“Stop Debating Armenian Genocide or Israel/Jews Will Get Hurt” sez Turkish Envoy

First the bad news -the rest is not much better-, though:



Ex-Islamist? WTF? That’s like a little bit pregnant. New oxymoron. Does that make him an apostate? Ex-Islamist? Sort of like a chaste ho. Scroll down and read about Gul’s mentor, Erbakan.

Turks elect ex-Islamist president


BS from Al Bebeeceera:

Turkish Foreign Minister Abdullah Gul, a former Islamist, has been elected president in a parliamentary vote. He is the first politician with an Islamist background to become head of state since the creation of the deeply secular Turkish Republic in 1923. Mr Gul was elected in a third round of voting, after months of tension between Turkey’s ruling Islamist-rooted AK Party and the secular establishment.

* No such thing. Turkey was always deeply Islamic, it is only due to Ataturks reforms and the military that upholds secularism, otherwise Turkey would be just like Saudi Arabia. But Erdogan & Gul are working towards that…

On Monday the military warned about threats to the secular constitution.

Mr Gul, whose wife wears a Muslim headscarf, has pledged to respect Turkey’s secular institutions.

The headscarf is currently banned from public institutions in Turkey and Mr Gul has said wearing it is a matter of personal choice.

Ummah News Links.

The Anti-Defamation League’s reversal last week of its position on the Armenian genocide has set off a flurry of diplomatic activity in Turkey and Israel.

Officials in Ankara and Jerusalem, in coordination with American Jewish leaders, were working this week to contain the fallout from the ADL’s statement, which recognized the World War I massacres of Armenians by Ottoman Turks as “tantamount to genocide.”


Jewish leaders warned that recognizing the genocide, as Congress is now considering, could undermine American strategic interests in the Middle East and Turkey’s robust military and economic partnership with Israel. Also deemed at risk was the security of Turkish Jewry, which sent a letter earlier this year opposing a congressional resolution on the matter.

Nabi Sensoy, Turkey’s ambassador in Washington, told JTA that his government was strongly opposed to any congressional action, but that the Turkish Jewish community had nothing to fear in any case. Sensoy was less sure that Turkey’s relations with Israel and the United States would survive a resolution unscathed.

“I cannot really dismiss that if this resolution does pass that there will be certain impacts on certain relationships,” Sensoy said. “There is no doubt about it.”

Of those raising the specter of reprisals against Turkish Jewry, Sensoy said, “I’m very disturbed to hear this kind of remark coming from anywhere. They seem to be forgetting the history of Turks and Jews, which goes back at least 500 years. We’ve always had the best of relations between Turks and Jews and the Turkish Jewish community is part and parcel, and an integral part, of the Turkish community.”

* Hmm, lets see: how many Jews are there left/alive in Turkey these days?

On Sunday, the ADL released a second statement reiterating its support for a joint Turkish-Armenian commission to investigate the matter — a move Turkey supports — and its opposition to a resolution in Congress. Foxman also wrote to Turkey’s prime minister, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, “to express regret for any pain we have caused to you and the Turkish people in these past few days.”


In Turkey, those steps were seen as backtracking. Erdogan said the ADL had rectified its “mistake,” according to the Turkish Daily News. Sensoy said he felt the ADL had reversed itself again and that its current position reflected a more “balanced situation.”

“We are expecting the American Jewish organizations to be neutral about this,” Sensoy said. “Although we’re aware of the fact that this is a very sensitive issue for the Israeli people and the Jewish community, what we have to seek is the truth.”

* Terrorism, blackmail and intimidation works. Every time.


ADL reinstates director who was first to say Turkey committed ‘genocide’

Bostom: Congress must recognize the Armenian Genocide

Endless delusions on display: “No genocide”; “Turkey is a loyal and trustworthy US Ally”; “Turkey is an Israeli Ally”; “Turkey is good to its Jews, but don’t pass the bills because of what Turkey will do to its Jews!”

