney wouldn’t elaborate on the case, nor would the organization that promotes patients’ rights in Norway.

State health authorities earlier criticized a doctor at Ullevål University Hospital for releasing the man from acute care without having a plan to follow up his treatment. An intern on duty had actually handled the release, but the doctor was viewed as being responsible.

Support from victim’s mother:

The victim’s mother, Karin MjÃ¥land, told Norwegian Broadcasting (NRK) on Friday that she understands why her son’s killer is seeking compensation.

* A true victim of the cult of political correctness:

“I understand that he needs a confirmation (that the stabbings weren’t entirely his fault) to get on with his life,” she told NRK. “Living with the knowledge that you’ve killed someone and injured four others, must be terrible.”

* Right. Have you ever seen a ‘guilty’ jihadist? After all they’re all just following their religion. But you can bet that this mother is not the only politically correct heart in Norway that bleeds for this guy.

She and her family have also blamed UllevÃ¥l Hospital for the death of her son. “We feel they’re responsible for the loss of our son,” she said.

* Incredible. Insane!

* A government that disarms its citizens is a criminal government.

* A society that gives up the right to bear arms is  a neutered society.

14 thoughts on “Norway: Islamic Assassin Claims Compensation”

  1. Not only do they want to kill us but they want us to pay them to do it.

    No wonder the Democrats see nothing wrong with these guys.

  2. * He was ‘a man from Somalia’- you see? Aftenposten wouldn’t tell you that Somalia is 99.9% Islamic and that jihad is incumbent on every Muslim. Why NOT?

    Derrr! Because da crime was cummitted by an insane man? Derrr. And because only a paranoid nut actually believes that jihad is around ever corner.

    What next do you want to blame the hillside strangler murders on christianity?

  3. These Somalis turn up in the oddest places-Minnesota, Norway-places that are as far removed from Somalia climatewise as possible. I wonder why?

    On the bright side the man is filing a junk lawsuit, joining far too many infidels who do that. It cannot be said that he’s not assimilating, so that’s a good thing, right?

  4. Too insane to be held accountable for murder, but not too insane to want a little spending money to go along with it. Geez. And funny too is the fact that for every person that allegedly sees a jihadist under every rock are five who say there is no jihad at all.

    Meanwhile, the facts pile up…

  5. Can any one tell me just how much crack they smoke in Norway. I’m looking for place to invest my money for some EXTREME profits.

  6. Sheik.. I am telling you that by our definition evry moslem is indeed insane. But so are the Stockholm-Syndrome-afflicted Euro-weenies who harbor these asshats!

    By the way.. GREAT title for a song..


  7. Premeditated to the max(guess he bought that knife to gut fish),kill one,wound four,carjack a passing motorist and then be handed a small fortune. Beats that 9 to 5 job. Perhaps that was his motive all along:jihad with a side dish of jizyya.

  8. Aww, come on Infidels, Apostates, Djihimmi’s and Jews. He was just having a bit of good clean fun. Lighten up. He had every right to stab any of those Infidels he wanted. Why do you hate Islam?

  9. * The assailant was eventually captured later that day and has been committed to psychiatric care ever since.

    But still has enough marbles left for one last crack at the jackpot. Here, AFAIK, criminals are not supposed to profit from their crimes, but for Muslims, insanity, including criminal insanity, seems to be the norm. Dhimmi solution: bring in more insane Somali Muslims. I gather the tram had surveillance cameras “for your protection”, but the police caught the perp .. sorry, “patient” later that day.

    If anyone has a case for compensation, it should be the victims, but in Allahland, Muslims are always the victims.

  10. Death by hanging should be his compensation. Norwegians are total morons to allow Muslims to immigrate there. They cause nothing but trouble

    Somalis are genetically incapable of living so far north

  11. # sheikyermami Says:
    August 24th, 2007 at 4:08 pm


    Are you telling us that that every Muslim is insane or that we would be better off to look the other way?

    #Look the other way if you are a paranoid nut, the less you see the less stimulated you will be. People who hear voices are insane,regardless of religion.

    # Sam Deakins Says:
    August 24th, 2007 at 3:55 pm

    Derrr? Or shud that be “Doh!” or “Duh!”?

    #Doh’s probably copyrighted.

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