Rage Ibrahim sez he is innocent and that the incident was a misunderstanding

Nomen est omen: “Rage” Ibrahim unhinged:

Of course, None of this has anything to do with Islam and misogyny.

Are you paranoid and do you see nothing but jihad behind every bush? Are you some kind of Islamophobe?

Buy Ibbi Hooper’s snake oil to cure your Islamophobia:

Cops: Tape Shows at Least 10 Witnesses Ignoring Minnesota Woman’s Cries for Help During Sexual Assault

ST. PAUL, Minn. — A security video from an apartment hallway shows at least 10 witnesses ignored a woman’s cries for help for more than an hour as a man beat and sexually assaulted her, prosecutors in Minnesota said.

The surveillance video clearly showed men and women looking out their apartment doors or starting to walk down the hallway before retreating as the woman was assaulted for nearly 90 minutes, police spokesman Tom Walsh said.

Police said they responded to a call of drunken behavior and found Somali immigrant Rage Ibrahim, 25, and a woman lying unconscious in the hallway early Tuesday. The woman’s clothing had been pulled up and she had fresh scratches on her face and blood on her thigh, according to the criminal complaint.

Ibrahim told the officers they were just drunk, but the crying woman told them Ibrahim had drugged and raped her.


Ibrahim says he is innocent and that the incident was a misunderstanding, according to Omar Jamal, the executive director of the Somali Justice Advocacy Center, who spoke on Ibrahim’s behalf.

* Of course the misunderstanding was entirely the fault of the female who didn’t like to be whacked into submission. A condition which can only be cured with more Islam…

Ibrahim was charged with several counts of first-degree criminal sexual conduct, prosecutors said.

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Question to the Muslims: When will we ever see a guilty Muslim?

Why do they always commit heinous crimes and claim to be innocent…???

Michelle Malkin calls it the Kitty Genovese Syndrome


You remember Kitty Genovese. She was the young woman stabbed to death in Queens in the 1960s as 38 bystanders witnessed the attack but did nothing to help. Kitty Genovese Syndrome entered the national lexicon. The papers quoted one cowardly witness who explained the unwillingness to even pick up the phone to call the police: “I didn’t want to get involved.” For every Good Samaritan willing to intervene, there’s an ostrich who sticks his head in the hand while a victim cries out for help. In St. Paul, citizens and law enforcement officials are horrified by another example of Kitty Genovese Syndrome…this one caught on videotape:


Defying tradition, Afghan family seeks justice for raped 7-year-old girl

By Alisa Tang, Associated Press
KABUL, Afghanistan — The family of a 7-year-old Afghan girl raped by two men has come forward to demand justice, defying social customs that view such attacks as a stain on the victim’s honor. Two months after the rape, the girl is still in pain, rarely speaks, and looks no one in the eye.

Two brothers — identified only as 18-year-old Ismat and 24-year-old Mohammad — allegedly asked their teenage sister to lure the girl to their home in the Jaghuri district of Ghazni province and raped her until she lost consciousness, according to human rights officials and advocates handling the case.

The suspects were briefly held by police and then freed. Rights officials suspect they used personal contacts or bribes to secure their release.

The girl’s family fled north to the capital, leaving home under cover of darkness.

“The district chief went to the uncle and said if they complain any further or go to Kabul, he’s going to personally come and kill them,” said Manizha Naderi, director of the advocacy organization Women for Afghan Women, which is helping the girl’s family.

Jaghuri district chief Khada Dad Erfani denied any threat, and asserted that tribal elders and relatives of the girl and the brothers intervened, preferring to handle the case through tribal law instead of potentially embarrassing legal proceedings.

He raised no doubts about the brothers’ guilt.

“They didn’t want this to be followed up through the justice system of the government because they said this would give a very bad name to their area and the people living there,” Erfani said.

The younger brother has been rearrested, but the elder is at large, he said.

Interviews with officials from Women for Afghan Women and the Afghan human rights commission produced similar accounts of how the girl was invited to the brothers’ home.

The two suspects’ 15-year-old sister knew the 7-year-old because they grazed sheep together. The sister invited the girl to eat cheese and then left her with Ismat and Mohammad, said Jamila Zafar, a social worker who is counseling the girl and her family.

After attacking the child, the brothers left her unconscious near the family home. When she came to, she went home and complained of stomach pains for a few days, Zafar said. The family then took her to the hospital, where doctors examined the girl and determined she had been raped.

The men were promptly arrested, but Naderi and Zafar said they believed bribes were paid to free them.

Rape is not uncommon in Afghanistan, but victims rarely come forward because a girl or woman losing her virginity out of wedlock is seen as disgracing her entire family.

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  1. Don’t you know there is no rape in Islamania?
    Just like there is no compulsion.

    Since these concepts are officially unknown they can never happen even when they do happen. We infidels are at fault-we’re just too stupid to understand it I guess. That probably accounts for the master race mentality of the peaceful ones-they have special knowledge that we lack so surely we must be inferior.

  2. * Somali immigrant Rage Ibrahim, 25, and a woman lying unconscious in the hallway early Tuesday.

    The woman had apparently been visiting a friend’s unit, where she met Rage, and one thing led to another. I wouldn’t be surprised if the unit was occupied by other Somalis, who are in numbers in Minnesota, & apparently don’t like infidels getting into their cabs with alcohol & guide dogs, but in “Rage’s” case, he didn’t mind a night on the turps. The other apartment dwellers may have been hardened to Rage-style “foreplay”, & got sick of reporting it to police.

    Ppl in Minnesota have found that it doesn’t pay to report suspicious behaviour by the peaceful ones, as they might get sued, with CAIR’s help
    (“flying imams”).

  3. “… the incident was a misunderstanding, according to Omar Jamal, the executive director of the Somali Justice Advocacy Center …”

    I think I get the picture, Omar. Apartment full of Somalis, who, according to you, women are strongly discouraged from reporting domestic violence, and it is a taboo topic in the male-dominated Somali community (that Howard & co are determined to transplant in Oz, to our detriment), & there is deep mistrust in the system (as there always is with the peaceful ones). And so on – feel free to beat your women to a bloody pulp. Don’t the female victims deserve any justice, Omar? http://www.startribune.com/484/story/1356665.html

  4. Why doesn’t anyone bring up the words: taqiyya and kithman when also talking to the likes of Hooper? Islamophobia is a good and healthy thing if you like your neck! Of course, Hooper is going to say whatever he thinks he should say, but also try to support islam and make it sound like it is a victim. Hooper is nothing but a taqiyya/kithman filled bee/esser.

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