All this and more from Andrew Bostom at the American Thinker.

Sample: “559 villages whose surviving inhabitants were converted to Islam with fire and sword; 568 churches thoroughly pillaged, destroyed and razed to the ground; of 282 Christian churches transformed into mosques; of 21 Protestant preachers and 170 Armenian priests who were, after enduring unspeakable tortures, murdered on their refusal to accept Islam.” Lepsius concluded with this rhetorical question: “Is this a religious persecution or is it not?”

And in his eloquent Wednesday 8/22/07 column “No Room to Deny Genocide” the Boston Globe’s Jeff Jacoby emphasized the nexus between the jihad genocide of the Armenians, the contemporary depredations of jihad, and the dangers of denial:
“And at a time when jihadist violence from Darfur to Ground Zero has spilled so much innocent blood, dissimulation about the jihad of 1915 [emphasis added] can only aid our enemies.”


This Turk doesn’t want to hear about it


A poster on Jihad Watch nails it:

The contemptible and intolerable thing is that our misguided President, and our government generally, do not attribute this genocidal behavior to its true origin–Islam. They seem to think (or wish to think) it has something to do with tribalism, legitimate political grievances, or local geographical disputes.

The minority populations in Islamic lands, aside from being humiliated economic slaves, are all convenient hostages held to influence Western behavior–especially to attract jizya.

In our own defense, and in defense of the real refugees from Islamic genocide, we must quarantine the Islamic world. As part of this quarantine, immigration into Western lands from any foreign territory should be absolutlely restricted to non-Muslims only. As part of this quarantine, we must make it clear to the Muslim world that we know what Islam is–tyranny, with genocide of the “other” as its primary goal, and that we do not approve of it anywhere or accept it as a legitimate societal order under any conditions.


The forgotten Holocaust: The Armenian massacre that inspired Hitler 

When the Turkish gendarmes came for Mugrditch Nazarian, they did not give him time to dress, but took him from his home in the dead of night in his pyjamas.

The year was 1915, and his wife, Varter, knew that she was unlikely to see her husband alive again. Armenian men like him were being rounded up and taken away. In the words of their persecutors, they were being “deported” – but not to an earthly place.


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  1. The fact that Turkey, similar to Japan, is still refusing to recognise its history and the bloodshed it has done to others may also have reasons that have nothing to do with that virulent Turkish nationalism:
    it makes Turkey immune against potential lawsuites being filed by Armenian lobby groups in France or the U.S.A. which could run into billions.
    Remember how much activism and pressure it took to make Germany pay ‘compensation’ to former 3rd Reich slave workers.

  2. The Armenian genocide gets a free pass because it came at the right place at the right time. There was no TV to cover this atrocity and the motion picture industry was in its infancy. Plus the Ottoman Empire was crumbling and didn’t keep detailed records and ultimately was not occupied after its WW1 defeat. Contrast this to the Nazis-great record keepers, lots of film of the atrocities actually taking place and in the end, an occupation of Germany. Had the Nazi movement existed a few decades earlier the Holocaust might have slipped by everyone too.

    The insane part of the whole Armenian genocide is that the post-Ottoman government could have easily blamed the whole thing on the Ottomans and be done with it. Instead, since the 1920’s the Turks have denied it all, giving a tacit seal of approval of the crimes of their Ottoman predecessors by saying they were innocent when the evidence says otherwise.

  3. if the liberal left get their way these barbaric muslim scumbags will be joined at the hip with the rest of europe. the thought makes me puke.

  4. I would like to see more of this on the Internet, and I can say I had goose bumps when I was reading this blog. I hope and pray that the day will come that turkey will stop living up to there name and man up, own up to what they did to my people in 1915. The world will not forget! Armenian’s will never forget and if they do not accept the truth, they will burn in hell! Our people have suffered so much because of the Genocide, and we will get redemption. TURKEY WILL PAY AND PAY AGAIN!!

