The Collective Insanity of Once ‘Great’ Britain

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* Crime spiraling out of control, the best and brightest are voting with their feet and leave the kingdom to the tune of 4000 a month, only to be replaced by an aggressive Muslim-migrant-proletariat that votes Labor. PM Gordon Brownnose gives orders to call Muslims ‘Asians’- and you have prisons where the Muslim-friendly toilets point towards Mekkah.


Yes, and a prince Charles who likes to dress in Arab robes and wants to be ‘Defender of the Faiths’- (Churchill must be going into overdrive in his grave)

Remember ‘Undercover Mosques? The report that revealed the hate preachers agenda by the Channel 4 network? Well, the police couldn’t get the cleric’s to admit to committing hate-crimes, so they went back to Channel 4 and accused them of ‘fomenting hatred’ by exposing the Muhammedan ideology in the footage of the reportage.

And who came up with this glorious idea? A certain Anil Patani, an ‘Asian’ police officer. Lets check him out here:

“ANIL PATANI, an Asian police officer in the Nottinghamshire force, was rejected for the post of superintendent after tests told his superiors he was not up to scratch. He complained, and the force, not wanting to be accused of “racism”, upheld his complaint. He was put on the fast track for promotion, being promised “priority” treatment over other applicants. In due course he achieved his ambition and was made superintendent.

But now he is complaining again – and, believe it or not, the complaint is that he has been a victim of – “racism.”

How so? According to Supt Patani, his rapid rise has antagonised his fellow officers, who claimed it was his race that got him the promotion. This, he says, has lost him respect, and he is suing the force as a result!”

* But now back to the botched ‘investigation’ of the hatepreachers

The West Midlands Police “investigation” was in the confidence inspiring hands of the fast-tracked Anil Patani, now Assistant Chief Constable:

Under Anil’s Patani West Midland Police investigate the film – then investigate the film-makers and ask the CPS to consider prosecuting them for stirring up racial hatred.

The CPS was also asked by the police to consider whether a prosecution under the Public Order Act 1986 should be brought against Channel 4 for broadcasting a programme including material likely to stir up racial hatred. Miss David advised West Midlands Police that on the evidence available, there was insufficient evidence that racial hatred had been stirred up as a direct consequence of the programme. It would also be necessary to identify a key individual responsible for doing this together with an intent to stir up racial hatred, which was not possible.

West Midlands Police have taken account of this advice and explored options available to them and has now referred the matter to the broadcasting regulators Ofcom as a formal complaint.

The mind boggles. The (Islamic) conquest is almost completed…


Surprisingly, Andrew Anthony from the far left ‘Guardian’ smells a rat and wonders:

When did the police start collaring television?

Channel 4’s controversial documentary Undercover Mosque was great investigative journalism. That the CPS thought it incited racial hatred beggars belief

Quite a story, then. The only problem is that the real story should have been about the alarmingly censorial and quite possibly libellous attack on investigative journalism. No matter, on Radio 4’s PM programme, it was Dispatches’ commissioning editor Kevin Sutcliffe who was subjected to a grilling, while Abu Usamah, one of the subjects of the documentary, was portrayed as a harmless victim. Usamah was ‘totally appalled’, he said, that Channel 4 had misrepresented his efforts to foster multicultural harmony.

* This is a case of intimidation by a Muslim police officer concocted to stop investigative reporting. The whole thing is a huge scandal,

read it all…

9 thoughts on “The Collective Insanity of Once ‘Great’ Britain”

  1. Sheikh

    Though Anil Patani maybe a Hindu, it seems he has decided to get on the Islamic bandwagon that is trundling through Britain at the moment. However, I’m absolutely certain that the wheels are going to come off the bandwagon, and then watch all the rats jumping off.

  2. I be done took that Asian punk and delivered him to his home nation….”boot scootin” right on over. British need to get some b@@LLLLLL’s on them. Prince Charles…has an identity crisis. After a Muslim steals’ his beautiful wife…and he dresses like them. (No future King there…he aint’ got the brain to rule his country!

  3. Yes!!!! Anil is a Hindu name, but the cub reporter that is responsible for this site couldn’t give a hoot as long as it takes attention away from the Ash-can-nazis like him, it’s all kosher.

  4. We shouldn’t worry too much about the Brits and their problems because once Mr.Krudd and his mates get in we’ll have plenty of worries ourselves.

  5. As a member and supporter of the only British political party to support the indigenous population – The British National Party – I am constantly amazed by the number of people I speak to, total strangers, who cannot understand why we are being overrun by muslims and immigrants generally. The same people then vote Labour or Conservative or perhaps the other lot. Even the newspapers and some politicians are saying what the BNP have been saying for years but then hastily deny reading BNP literature. If a newpaper makes a statement then it is a revelation. The same statement by the BNP is ‘racist’. Any ex pats reading this, take heart. We British are not yet ready to be taken over by the muslims.

    It’s a funny old world.

  6. Dear Michael,
    Thank you for your reassurances: I’m a Pommie living in Australia.

    I haven’t given up on Britain, either!!
    Most of the wankers who post on websites and / or blogs bemoaning the “loss of Great Britain” are Muslim propagandists.

    Muslims don’t, and can’t, understand the mindset or heartset of us Christian people.

    That’s good.
    I like that.

    I’ll be coming Home when the Fight starts…
    I’ve a bit more to do on the behalf of the Anzacs, yet.

    Millions of us will be Coming Home!
    And: Oh! What Joy Devine!

    We’ll finally get a chance to finish off the fuckers who perpetrated World War II.

    The dopes “walked right in, set right down, and dinny let their minds roll on…”

    Now what was it the spider said to the fly?

  7. Is the Crown Prosecution Service wrong to look in to the documentary Undercover Mosque produced by Hardcash Productions for Channel Four? Several aspects worth consideration:

    Firstly, do producers really need to give a platform on news and documentary programs to fringe elements driven by either xenophobia or zealotry? Do certain sections of media purposely seek rant-bites to attract viewers’ attention?

    By giving undue coverage to extremist expression, we will make the real issues hostage to militancy and mulishness.
    Why then marginal, disbalanced and unrepresentative people with irrational and irresponsible views are much sought after for their views in TV documentaries? This certainly goes against the principles of fair representation, consistency, evenhandedness and the right to objective reporting.

    Secondly, some irresponsible elements in the media retain their favourite fringe fanatics on the oxygen mask of publicity when it accords them undeserved and unjustifiable attention on prime time without which the rantagogues are far feeble than a fish without water.

    If opinions are not solicited by the networks for a few weeks those loudmouths who survive on soundbites with no following will be reduced to their actual size – trivial, insignificant and unworthy.

    The media has a clear choice when venturing to inform viewers on delicate but important matters. A responsible media does not ask an arsonist for instructions on a fire safety video or a paedophile to advice on safe neighbourhoods.

    Hence, there is no wisdom in bringing people on the media who are unwilling and unable to offer a way out of dilemmas that we encounter and the consequences that we face?

  8. What are ‘the real issues’- Jim?

    You don’t think that a criminal organization in the the guise of religion, where militant clerics plot terror attacks and instigate hatred against infidels and Jews, with the ultimate goal to overthrow the elected, democratic government of the host- country and to replace it with the 7th century ‘law’ called sharia should be investigated?

    ‘Undercover mosque’ was long overdue. It should be repeated ad nauseum in order to wake up complacent and lethargic Brit’s to the threat they face. You don’t seem to like that much, Jim: Why?

    What are the consequences we face?

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