Spencer A Hit At Young America’s Foundation

Defying threats of a lawsuit and bullying, lies and slander by CAIR, an Islamic propaganda front for Hamas, cashed up with 50 million dollars of Saudi money, Robert Spencer from Jihad Watch speaks to young Americans and receives multiple standing ovations:


“Welcome to the address that the Council on American Islamic Relations does not want you to hear,” Robert Spencer of Jihad Watch said Thursday, opening a speech to the Young America’s Foundation that caused CAIR to send a letter Wednesday demanding “that YAF cancel the subject session.

The Washington Times obtained a text of Mr. Spencer’s speech, excerpts of which follow:
It is a common tactic of both the Left and the Islamic advocacy groups in America: to accuse every critic of purveying hatred and bigotry. But I am not intimidated by their threats, or troubled by their smears — because I know I do not advocate hatred and bigotry, but a realistic appraisal of the Islamic jihad threat. …

Michelle Malkin quotes Mr. Spencer closing his speech with: “Come and kill me if you want, but I’m not going to submit.”

UPDATE 6:30 p.m.:
At Hot Air, Mrs. Malkin writes: “Multiple standing ovations. I’d say Spencer was the hit of the YAF conference, hands-down.”

Hey Hooper, don’t you wish your coffee filter was a Hitler helmet?


This is America, not Saudi Arabia. And in America, we have something called the Bill of Rights. We advise you to review amendments one and two…We are bringing you the speaker that CAIR doesn’t want you to hear…Robert Spencer.

(Standing ovation.)

Robert Spencer: They say in the letter that I am a well-known purveyor of hate…with a history of false and defamatory statement…but they do not manage to quote any…this is a common tactic…instructive lesson in bully-boy tactics…that is, to accuse every critic of purveying hatred and bigotry…everyone, no matter what…it’s good to see that you are not intimidated. I am not intimidated…so I’m here to tell you about the Truth about CAIR…
Can they really sue you for telling the truth?
…CAIR is highly successful…Law enforcement officials have received sensitivity training from the group…Mainstream media [has embraced]…There’s another side…it’s a side everyone needs to know about…
“CAIR is unusual in its extreme rhetoric and association with those who are suspect”…I’d like to say to CAIR’s lawyers that that’s not my statement. It was said by
Rep. Richard Durbin.
“CAIR has ties to terrorism…”
That was Rep. Charles Schumer.
“…nothing more than a apologist for groups bent on destroying Israel…”
That was Republican Rep. Bill Shuster.
Spencer reads from NYSun’s report on CAIR being named as unindicted co-conspirator in Hamas funding case.

There’s more, read it all

3 thoughts on “Spencer A Hit At Young America’s Foundation”

  1. The Iblis Hoopers of the world crack me up. They all paint Robert Spencer as a hate mongering devil because of a few comments at Jihad Watch. Yet clear as day is the disclaimer that Jihad Watch disavows all comments! In fact all sites sired by JW (including this one) have that disclaimer from what I’ve seen. But distortions are all they do and they do it well. They never let obvious truths stop them from lying and slandering the operators of such sites. But then again, they’re just being faithful to their Korans. Long live all these sites!

  2. When a group of people threaten to kill me and my family because I will not convert to their religion, that’s hate. When that same group encourages their young to blow themselves up in order to kill women and children, that’s more hate. When that same group cheers in the streets or in their Mosques in the U.S. that is still more hate. Do I hate that group of people? You’re damm right I do. Will I fight to the death to defend my country and my family, you’re damm right I will.

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