    Please boycott anything turkey makes, sells, and makes money from.

  5. What happened to Armenians is not genocide, there was a war that time and they were killing Turks and Turks were killing Armenians. That is not genocide it is war. But Armenians deny the fact that they were also killing

  6. Ozlam
    When a large number of CIVILIANS of one identity are murdered by an opposing army it is GENOCIDE. Whether you are at war or peace is irrelevant. In both cases you DO NOT TOUCH civilians.

  7. Kaw,

    Are you talking about genocide in Iraq or Afghnistan or Palestain or Somalia or something else.

    1. “genocide in Iraq?”

      You mean the genocide on the Christians? Or do you mean Shiites bombing Sunnis and vice versa?

      And which “genocide” in Afghanistan would that be? Last time we checked the Taliban were killing Christians and Sikhs for the jiziya, is that what you mean?

      In Somalia there is a genocide, yes. Committed by black Muslims who consider themselves Arabs against black Darfurians.

      Any more questions?

  8. Rehan.
    If your comment was meant to be counter argument it is neither
    effective nor true. Firstly there is no “genocide” in Afghanistan. In fact the US and coalition forces go to extreme lengths to prevent civilian deaths – and this policy is costing the lives of our own soldiers. It is rather annoying that an ignorant muss like you makes the claim of genocide in the region when our folks are sacrificing themselves in order to help that country. The only armed force that consistently attacks civilians is the Taliban. There is absolute NO genocide in Palestine – all the claims made to the effect have been solidly disproved. In fact the palestinian people are far more likely to be killed from local islamic infighting than from Israel. But the truth has never persuaded muslims to admit that they themselves are the chief cause for the problems of the Palestinian people. Incidentally the arabs are not the original settlers to the region – and the Jews have been there much longer than the muslims. Incidentally, you muslims are very quiet about the removal of Palestinians from Jordan after Arafat tried to kill the Jordanian Royal family, or the exodus of non-muslims from Lebanon due to violence perpetrated on them from muslims. There was no genocide in Iraq until Shiite and Sunni militias starting killing each other. The violence that is to be found in Iraq is a direct consequence of the power vacumn that existed in Iraq after Saddam was removed. Again it is muslim against muslim and muslims committing attrocity against non-muslims. Saddam could also be loosely stated as having tried to commit genocide (but that was ok in the muslim community because he was a muslim and muslim idiots feel that muslims can do no wrong!). Somalia involves the extermination of black african muslims by black “arab” muslims – but the OIC has prevented any reasonable preventative action being taken. IN ALL THESE CASE YOU MENTION MUSLIMS DIRECTLY ATTACK CIVILIANS AS POLICY – THE WEST HAS NEVER DONE THIS. What point were you trying to make particularly??? Do you even know???

  9. In my comunity, Armenian people from Argentina, they are used to deny that our ancestors also killed hundreds of thousand turks in that war.

    Some of them want to kill me because I said the truth, of course Karandzian is not my name.

    I’m not sure about to say if it was a genocide or not, but if it was a genocide, both parts did it because both parts killed hundred of thousand of innocent people.

    1. “Armenian people from Argentina, they are used to deny that our ancestors also killed hundreds of thousand turks in that war”-

      There is no evidence that any Armenians killed Turks. But there is plenty of evidence that the Turks wiped out 1.5 million unarmed Armenians (and the Greeks, and the Assyrian Christians) And you, Karandzian, coming here lying about it, “both parts did it”- what does that make you? A lying Turk or a descendant of genocidal killers who wants to whitewash a mohammedan atrocity?

  10. Thanks Karandzian,

    History seems to be like a wheel – the same mistakes are made over and over again. Rather depressing really.

