Protest against “Islamisation” banned

BRUSSELS (AFP) – Brussels mayor Freddy Thielemans has banned a protest against the “Islamisation” of Europe planned for 11 September, the anniversary of the suicide attacks on the US, his spokesman said Thursday.

The “Stop the Islamisation of Europe” (SIOE) group last month announced its intention to organise a protest in front of the European parliament building, six years after the suicide plane attacks in New York and Washington.

The group, which started in Denmark, considers Islam “a tool for introducing Islamic imperialistic politics.”

On its website it argues: “Islam and democracy are incompatible due to teachings within the Koran itself.”



The group hopes to bring thousands out onto the streets of the Belgian capital on 11 September. It is organising other protests to take place simultaneously around the world, notably in the United States, Canada and Australia.

But the mayor’s spokesman Nicolas Dassonville said: “The danger to public order is too high,” to allow the Brussels protest to go ahead.

“The sizeable foreign community living in the area could react to the action,” he added.

The city of Brussels authorities receive between 500 and 600 requests to hold protests each year. In the last five years only six have been banned, said Dassonville.

An Open Letter to Europeans

by Paul Weston
It had to happen. It was just a matter of when. Writers on sites such as Gates of Vienna have spent years detailing the totalitarian impulses of the European Union and the associated apparatchiks riding on their coat tails.


And now it is out in the open. A peaceful democratic protest, organised by people with no trace of historically violent behaviour, is banned because the Mayor of Brussels, a Mr Freddy Thielemans, believes he cannot guarantee the safety of the public, and perhaps more pertinently, does not wish to upset the delicate sensibilities of Brussels’s large resident Muslim community.

What a sense of relief! Those hours spent researching, reading and writing up on the European Union and it’s dastardly plans for its “community” of citizens were not in vain. No matter how right we may have thought we were, there was always that nagging doubt in the back of one’s mind that perhaps it was all too fantastical to be true; is it really possible that white Western European leaders (unelected, but surely that too could not be true, after all we live in a democracy, do we not?) were intent on betraying and sacrificing their own people, all half a billion of them, in their pursuit of power and a seat at the never ending trough of financial swill?

But now the face of Europe’s totalitarian New Order has exposed itself in all of its slippery, devious, treacherous, lying, naked ambition. If they are prepared to deny free speech and freedom to demonstrate, then what else will they deny us? Could those scarcely believable tales, spun across the “right wing” web sites, making outrageous claims that the EU wanted to incorporate old Christian Europe into a new Islamic entity called Eurabia possibly be true?

And if that is the case, what of the threat of arrest by Europol, (whose headquarters is rather fittingly the ex-Gestapo headquarters) followed by transportation and trial before Eurojust, with both organisations taking precedence over and above the judicial and police departments of national countries? Can it really be the case that such an arrest can take place for mere criticism of an EU institution, a criticism subsequently identified as a criminal act of xenophobic hatred?

A nightmare unfolds, read it all

And sign the petition, here


Fat Freddy: Whoring For Eurabia

Freddy’s ban on the 9/11 demo is  actually good news. He said more or less openly that we now live in a totalitarian society ruled by Muslims. He probably provoked more people into joining the demo.

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  1. >>”By outlawing a democratic demonstration, mayor Thielemans has laid down a marker that will be studied closely by the Brussels politicians.”

  2. EU, multiculturalism, Islam, and the historic nation state

    Actually, mass immigration, especially from the third world (Muslim or otherwise), does much more than dilute participatory democracy.

    An egalitarian multicultural society can’t have widespread participation in self-government. Self-government requires there to be a political people that can deliberate and decide things somewhat rationally. There has to be a sort of public mind, which requires common history, habits, understandings, standards, loyalties, etc.

    In a large radically multicultural society that kind of common mind can’t possibly exist among the people at large. As a result the society will not in fact be democratic. It will be ruled by some much smaller group, who are able to deliberate, decide and act collectively. The more fragmented the people are — the more multicultural they are, for example — the less influence they will have in public affairs.

    Posted by: Jim Kalb on November 14, 2002 10:38 AM at VFR.
    What is clear from the above, is that there must be a common understanding and acceptance of what is good for a society, before any consensus can emerge as to what policies are best suited for the nation of a like minded people, and which political party will best ensure that objective.

    In a multicultural society, there cannot be any general acceptance of what is best for society at large; each component of a multicultural society has a different idea and concept of what constitutes “good”. As there is no consensus, all that will happen is that all values have to be accepted. And from this arises as a matter of necessity, the value system of “tolerance” of everything. This has several rather important repercussions

    1. The majority/native society loses all interest in its own country.

    2. With no real agenda but “tolerance”, all parties of significance, gravitate to a few policies that are acceptable to all. In effect there is no real difference in the political parties.

    3. From #1 and #2, it follows that there will be less then enthusiastic participation in the electoral process. All parties look the same, and no matter who gets elected, the result is the same. This is the reason why I believe, the number of people actually casting their vote is getting increasingly smaller.

    4. With less participation, there is democratic deficit, and the whole democratic process fails.

    Multiculturalism thus leads to the disenfranchisement of the people of a nation. Kalb makes the point, that this allows a small group of ‘elite’ to rule the populace without hindrance from the democratic process.

    With no real difference in the perceived cultures of different nation states, it then becomes possible for a super-bureaucratic empire to come about. And this is what we are seeing – the emergence from a european common market to a full-fledged EU empire run by an elite that is answerable to nobody. All our ‘national’ politicians at all levels, whether central or local, are really quasi-EU bureaucrats; in the process of becoming full fledged ones. (EU Referendum shows that even local councils are making decisions on garbage collection and others such, on the basis of EU guidance).

    I have said often enough – multiculturalism and the nation state are incompatible in the most fundamental way possible. To achieve its goal of hegemony, the EU has first to destroy a nation’s political and cultural identity, and multiculturalism becomes a very important tool in this objective. It is for this reason that Islam and Muslims are so vital to the EU project, and are well protected at all levels by the notionally ‘national’ governments and EU laws.

    We protest about the Islamisation of Europe, but the real power behind it is the EU, with its own objective.

  3. DP111>>”We protest about the Islamisation of Europe, but the real power behind it is the EU, with its own objective.”

  4. DP111 cited “We protest about the Islamisation of Europe, but the real power behind it is the EU, with its own objective.”

    Ultimately, it is Satan that is behind both Islam & the EU, & his goal is to fake the Millennial reign of Christ with a false messiah.

    OT, but relevant to islamisation: NSW Govt opposes Islamic college; 800 residents gathered to oppose it.
    (NSW) State Government to oppose Islamic college (on planning grounds)

    Heath Gilmore and Sarah Price
    August 12, 2007

    THE NSW Government will oppose the building of a highly contentious Muslim college next door to a state high school in Sydney’s west.

    Education Minister John Della Bosca yesterday said the development proposal would be opposed on planning grounds when it came before Bankstown City Council for approval.

    The NSW Government has been criticised for failing to block the sale of public school land to the proponents of the religious school, Al Amanah Islamic College. […]

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