There Is No Compulsion In Religion (except when there is)

Iran authorities lash man for having bible in car – report

Iran Focus

Tehran, Iran, Aug. 13 – Iranian authorities in Tehran lashed a man on his back earlier this year for having a bible in his car, an Iranian Christian group said in a report on its website on Friday.

The man was only identified by the initials A. Sh.


On 5 May, the man, driving his vehicle, was involved in a road accident with a car belonging to security guards for a government official in Tehran.

A bible and a video of Jesus Christ were found in the man’s possession upon inspection of his vehicle by the state security forces (SSF).

A. Sh. admitted to being Christian, prompting the security agents to beat him up, the report said. He was arrested and taken to a holding cell in Detention Centre 102.

During interrogation security agents accused the man of converting from Islam to Christianity, a practice banned under Iran’s strict theocratic laws.

He was subsequently subjected to lashes on the back and underwent physical and psychological torture, the report added.

He was released two days later after his family made bail.

Human rights abuses in Iran since the Mullahs took over in 1979 

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