  11. Have you ever heard Hitler ordering the execution of Nazi soldiers who mistreated Jews? Sure no. But you will see severely punished, even executed Ottoman soldiers for mistreatment in the Armenian case. It was a forced relocation under the conditions of WWI due to mutual massacres by both Turkish and Armenian communities. The result is still very sad though. Unfortunately, thousands of Armenians died due to the lack supplies and attacks of local gangs on the route. There were also some conflicts between Armenian guerillas/rebellions and Ottoman soldiers. Historians like Bernard Lewis, Justin McCarthy, Norman Stone, and many others do not see this event as genocide. As a Turk, I am sorry for what happened in the past, but perpetuating the hatred by misusing the terms do not help.

  12. Die Türken haben ihre Geschichte mit Mord, Vertreibung, Plünderung und Verbrechen gegen die Menschheit gepregt .
    Dürch ennorme Summen werden Medien und Politiker gekauft, wie Marioneten, Die die turkischen Lügen unterschützen, über 1.5 Millionen Armenier wurden ermordet (indem sie die Armenier in Kirchen eingeschlossen und verbrannt haben aber es geht weiter, Armenier wurden öffentlich hingerichtet und die Türkischen Pöbel haben es gemocht) und doppelt so viel vertrieben.
    Aber jezt kaufen Türken alles und jeden der gut lügen kann um diese verbrechen gegen die Armenier zu vertuschen . . .
    Auf die frage; wie würd uns die geschichte interpritieren?, antwortete Adolf Hitler: Die Türken ermordeten 1.5 Millionen Armenier, wer spricht jetzt davon?
    Also vor den Stärkeren ist der Schwächere unmächtig .
    Nicht desto trotz, die Geschichte kann mann nicht umschreiben . . .

  13. Translation, please!
    Learning Dutch or German is on my list, but way down after the Romances.

  14. everybody don’t know about turkey and real.because everybady say:ı hate turkey.no its very wrong.ı believe turkey.and ı love turkish people.because they are very friendly always.

  15. If you want to believe in some genocides just look at what Western Europeans have done.It’s estimated that over 120 million innocent,poor(as these words are always used for Armenians by Europeans) Native Americans were murdered by brutal Europeans.The US killed over a thousand people thru 2 atomic bombs in Japan.Only guilty people blame someone else for what they have done continously.If you want to blame more just look at what the Germans have done to the Jews 70 years ago.Yeah there is more..Now all Africa suffers from poverty and starvation thanks to “angelic” Europeans.I am from Asia and believe that the Europeans will pay for what they have done eventually.Shame on u evil creatures.

  16. “If you want to blame more just look at what the Germans have done to the Jews 70 years ago”

    Really? According to many followers of the false prophet, this either did not happen, or is overstated. Speaking of Asia, “moderate” Malaysia has a low opinion of Jews, and Christians. Speaking of evil creatures, this is due not to creation but to the fall, caused by the rebellion against God by Adam and Eve – a concept that muslims bandy about when it suits them, yet deny (the fall / original sin) when it suits them. Islam blows in the wind, simultaneously affirming and denying – a shapeshifting religion founded on nothing but sand.

    “The wise man builds his house upon the Rock (of salvation) …”

  17. Please, don’t talk about war and death anymore… Peace… I believe only religion… Peace… for Armenian, Turkish, Iraqi, for everyone… I’m an Turkish and sorry all these happened… I hate rasism and fascizm…

  18. petty that it is a bit late for Armenian children to enjoy “peace”… You see, beyond all propaganda, numbers always say the truth. And the truth is that wherever there are Turks, every other race, religion, “thought”, etc tends to ZERO. This is the meaning of a genocide. Recently you see, Turks invaded Cyprus. 250,000 Cypriots were livind at the occupied part. Now, there are only 2,000. Is it Genocide?

  19. @ OzlamUcar
    Not a genocide? Really. Of course it wasn’t. It was a spontaneuos, friendly, let us say, accident?
    Of course not. 1.5 of the 2.o million Armenian population was murdered. Stabbed, beaten, drowned, shot, burned, hanged, starved, exhausted. Armenians would be killing the Turks, if they had weapons, or the strength to lift their arms. It is a known fact that they were given no food on death marches, but according to you these withering women, children and elderly managed to miraclously obtain firepower and shoot down the devils gaurding them? If it were me, dear friend, I certaintly would opt for the food before weapons. I wouldn’t know, as I wasn’t there. But you were, as you seem to be able to cite from memory eyewitness acounts, present, I am assuming?

  20. i’m arminian i have one wish! i wanna all turkish and azerbadjans to duy! if ihave a power ‘ll definetly kill them !

  21. Don`t pay attention this kind of fucked up blogs which have unknown sources and writers. They have just internet connection and writing articles about everything with their hate pomped ostrich brains. What they write in this blog is not Islam. And Jihad means just war against enemies which doesn`t mean to commit suicide with bombs and kill innocents. This fucking looser call himself Sheik but doesn`t know Turks served Islam over 1000 year and respected to other nations and religions. Now you fucking looser blaming Turks (Muslims) killed many Armenians in Anatolia! Read about Ottoman history and learn how Armenians became governers and they got the critical positions in Ottoman Empire. They are still Christian and they still speak their own languge, that means Ottomans respected all the nations lived in their empire. But you must know that we never forgive the betrayers who were supported by Europans and Russia against Turks. We never blame all Armenian nation but some of them commited many crimes against Turks to seperate the country. If you are Armenian, ask your grandfathers about those Armenian gangs. As a result there is no government will let gangs kill his own citizens and destroy his country. We didn`t let them do and send them out of Anatolia. Now you have your own Armenian country. Instead of creating stories and begging for worlds attention in your lies, support your country and save your own people from poverty.

    1. You evil, f.u. Turk! How dare you dump your lies and your droppings here!

      About the Assyrian-Christian Genocide by the Muslim Turks,with about 500,000 Killed

      From 1914-1923 the Young Turks,a nationalistic group in the Ottoman governement,founded in 1908,and during the time of the Sultan(there was a Sultan till 1924) carried out a slaughter of 500,000 Greeks,at least 500,000 Assyrian Christians and 1.5 million Armenians.Islam,a modernized version of it,was part of the Young Turks’ identity,since they didn’t do a genocide of the Kurds,who are Muslim.In fact,in many cases Kurds helped killing Christians.
      In 2007 the scholarly organization called the International Association of Genocide Scholars recognized that what happened between 1914-1923 to those 3 groups was genocide.At the time of the genocide the total Assyrian population was approximately 1 million.There are other estimates that put the number of Assyrians killed at 750,000.

      Link about the International Association of Genocide Scholars


      Here is their Website


      Books written about the Assyrian Genocide or that Refer to It

      It is so the reader can independantly verify:

      1.”Genocide Against the Assyrians” (1999)by George Davis

      2.”Cruelty and Silence” (1994) by Kanan Makiya

      3.”The Forgotten Genocide:Eastern Christians,the Last Arameans” (2004) by Sebastian De Courtois

      4.”The Armenians,the Asssyrians and the Kurds:Three Nations,One Fate” (1997) by Burchard Brentjes

      5.”Assyrians:from Bedr Khan to Saddam Hussein” (2006) by Fred Aprim

      6.”Indigenous Peoples under the Rule of Islam” (2002) by Frederick Isaac

      Check out these Links about the Assyrian Genocide

      Greek Historians Discuss the Assyrian Genocide


      Short Summary of the Assyrian Genocide


      Another Short Summary


      An Article with Details of Massacres


      Documentary on the Assyrian Genocide

      Read more: http://www.antisharia.com/2011/04/08/about-the-assyrian-christian-genocide-by-the-muslim-turkswith-about-500000-killed/#ixzz25JDS9jRE

  22. Sheik, take it easy – the muslim idiot is not worth the stress – keep your aggression for when we let the dogs of war roll – until then just let these muslim parasites mouth off.

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